August, 2012

July, 2012

Bleeding Kansas

For her honors project, one history major took a closer look at a Civil War-era conflict she’d studied as a child, paving her way to grad school.

Stellar Research

By the time I graduate from Macalester, I will have participated in three fascinating astronomy research projects, and I will be a co-author of one—or maybe more­—published journal articles. more

Defense Against the Dark Arts

For a generation of college students raised on the sacred texts of Harry Potter, a course entitled “Defense Against the Dark Arts” is nearly irresistible.

Rainforest Research

Biology professor Sarah Boyer took three students to the Australian rainforest to research some unique fauna of Australia on their own turf. more

Grandstand - Reborn

Chinese House

Ten years ago, Macalester didn’t even teach Chinese. Now interest in the language has grown so much that this fall the college will open a Chinese language residence.

Chinese Gaming

A Mac senior takes on the challenge of uncovering—and filming a documentary about—the hidden world of Chinese video games.

GIS Consultants

It’s one thing for Macalester geography students to master Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping software in the lab. It’s quite another challenge to apply those skills in the real world, through a partnership with a community organization.

Eye-Tracking Lab

Public Art

In this new Macalester class, students learn to weave art into the community.

June, 2012

May, 2012

Artistic Output

Every spring seniors manage their own art show in Macalester's Gallery.

Obesity in Costa Rica

Chloe Souza ’12 took home an ACM award for her research on childhood obesity in Costa Rica.

Bilingual Research

Maggie Hutchinson '12 studied abroad in Peru and then brought her research back to Macalester and did an honors project on bilingual education.

Urban Ecology

This past semester, about two dozen urban ecology students divided out into teams to create short video documentaries exploring concepts of urban design.

Commencement 2012

Macalester's Class of 2012 commenced on Saturday, May 12 at 1 p.m. Congratulations everyone.

Spring Dance Concert 2012

Dance students rose to the challenge of producing, choreographing and performing in this concert. They brought forth an eclectic blend of modern, ballet, jazz and hip-hop dance.

The Class of 2012

In the fall of 2008, Macalester welcomed 504 students in the Class of 2012.

Exploring Energy Efficiency

Rosie Mate ’12 focused on physics, French, environmental studies, and economics at Macalester. She studies energy efficiency from different perspectives, too.

Publishing 101

In this collaborative class, American studies students put together their own on-line academic journal.

May it Please the Court

Hanna Chakoian ’12 uses mathematical modeling to help the Minnesota Court of Appeals predict upcoming hearings.

Rich in the Arts

When you go to school in a cultural hotbed like the Twin Cities, the world of theater and dance opens up to you.

Senior Art Show

The senior art show, Specs, opened at the Macalester Art Gallery.


Biology Professor Mark Davis took his class to the Crosby Farm Park to birdwatch.

Strength in Numbers

Four math majors and soon-to-be graduate students discuss where they find the beauty in mathematics.

Global Health

Macalester and its students are part of a growing national movement to make public health a true liberal art.

What's the Good Word?

What are candidates really saying? To find out, Macalester political science students analyzed candidates' Twitter activity.

Drawing Ordway

Professor Megan Vossler took her ART 370 class to Macalester's Ordway Field Station to draw the natural world.

April, 2012

Student Standouts at Econ Conference

Wanyi Li ’12 and Qianyi Yang ’12 present their honors theses research at Georgetown University’s prestigious Carroll Round economics conference.

Drawing Goats on Campus

Assistant Professor Megan Vossler brought in unusual subjects for her ART 370 class.

What A Stranger May Know

"What A Stranger May Know" is a play commemorating the Virginia Tech shootings and was performed by Theatre and Dance majors and Twin Cities community participants.

Captive Audiences/Captive Performers

Professor Emeritus Sears Eldredge returned to Macalester to discuss his research on the theatre productions of prisoners of war in South East Asia during World War II.

Mentoring Magic

Aukse Jurkute ’98 recently returned to the Economics Department to talk with students about her experience as head of Central Eastern Europe Middle East & Africa Equity Capital Markets for Merrill Lynch.

Supergroup Workshop

"Performance Studies Praxis: Body and Performance Art," co-taught by Professors Joanna Inglot and Lara Nielsen, recently had a workshop with professional performance artists, Supergroup.

College Novelist

Scholastic Press to publish novel of longtime writer Anna Waggener ’12 in June.

The Diamond and the Stage

Roberto Capriotti ’13 (Pittsburgh) is both a pitcher and a budding actor. At Macalester, he can follow both passions.

Poetry Reading: Patricia Smith and Quincy Troupe

Renowned poets Quincy Troupe and Patricia Smith performed on campus.

Spring Student Art Show

A showing of student artwork from this semester in the Art Gallery.

Community and Global Health Spring Poster Session

Start-up CEOs

Mac students are enthusiastic about a revived class in entrepreneurship.

Of TB and Tropical Disease

Three students investigate tuberculosis and neglected tropical diseases with Professor Christy Hanson, dean of Mac's Institute of Global Citizenship and former USAID infectious disease chief.

Once in a Decade...

Natalie Pavlatos '12 had an internship at the Minnesota State Capitol and got to see first-hand how the legislative districts got redrawn to reflect changes in the US Census.

Playing Doubles

Mike Coleman '11 found his double major in Physics and Computer Science opened the door at Thomson Reuters.

Global Citizen Award Finalist Presentations