Where Do I Start?


Michelle Neary '11, now attending Columbia University for a PhD in chemistry.

AP/IB Policy: Any student who received a 4 or 5 on the AP Chemistry Test, or 5 or more on the IB Chemistry Test can get transfer credit for Chemistry 111, and enroll directly in Chemistry 115 or Chemistry 112. Such students may still enroll in Chemistry 111, if desired.

Should I take the chemistry placement test? If you would like to enroll in Accelerated General Chemistry (115) or skip General Chemistry I (111) and enroll directly into General Chemistry II (112) at any point in your college career and you did NOT receive a 4 or 5 on the chemistry AP test or a 5 or better on the IB chemistry exam, then the chemistry placement test is for you. Ideally, you will take it when you first arrive at Macalester, as part of orientation. If you did not take it then, you can schedule to take it at another time, but do so well in advance of registration: if the results come back after your registration time, you reduce your chances of enrolling in the course you want. Current students wishing to take the Chemistry Placement Test should contact Rob Rossi, the Chemistry Department Lab Manager.