G. Theodore Mitau Professor, Political Science (Emeritus)
Focuses on political theory and comparative politics, Western Marxism, Frankfurt School, and hermeneutics

Political theory, comparative politics, European studies, movements of the far right, Holocaust studies.  

Professor Adler specializes in Political Theory and Comparative Politics. With respect the Political Theory, he has published extensively on Western Marxism, Critical Theory and Hermeneutics. With respect to Comparative Politics, he has specialized in European movements of the extreme right, especially Italian Fascism and the contemporary far right in France. His first book on Italian Fascism focused on the complex relationship between industrialists and the regime (Italian Industrialists from Liberalism to Fascism, Cambridge University Press). He is currently writing a book on Italian Jews and Fascism, a topic on which he has published a number of critical essays that have appeared in the United States, Great Britain, Italy and France. A long-term editor of the journal Telos, his work has appeared in such other journals as Les temps modernesRaisons PolitiquesIl Ponte, Patterns of PrejudiceModern Judaism, Holocaust and Genocide StudiesComparative Political Studies, and Perspectives on Politics.  He also contributed to the four-volume Routledge anthology Antonio Gramsci: Critical Assessments, and to the two-volume Einaudi anthology Il Fascismo: Un dizionario Critico.

  • BA: Antioch College
  • MA and PhD: University of Chicago