Andrew Latham

Professor & Chair
International Relations, International Security

Carnegie Hall, 203d
Telephone: 651-696-6549

Curriculum Vitae

International security, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, medieval international relations, medieval political thought.

Professor Latham’s primary scholarly interests are in the area of international relations/international security.  His current research focuses on the evolution of the late medieval international system, with a special emphasis on both the fundamental institution of war and a number of secondary institutions (diplomacy, law, mediation) that developed alongside war.  He teaches courses on international security, foreign policy, regional conflict, and medieval political thought.  His most recent publication is entitled “Theorizing the Crusades: Identity, Institutions, and Religious War in Medieval Latin Christendom”, International Studies Quarterly (2011) 55, 223–243.

  • BA: York University, Honours, Toronto
  • MA: Queen's University, Kingston
  • PhD: York University