We offer stimulating and challenging classes, but learning opportunities for students extend well beyond the classroom. Our students study abroad, pursue internships, and participate in a variety of research experiences. These activities can be undertaken during the semester, over the summer, or during January. Consult with your adviser early and often to find the best opportunities for your interests and long term plans.



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Study Away

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Jobs and Internships

Opportunity Updates

​Our department is often asked to share information ​from other organizations with our students. We consolidate that information here for your convenience; however, we have not vetted each of these announcements. If you are considering any opportunity listed here, exercise caution, and if you have questions, please talk with a faculty member in the department.

Calls for papers (C), internships (I), job opportunities (J), grad programs (G), fellowships (F), research/project opportunities (R), scholarships (S), learning opportunities (L), networking opportunities (N), workshops (W), events (E), and study away notices (A); in reverse order, with the most recent notices at the top. Active items are listed in bold.

(L) 01/03/2018Masonry Restoration Training
Professional masonry restoration training (mortar, masonry, stone) is available in one-day sessions in Chicago on January 24, 25 and 26, or March 7, 8, and 9. To learn more see their information here.

(R,L,A) 01/02/2018 Berkeley’s Field School at Nemea/Mycenae/Aidonia
The University of California, Berkeley conducts a summer (June and July 2018) field school in Greece. Preference is given to Berkeley students, but Mac Classics alumnus David Wheeler ’09 tells us it is absolutely possible that [they] could take a Mac student or two.” Learn more from the flier here. If you are interested, please email David at (david.wheeler@berkeley.edu) with questions. 

(I) 01/02/2018 Center for Hellenic Studies Summer Internships
The Center for Hellenic Studies has posted information about summer 2018 internships at this link. Duncan Griffin, Mac Classics alumnus ’16 says “If any students are interested, I would be more than happy to tell them about my experience in DC in 2014.” He describes his experience at the institute as “the best summer of my life.”

(F) 01/02/2018 Fellowship with Angie Craig for Congress.
The campaign says, “fellows of this campaign have gone on to be leading voices in local campaigns across the state or have been able to use the skills they learned to successfully move into the legislative or nonprofit side.” and they also are “committed to helping boost college students’ resumes and providing ample opportunities to develop skills essential for finding solid employment post-graduation.” Attached is a flyer for the fellowship program.

(R) 01/02/2018 Paideia Public Classics Archive
The Online Public Classics Archive, a digital initiative created by Paideia Institute is now available online. The OPCA is “an online database that archives and organizes the public media’s engagement with antiquity on the Internet.” The OPCA is a site that is searchable by keywords and tags and can be filtered by date, for both Classicists and the public to examine the impact the ancient world has had on contemporary thought. You are invited to get involved with the OPCA. Anyone can submit articles by logging into the site. If you’re interested in being more involved, consider joining the editorial team. Email a letter of interest to info@paideia-Institute.org.

(R) 12/14/17 Research Travel Grants: Rubenstein Library, Duke University
The David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library is now accepting applications for our 2018-2019 research travel grants.  Anyone who wishes to use materials from the designated collections for historical research is eligible to apply, regardless of academic status. Writers, creative and performing artists, film makers and journalists are welcome to apply for the research travel grants. Research Travel Grants support projects that present creative approaches, including historical research and documentation projects resulting in dissertations, publications, exhibitions, educational initiatives, documentary films, or other multimedia products and artistic works. The deadline for application is January 31, 2018 by 5:00 PM EST. Grants must be used between April 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. To learn more about the grants and how to apply, visit the Duke University Travel Grant Website.

(J) 12/1/2017 Editorial Assistant for South Asian anthropology, political science, religion, literature and history
A new campus job just posted for an Editorial Assistant, coordinating book reviews related to South Asian anthropology, political science, religion, literature and history.  Anthropology Professor Arjun Guneratne is the Book Review Editor for the South Asia region for the Journal of Asian Studies. He is hiring for this position starting Spring semester 2018. Students in their sophomore or junior year are preferred for this position and should be able to commit to at least two (and preferably three) successive semesters of work. Clerical duties include corresponding with reviewers, keeping google sheets of data updated, tracking reviews, and mailing books.  Research duties include identifying potential reviewers for books in the fields of South Asian anthropology, political science, religion, literature and history, and in consultation with the Editor, Professor Guneratne, selecting potential reviewers, and then securing their commitment to write the book review.  If interested, please apply online through Student Employment. The successful candidate will be employed in the Anthropology department, and the position is paid as Level 2, $9.75 per hour.  

