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The field of Classics explores the literature, cultures, and archaeological remains of the ancient Mediterranean and Middle Eastern worlds, from Rome to Greece, Egypt, Israel and beyond. Here students learn Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, or Latin, and together with faculty analyze and interpret ancient texts, societies, and material culture. Students find that study of the ancient Mediterranean sheds much light on contemporary problems, concepts, and values.

Students may choose from three tracks through the Classics major or minor: Classical Civilization, Classical Languages, or Classical Archaeology. All majors explore the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East using methods from across the liberal arts, but each student designs a curricular path through the parts of the ancient world which most capture their imagination.

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Summer 2016

August 2016

Macalester Students Write More SMAC
The latest issue of Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity and Classics (SMAC) is now available online. The journal features the outstanding research of Macalester undergraduates in the study of ancient Mediterranean people and cultures. The students in Spring 2016 CLAS 362: Intermediate Greek Poetry served as the editorial board for this issue. Find it here.

July 2016

Classics Alum Report
Machal Gradoz '12 shared news and a picture. She says, "I'm currently working on a survey project in Greece with Joey Frankl '14 and Grace Erny '11, and we, being the proud Mac alumni we are, staged a photo op at a Hellenistic fortification in our survey area. We thought you all might enjoy it, so I've attached it. It's great to be back with them and reminisce about both Macalester and Omrit!"
She is headed to Ann Arbor this fall to start at IPCAA's PhD program at the University of Michigan, where, Machal tells us, "Kate Larson '05 just finished her PhD, so I'll just miss her, but I hope to represent the Mac name as well as she did!" Joey Frankl adds that he "just finished the second year of my Masters in Classical Archaeology at CU Boulder (following in Grace and Machal's footsteps)."

Machal Gradoz, Grace Erny and Joey Frankl

Spring 2016

May 2016

Spring 2016 Newsletter Available Now
The spring 2016 issue of Antiquity Now, the Classic Department's newsletter, is available now.  In it you will find pictures and interviews and stories about: 2016 department prizes, alumni news, courses that will be offered in the fall, ​Classics' study away programs; and more news, including news about Beth Severy-Hoven winning Macalester's Rossman Excellence in Teaching Award, and opportunities that appeal to classicists.​ The latest issue of Antiquity Now is available here.   Newsletter Archives are here.

April 2016
Beth wins Rossman awardBeth Severy-Hoven Wins Macalester Teaching Award
We are delighted to announce that Beth Severy-Hoven has been awarded Macalester’s 2016 Jack and Marty Rossmann Excellence in Teaching Award, which recognizes “a faculty member who has been identified by colleagues and students as exemplifying the teaching goals of Macalester College.”
Read The Full Award Citation Here.

Macalester Classics' Own Journal: Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity and Classics

The students in CLAS 362: Intermediate Greek Poetry served as the editorial board for an issue of the journal Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity and ClassicsSMAC features the outstanding research of Macalester undergraduates in the study of ancient Mediterranean people and cultures. Papers address the languages, literatures, material culture, societies or history of the broad ancient Mediterranean world, including Greece, Rome and the Middle East.

January in Rome

Forum 2016 January.jpgNanette Goldman, Brian Lush, and Andy Overman led a group of 23 on an exploration of Rome for the winter break course, "January in Rome." One participant, Michelle Coblens, Classics major, 2016, made a video about it. See it here.

Opportunity Updates on the Classics Website
An "O​pportunity U​pdates" section is now available on our website. It's a place to look for nice-to-know things that our department is often asked to share with our students: calls for papers, internship opening notices, recruiting, grad and study away program notices, and more. Find it here.

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