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There are a number of ways that a Macalester science major can gain experience working in a research lab during the summer. There are collaborative research opportunities with faculty located on the Macalester campus. There also are research opportunities off-campus. On campus opportunities are funded by the programs listed below. Off-campus opportunities can be funded by academic institutions, government agencies, corporations, or private foundations.

Funding Sources for On Campus Research

Jan Serie Research Fellowship: The Jan Serie Fund was created to support student-faculty collaborative research and is awarded as a fellowship to provide stipend support for students doing full time research during the summer in any area of science or math. Research may take place at Macalester or another site, but all proposals and projects require a Macalester faculty mentor/sponsor who will participate and/or advise the student during the research experience.

Beckman Scholars The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation supports research opportunities for promising Macalester students who intend to pursue a career in scientific research. Beckman Scholars receive generous support for research during two consecutive summers and the intervening academic year as well as funds for research supplies and travel.

Beltmann: The Beltmann Fund provides support for student-faculty research in the Physical Sciences (Chemistry, Geology, Physics) during the summer by providing stipends for students and faculty. These endowed funds were given to Macalester by Mr. Albert Beltmann, who was a student at Macalester in the post World War I era.

Collaborative Summer Research: Collaborative Summer Research (CSR) enables teams of Macalester faculty and students to engage in significant projects over a four to ten week period during the summer. Projects must be related to the faculty member's curricular, pedagogical, scholarly, or creative interests and should be planned and executed by the student and faculty member working together. The projects should be designed to permit completion of a substantial portion of the work during the summer.

Individual faculty grants: Individual faculty members are awarded external grants to support their research programs. Each faculty member may invite students to assist with the research and will establish application guidelines.

Application Process

For science majors the Electronic Student Research Application (ESRA) process is being used for student applications for on campus research opportunities in science regardless of whether the funding comes from Beltmann, CSR or individual faculty grants. The Beckman Scholars and Jan Serie Fellowship have separate applications.

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