(E) 12/1/2017 AIA Forum on Looted Art, Archaeology and Restitution: the Napoleon & Al Mahdi Cases
This AIA event will compare two cases of legal restitution or reparation in the aftermath of looting and the destruction of cultural property: The return of objects confiscated by Napoleon, and the recent International Criminal Court conviction of Ahmad Al Mahdi for destruction of Muslim shrines in Timbuktu. The event will take place December 7th, 2017 at 6pm in the Anderson Center on the University of St. Thomas campus. To find out more about the event, see the attached AIA Napolean Al Mahdi Flyer.

(L) 12/1/2017 Study at the Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Language Immersion Institute during Summer 2018
Are you or one of your students interested in studying Arabic, Persian, or Turkish in an immersion environment? The Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Language Immersion Institute can provide two semesters of language credit in 8 short weeks, while living on the beautiful lakefront campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison! Visit the APT Language Immersion Institute Website for more information and application details.  Apply before February 1st and avoid an application fee!

(L) 11/27/2018 Summer Intensive Language Program at McGill University
Learn ancient Greek and Latin over the summer 2018 at McGill University, located in Montreal, one of the premier, international cities in North America.  Through the McGill Summer Language Institute, the Department of History and Classical Studies offers intensive first-year Ancient Greek and intensive first-year Latin. Students may register for one or both courses. Those who complete both will have the equivalent of two years of ancient languages in just twelve weeks, and will be ready to enter intermediate level courses in the fall term. Anticipated tuition, registration fees and insurance: $3585CAD (Canadian students),  $3915CAD (International students) per course. Visiting students will be asked to make a deposit of $350 (non-refundable) in order to secure a slot.  For more information about the programs and how to register, see the McGill Summer Language Program Website.

(G) 11/27/2017 Master’s in Classics Program at McGill University
The MA Program in Classics at McGill university is designed to prepare students for PhD programs in any field related to Classical Studies. The program is flexible and inclusive, and it is set up to accommodate students from various academic backgrounds and levels of preparation. There is even an accelerated option for applicants with limited exposure to classical languages.  They have a successful track record placing students in the most competitive doctoral programs in North America, including Princeton, University of Chicago, University of Southern California, New York University, and Harvard.  To find out more about the program and how to apply, visit the McGill MA Classics Website.

(L) 11/27/2017 The Paideia Institute 2018 Summer Programs in Classics
The Paideia Institute is proud to announce its summer programming in Classics for 2018. Paideia Institute programs provide intimate experiences of Latin and Ancient Greek language and literature among some of the most beautiful and inspiring sites of the classical world. Paideia’s Living Latin and Greek programs feature the active use of Latin and Greek as spoken languages. Undergraduate credits and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available.  To learn more about all the programs available and how to apply, visit the Paideia Institute Summer Programs Website for more information.

(E) 11/27/2017 Arab Film Fest Tour 2018 Stop @ Macalester
In the spring 2018, Mizna will bring independent Arab cinema to six Minnesota college campuses and the neighborhoods they call home. At each location, they will screen one selection from the best of their previous festivals, covering a range of forms, nationalities, and subjects. January 26 will be the stop at Macalester College in James B. Davis Hall.  The movie show will be Those Who Remain by Eliane Raheb from Lebanon/UAE.  Additional events at other area colleges and complete info can be found here: http://mizna.org/articles/events/183.shtml

(G) 11/27/2017 Northwestern’s doctoral program in Classics and Comparative Literary Studies
Northwestern’s Department of Classics offers a Ph.D. in cooperation with the Program in Comparative Literary Studies.  Our focus is on Classics as a discipline and field of study of continuing importance in the study of the literatures and cultures of the modern world, including the long and intricate processes of tradition by which it has reached our own. All Northwestern graduate students receive full tuition and a competitive stipend for five years of study, including summers.  In addition to the support of Classics, Comparative Literary Studies, and other Departments, Northwestern’s Graduate School sponsors the Classics Cluster, a working group which brings together graduate students from many fields and departments with a shared interest in Classics. To learn more about the graduate program and how to apply, see the Northwestern Classics and Comparative Lit Phd Flyer.

