Faculty & Staff


These faculty teach courses related to Critical Theory. Links direct you to profile pages in their home department.

  • A. Kiarina Kordela A. Kiarina Kordela
    Professor, German and Russian Studies
    Director of the Critical Theory concentration, focuses on philosophy, intellectual history, critical political economy, psychoanalysis, comparative literature, political theory, film theory, and biopolitics

  • Morgan Adamson Morgan Adamson
    Assistant Professor, Media and Cultural Studies
    Focuses on film and media theory, documentary and avant-garde cinema, critical theory and cultural studies, film and video production, and critical political economy

  • Lisa Mueller Lisa Mueller
    Assistant Professor of Political Science
    Comparative politics, African politics, behavioral and development economics, and research methods.
  • Karin Aguilar-San Juan Karin Aguilar-San Juan
    Associate Professor, American Studies
    Focuses on urban sociology and Asian American studies

  • Andrew Billing Andrew Billing
    Assistant Professor, French and Francophone Studies
    Focuses on 18th-century French literature, Enlightenment political and moral philosophy, colonialism, and critical theory

  • David L. Blaney David L. Blaney
    G. Theodore Mitau Professor of Political Science
    Global political economy, international political theory

  • Justin Butler Justin Butler
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Hispanic and Latin American Studies
    Focuses on contemporary poetry, critical theory, and continental philosophy

  • Ernesto Capello Ernesto Capello
    Associate Professor of History and Latin American Studies
    Andes, cultural history, art and architecture, transnationalism, cartography, transhemispheric imaginaries, urban history, colonial narratives and nostalgia, and Amazonia

  • Julia Chadaga Julia Chadaga
    Associate Professor of Russian Studies
    Specializes in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian literature and culture

  • Paula Cooey Paula Cooey
    (Retired) Margaret W. Harmon Professor, Religious Studies (Emeritus)
    Focuses on Christianity and culture, theory of religion, and on conflict in the context of religious traditions and secularism
  • Erik Davis Erik Davis
    Associate Professor, Religious Studies
    Focuses on Buddhism, Asian religions, the theory of religion, and Cambodian funeral rituals

  • Olga González Olga González
    Associate Professor and Chair, Anthropology
    Cultural anthropology, memory and secrecy, truth and reconciliation, violence and subjectivity, Latin America

  • Zeynep D. Gürsel Zeynep D. Gürsel
    Assistant Professor of International Studies, Affiliated faculty of Anthropology & Media and Cultural Studies (Sabbatical: AY 2015-2016)
    Global media, visual anthropology, ethnographic and documentary film, cultures of knowledge production especially news and journalism, photography, anthropology of the imagination, politics in everyday life, cultures of work.
  • Corie Hammers (On sabbatical this year 2015-16) Corie Hammers (On sabbatical this year 2015-16)
    Assistant Professor, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    Works on race, sex, work and nation in the global economy, feminist/queer theories and methodologies, and LGBT studies

  • Duchess Harris Duchess Harris
    Professor of American Studies, Department Chair
    Focuses on 20th-century African American political history and civil rights

  • Joanna Inglot Joanna Inglot
    Edith M. Kelso Associate Professor, Art History
    Focuses on modern and contemporary art, particularly in Europe and the United States

  • Anastasia Kayiatos Anastasia Kayiatos
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Russian Studies
    Focuses on 20th-century Russian culture, queer theory, disability and affect studies.

  • John Kim John Kim
    Associate Professor, Media and Cultural Studies
    Is a theorist and practitioner of new media, with interactive installations at museums and galleries, and a programmer and designer at Internet startups

  • Joy Laine Joy Laine
    Adjunct Professor, Philosophy
    Focuses on the philosophy of mind and language in the context of both Western and Indian philosophical traditions

  • David Martyn David Martyn
    Professor, German and Russian Studies
    Focuses on comparative literature, literary theory, culture from the 18th century to the present, philosophy, and literature written in German by “foreign”-language authors

  • Diane Michelfelder Diane Michelfelder
    Professor, Philosophy
    Environmental ethics, ethics of information and computing technologies

  • Mark Mazullo Mark Mazullo
    Professor (musicology and piano)

  • David Chioni Moore David Chioni Moore
    Associate Professor, International Studies and English
    Literary interactions in the Black Atlantic world, notably Africa, the Caribbean, and African America; post-colonial and/as the post-Soviet; comparative literature; cultural theory; globalization.

  • Khaldoun Samman Khaldoun Samman
    Professor of Sociology
    Focuses on world historical-comparative and urban sociology, globalization, sociology of religion, and modes of identities in the Middle East

  • Sonita Sarker (On sabbetical spring semester 2016) Sonita Sarker (On sabbetical spring semester 2016)
    Professor Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and English
    Feminist and literary theories; cultural studies of globalization as it intersects with nationalism, democracy, and imperialism; "minoritized" literatures, with a transnational comparative basis in Western Europe and Asia.

  • Joëlle Vitiello Joëlle Vitiello
    Professor, French and Francophone Studies
    Focuses on 20th-century French, francophone, and Haitian literature, culture, and cinema; postcolonial identities, violence, and genocide in the francophone world