Student Awards

Presidential Leadership Award for Outstanding Seniors

  • Michael Costigan-Humes ‘13
  • Anja Crowder ‘13
  • Omar El Zoheiry ‘13
  • Ezquiel Jiminez Martinez ‘13
  • Cecilia Martinez-Miranda ‘13

Dean of Students Award

  • Zachary Avre '14

Dorothy Dodge Scholarship

  • Annie Gurvis '15
  • Irene Gibson '15
  • Charnelle Etti '15

Amy Ostermeier Fellowship

  • Emma Cederlund '15
  • Luiza Montesanti '15
  • Joseph Walker '16

Truman Scholarship

  • Zachary Avre '14

Fulbright Teaching assistantship

  • Theresa Monaghan ‘13 (Germany)

Political Science Awards


  • Anja Crowder '13

Weisman Award

  • Betsy Miles '13
  • Adtaina Lein '13

Brent Williams Award

  • Ellen Noble '13

Political Science Leadership & Service Award

  • Hannah Tsuchiya '13

Political Science Academic Excellence Award

  • Hannah Fishman '13

Excellence in Scholarly Writing

  • Ellen Noble '13
  • Daisuke Minami '13
amanda janoo, map of india

Fulbright Scholar

Jamila Humphrie '11, a double major in Hispanic Studies and Political Science, will spend up to 25 hours each week assisting an English as a Foreign Language teacher at a University or Binational Center in Brazil. When she is not in the classroom she hopes to explore through an oral history project how race and ethnicity have impacted the school system, classrooms and teacher's experiences in Brazil.


Humphrey-Mondale Award

Awarded to the outstanding student or students majoring in Political Science whose careers exemplify the highest standards of scholarship and education for service to society.

Weisman Award:

Awarded to the students majoring in Political Science who have demonstrated, by working with underprivileged, humanitarian concern and commitment.

Williams Award:

Awarded to Political Science majors who have had debate and speech experience and have been active in College and community affairs.

Academic Excellence Award:

This Award honors the graduating Political Science major who best exemplifies the values of “Academic Excellence.

Leadership and Service Award:

This award honors the graduating Political Science major who has best exemplified leadership and service to the Political Science Department throughout his or her college career.

Award for Excellence in Scholarly Writing:

This award honors the graduating Political Science major who has submitted the best essay or honors thesis in the preceding academic year.