(I) 11/17/2017 Presidential Internship Program at AUC
The American University in Cairo is now in the process of recruiting applicants for the 2018-2019 program. Established in 1981, the Presidential Internship Program at The American University in Cairo (AUC) provides recent university graduates the opportunity to spend an academic year working at the highest levels of an international university, learn Arabic, and experience life in Egypt.  Deadline to apply is January 22, 2018. To learn more about the program and how to apply, visit the AUC Website.

(G) 11/17/2017 Queen’s University Graduate Studies in Classics
Queen’s University Department of Classics is offering a MA program this upcoming Fall 2018.  To learn more about the program see the Queen University Flyer 

(G) 11/14/2017 University of Iowa Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Programs
Study Classics after Mac at the University of Iowa. The graduate program in Classics is intended for undergraduates who have taken coursework in Greek and Latin and have successfully completed at least three years of one language and two of the other and who wish to continue study for an M.A. or Ph.D.  The M.A. is conceived as a two-year program and the Ph.D. as a six-year program (four years in coursework and two for writing the dissertation).  The department offers Teaching Assistantships, Assistantships for the departmental journal Syllecta Classica, and fellowships in years five and six.  The Post-Baccalaureate degree is a one- or two-year program for undergraduates who require more training in Latin and/or Greek.  Students take language and culture courses in the department before applying for admission to graduate programs. To learn more about the programs, see the Grad Program Flyer and the Post Bacc Program Flyer.

(C) 11/12/2017 Call for Papers- Logos: The Undergraduate Philosophy Journal at Cornell
The international undergraduate philosophy journal at Cornell University, Logos, is now accepting submissions for its Spring 2018 publication. Papers will be evaluated for publication on the basis of a blind peer review, and cash prizes in the sums of $300, $150, and $50 will be awarded to the authors of the first, second, and third place papers respectively.  Submissions are due January 1, 2018.  For more information about the journal and submission guidelines, see the Logos Website.  

(A) 11/13/2017 ASCSA Summer Session
The Summer Session program of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens is a six-week session designed for those who wish to become acquainted with Greece and its major monuments, and to improve their understanding of the country’s landscape, history, literature, and culture from antiquity to the present. The ASCSA Summer Session has provided the most extensive exposure to Greece, ancient and modern, for generations of students of Classics and related fields. It has a strong academic component with participants researching and presenting topics on site and offers unique opportunities to interact with archaeologists in the field. Roughly half of the session is spent in travel throughout Greece. Three trips of varying duration give the participant an introduction to the major archaeological sites and museum collections in North and Central Greece, the Peloponnese, and Crete. The remainder of the session is devoted to study of the museums and monuments of Athens and the surrounding area with day trips to such sites as Marathon, Sounion, and Eleusis. The Summer Session’s commitment to presenting a comprehensive view of Greece’s rich history leads to long days and extensive walking in the hot Mediterranean climate. Participants should be prepared for a rigorous program of study. Applications are due January 15th.  To learn more about the program and to apply, see the ASCSA Website.

(E) 11/13/2017 Living Latin in NYC 2018
The Paideia Institute is proud to announce its sixth annual Living Latin in NYC conference, a two-day Living Latin and Greek experience in the heart of Manhattan February 17-18, 2018, hosted jointly with the Fordham University Department of Classics. This conference, one of the largest active Latin gatherings in the world, is designed to allow teachers and students of Classics to explore and practice the active use of Latin and Greek. In the setting of Fordham University’s Lincoln Center Campus, the program includes lectures on various aspects of active Latin and Greek pedagogy and workshops in which participants practice and observe spoken Latin and Greek techniques themselves. The registration fee for the program is $125. This fee includes all materials as well as breakfast and coffee hour daily. To learn more about the event and how to register, see the Paideia Institute Website.  

