Gender & Sexuality Resource Center


The Gender & Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC) is an independently run, student-powered, exploratory space initiated by student organizations and supported by the Department of Multicultural Life and Campus Programs.

In creating the GSRC, we aim to create a stronger culture of resistance against all forms of oppression by making resources more accessible and by bringing people together through empowering, transformative, and revolutionary meetings, discussions, and events.

We want to pursue being inclusive, while recognizing that for the space to feel safe and fulfill its purpose, the space cannot be open to everyone at all times.

We oppose all forms of oppression, domination, and exploitation, including sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism, ageism, and colonialism, among others.

We operate along the principle of 'from each according to their passions and abilities, to each according to their needs and desires.'

Find us in Kagin Commons, Rm. 018 (lower level). Our office hours are Sunday-Thursday, from 7pm-12am. Feel free to stop by, call, or email us with questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns!

Contact Information
Phone: 651-696-6248

Spring 2014 GSRC Co-Chair:
Nola Pastor '14

share your story - the ways we drink at mac

Nobody’s experience with drinking is exactly the same. These experiences lead to a variety of perspectives, all of which deserve recognition. Thrill, bonding, depression, anger, excitement, abuse, regret… Share your experience in an anonymous collection of pieces regarding drinking. Send in narratives, creative writing, opinion pieces, photos, discussions of policy for publication—all submissions are encouraged. An honest and safe forum to explore attitudes and approaches to drinking at Mac. In your submissions, please respect the anonymity of other Macalester students and other members of the community by using pseudonyms, not making anyone clearly identifiable in your descriptions, and not including pictures that show anyone who hasn't consented to being included. We want to create as open and free a forum as possible without compromising confidentiality, recognizing that this is a sensitive topic around which people have a diverse array of feelings and experiences. An independent publication project in conjunction with the GSRC.
 - 500 Word Limit


GSRC Tea Time: Caring Community
Friday, April 18
GSRC (Kagin 018)


Mac Activists for Choice
Thursdays, 8-9pm
GSRC (Kagin 018)

Queer Union (QU)
Wednesdays, 10:15pm
Doty Basement Lounge

FIA*STARSA (Feminists in Action*Students Together Against Rape & Sexual Assault)
Thursdays, 10pm - 11pm
GSRC (Kagin 018)

MR M (Mac Re-imagining Masculinity)
Thursdays, 10pm - 11pm
GSRC (Kagin 018)

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