Approximately one-third of FAFSAs are selected for verification by the US Department of Education. The verification process is designed to ensure accuracy in Federal Student Aid applications. Some FAFSA filers are selected randomly and some are selected based on the Department of Education's edits.

If your FAFSA is selected for verification, the Financial Aid Office must collect documents and verify some of your FAFSA responses. You can review several information sources to determine whether these documents are required:

  1. Your Student Aid Report, delivered to you shortly after your FAFSA is processed, will tell you whether you have been selected for verification.
  2. After your FAFSA results have been received at Macalester, current students may log in to 1600grand and click the student life tab to find a list of documents required to complete your financial aid application. If you are a prospective or recently deposited student, you will be given access to 1600grand in early summer. In the meantime, contact our office if you have questions about what is required.
  3. From time to time, a notice of oustanding documents will be sent to you by email and/or snail. Of course, we will not know whether you have been selected for verification until after your FAFSA has been processed.
  4. Contact our office to inquire about documents required to complete your financial aid application.
  5. There is no deadline to submit verification items to our office. However, your financial aid will not pay to your account until verification has been completed. Unpaid balances on student accounts may lead to interest accruing on that unpaid balance.
  6. Any adjustments to your financial aid that occur as a result of verification will be communicatetd to you with a revised finanical aid eligibility notification within two weeks of receiving all of your documents required to complete verification.

For most students, required verification items fall into two categories:

  1. Household Size/Number In College/Non-Taxed Income. Verification of household size, number in college, and non-taxed incomecan be satisfied by completing a Verification Worksheet (found on the forms page).
  2. Verification of Income. Information about parent and student income and taxes paid can be verified through a combination of information from these sources:

Some students will be required to provide additional information to our office to complete verification. We will let you know if we need to verify the child support your family paid or your family's untaxed income. We may also need to verify your high school completion status and identity. Your Student Aid Report (SAR) will indicate if we do. We will contact you if you need to provide additional information to our office.