(R&A) 11/13/2018 Excavation and Exploration of the Roman Frontier – Transylvania Field School Summer Program
ArchaeoTek is offering summer programs with a very extensive approach to the anthropology and archaeology of the Roman frontier environments, through field work, laboratory analysis and lectures. Participants will be able to experience several field approaches, ranging from Classical excavation, anthropological site exploration, traditional STP (shovel test pit), geochemical soil (phosphate) and geophysical (Ground Penetrating Radar – GPR) surveys, aerial and satellite imagery analysis. Programs provide a complete and scientifically integrated approach to a Classical site, in a very complex environment. In a region fundamentally important to our understanding of European genesis. Programs include:

For more information, see the flyers attached to each program and visit the ArkaeoTek Website.

(L&A) 11/7/2017 ASCSA Summer Seminars 2018
The Summer Seminars of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens are two 18-day sessions designed for those who wish to study specific topics in Greece and visit major monuments with exceptional scholars as study leaders, and to improve their understanding of the country’s landscape, history, literature, and culture.

  • Warfare and Culture in Ancient Greece (June 11 to June 29, 2018)
    Taught by Professors Georgia Tsouvala, Illinois State University, and Lee L. Brice, Western Illinois University, author of Greek Warfare from Marathon to the Conquests of Alexander the Great. The Seminar will investigate the intersections between ancient warfare and culture while visiting archaeological sites, battlefields, and museum collections.  Through these visits and discussions, the Seminar will provide participants with a unique and useful grounding in Greek history.
  • Ancient Greek Religion in Situ (July 5 to July 23, 2018)
    Taught by Professor Irene Polinskaya, King’s College London, author of A Local History of Greek Polytheism: Gods, People, and the Land of Aigina, 800-400 BCE. This seminar will take students to the sites of ancient worship – from caves to coasts, from peaks to pastures, from city acropoleis to deep countryside – to explore the remains of architecture and objects found there and link them to our textual sources. The seminar examines religious sites as nodes in the network of social interactions, products of geo-ecological, political, and historical development.
The deadline to apply is January 25, 2018. To find more information about the seminars and the application process, see the ASCSA Summer Seminar Website.


(A) 11/6/2017 Winter Arabic Learning Programs Now Available With Arabeya
Arabeya, a language school was established in 2003 with the purpose of providing intensive Arabic courses for all levels of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic in Egypt, is now offering an intensive Arabic language Winter Program 2017/18. Learners of the Arabic language now have the opportunity to take part in our rich and wide ranging programs for all levels, from absolute beginner to highly specialised advanced courses. To learn more about the program and how to apply, see the Arabeya Website.

(F) 10/30/2017 Fellowships and Grants With the Gennadius Library
The American School of Classical Studies at Athens is pleased to announce the academic programs and fellowships for the 2018-2019 academic year at the Gennadius Library.  To learn about the fellowships and how to apply, visit the Gennadius Library Fellowships and Grants Website.

(G) 10/30/2017 Apply for a MA in Renaissance & Medieval Studies at Columbia University
Traversing the artificial disciplinary and departmental barriers that too often subdivide this vibrant commingling, the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program offers unique opportunities to consider the Middle Ages and the Renaissance as an integrated whole. For more information about the program and how to apply, see the Columbia MA in Renaissance and Medieval Website.

(E) 10/30/2017 First Thursday Student and Alumni Panel
On November 2nd there will be a First Thursday event.  Students and recent grads will participate in the panel. Here are the confirmed panelists​: Maggie Weber-History, Archives Internships​​, Sarah Kolenbrander- History, Museum Internships, Claire Grace- Creative Writing Submissions Manager, Intern at Entangled Publishing-YA and Adult Pubisher M.L. Kenney, English- Internships at National Endowment for Humanities & Breakthrough New York. To learn more see the First Thursday Flyer.

(E) 10/30/2017 Museum Studies Networking
Art History Department at St. Thomas and North Star Connect (Emerging Museum Professionals of the Twin Cities) are teaming up again this year for a museum networking night geared toward students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Free networking with panelists from Mia, the Walker Art Center, Minnesota History Center, the Bakken, the American Museum of Asmat Art, and the Maplewood Historical Society. The event will take place November 9th at the Asmat Museum (University of St. Thomas) from 6-8pm.

(C) 10/30/2017 Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism – CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS
The Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism is seeking pitches and essays for its 2018 issue to be published in the spring. Writers should either be current undergraduates or recent graduates submitting undergraduate work. The forthcoming issue will explore the theme of ORGANS. We are looking forward to receiving pitches that explore ORGANS across its range of meanings and open up new possibilities. “We have been inventing new organs since the 15th century,” Paul Preciado writes. The organ invents the body as a system of parts, as an epistemic and physical disruption of the body’s unity, segmented along various axes: a gesture towards a material interior, the viscera, but also towards—encompassing the skin—its total divisibility, total partiality, and partial loss. To learn more about submission guidelines and see past issues, visit the CJLC Website.

(N) 10/20/2018 MacConnect Trips 2017/2018
Macalester College will offer ten Macalester junior/senior students the opportunity to explore careers and connections with Washington D.C. area alumni in January and March of 2018.  These trips are made possible through collaboration of Macalester Career Development Center (CDC), Alumni Relations, and Advancement Offices.  Each trip will offer 10-12 students the opportunity to explore careers and connects them to diverse professional environments.    Applications for all trips are due Monday, Oct. 30 at 4:30pmThe 2017/2018 trips include:

    January 10-12, 2018
    Trip Focus: Advocacy, Social Services & Government
    Jan. 9-12, 2018
    Trip Focus: Science Research & National Research Labs
    March 14-17, 2018
    Trip Focus: Arts, Entertainment & Communications
    March 12-14, 2018
    Trip Focus: Tech & Start-ups
Juniors and seniors across all majors are encouraged to apply.


(S&A) 10/20/2017 CLS Program Info Session
The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is an intensive overseas language and cultural immersion program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State for American students enrolled at U.S. colleges and universities. The program includes intensive language instruction and structured cultural enrichment experiences designed to promote rapid language gains. Scholarships are available for students interested in Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bangla, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Swahili, Turkish, and Urdu. Many Macalester students have been accepted to the CLS program over the years. An info session for the CLS program will be held from noon to 1 p.m.Monday, October 23, in Davis Court, Markim Hall. Pizza will be provided. Applications for the Summer 2018 program are due November 15. For questions regarding the scholarship, please contact Center for Study Away.

(F) 10/18/2017 ASCSA Study in Greece 2018-2019 Fellowships and Grants
The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, one of America’s most distinguished centers devoted to advanced teaching and research, was founded in 1881 to provide American graduate students and scholars a base for their studies in the history and civilization of the Greek world. Today, over 135 years later, it is still a teaching institution, providing graduate students a unique opportunity to study firsthand the sites and monuments of Greece. To learn more about studying at this institution and the fellowship and/or grant opportunities, see the ASCSA Study in Greece Flyer.

(G) 10/16/2017 Explore Kansas Unisersity’s Museum Studies Graduate Program
When considering where to apply to graduate school, consider applying to study Museum Studies at Kansas University.  Museum studies is a growing multidisciplinary field that combines intellectual challenges with opportunities to share scholarly research with the public. It attracts students from all backgrounds who have interests spanning the humanities, natural sciences, arts, and social sciences.  Museum Studies at KU is an affordable program designed to accommodate a wide range of student interests, strengths, and abilities. They work closely with each student to match their curiosity and talents with the needs and directions of the museum profession. To learn more about the program and how to apply, see the Museum Studies at KU Flyer.

(C) 10/12/2017 Seventh Annual Tennessee Undergraduate Classics Research Conference-Call for Papers
This conference will pertain to a wide variety of topics concerning the classical world, with paper sessions being divided by theme based on the papers accepted. Abstracts will be considered from any discipline within classical studies (archaeology, history, philology, art, etc.) or a related field, including interdisciplinary topics or topics in Egyptology and the ancient Near East. bstracts are due by 5:00pm EST on Monday, November 13, 2017. The conference will take place February 23 (evening reception) – February 24, 2018. If abstracts are accepted, the hotel is paid for by the conference.  For more information about submission detail and the conference itself, see the Tennessee Undergraduate Classics Research Conference Website.

(G) 10/12/2017 Graduate Study in Greek and Latin at Catholic University
 Catholic University in Washington DC offers a full and rigorous program of classical studies at the MA level and the PhD students specialize in the literature and history of late antiquity, down into the Middle Ages.  To learn more about the program, see the Grad Study at Catholic University Flyer.

(E) 10/9/2017 Upcoming AIA-MN 2017-18 Lectures:

  • Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 11am: Anne Austin, “Embodying the Goddess: Revealing the practice of tattooing in ancient Egypt,” in the Pillsbury Auditorium at the Minneapolis Institute of Art 
  • Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 6pm: Susan Myster, “Forensic Archaeology: Identifying Decedents,” in the John B. Davis Lecture Hall in the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center, Macalester College
  • Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 6pm, “Forum on Looted Art, Archaeology and Restitution: the Napoleon & Al Mahdi Cases,” in the Hearth Room (room 340), Anderson Student Center, University of St. Thomas
  • Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 11am: John Hale, “Treasures of Caesarea Maritima,” in the John B. Davis Lecture Hall in the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center, Macalester College
  • Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 6pm: David Mather, “Zooarchaeology of Historic Fort Snelling and the Native Ecology of Bdote,” in the John B. Davis Lecture Hall in the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center, Macalester College

(E) 10/4/2017 MacStartups Demo Day
See the summer MacStartup students give their seven-minute pitches showcasing their amazing work. The event will take place on Wednesday, October 11, from 11:00-1:00 pm at JBD, in the lower level of Campus Center.  A delicious salad lunch will be provided.  For more information about the event, see the Demo Day Flyer and to RSVP, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mac-startups-demo-day-2017-tickets-36157718710?aff=erelexpmlt

(G) 10/4/2017 NYU Master’s in European and Mediterranean Studies – Call for applications
Applications for NYU’s MA in European and Mediterranean Studies Program are now available.  The degree can be completed in 12 months (2 semesters and a summer session) with joint degree options also available.  For more information about the program and how to apply, visit the NYU Graduate Studies Website.

(G) 9/21/2017 Duke CLST Graduate Program
Applications for the Duke Classical Studies PhD program are now available.  To learn more about the program and decide whether Duke Classical Studies is a place for you, visit the Duke CLST Grad Program Website and/or the Duke CLST Grad Program Flyer.

(R&F&S) 9/18/2017 Funding Opportunities from the AIA
The Archaeological Institute of America offers a range of funding opportunities, including Fellowships, publication grants, Scholarships and travel grants—plus the Site Preservation grant, and grants for excavation, survey work and research.  Further information can be found on the AIA’s Website.

(C) 9/18/2017 Call For Submissions: Philomathes: A Journal of Undergraduate Research in Classics
Austin Peay State University is pleased to invite submissions for Philomathes: A Journal of Undergraduate Research in Classics.  This online journal publishes original research projects carried out by undergraduate students in any area of Classics.  The deadline for submissions for the next issue is Friday, November 10, 2017 with a publication date scheduled for April of 2018.  Please see the Philomathes Website, for information on publication policies and submission guidelines.

(G) 9/11/2017 Apply to a Graduate Programs in Classics at Washington University in St. Louis
The graduate programs in Classics at Washington University in St. Louis is one of the nation’s top MA programs in Classics. They regularly send students on to leading PhD programs and good jobs in secondary schools. To learn more, see the Grad Program in Classics at WUSL Flyer

(C) 9/6/2017 Call for Papers: Neo – The Classics Students’ Journal
The Call for Papers for the second issue of NEO – The Classics Students’ Journal is now open. NEO is an online open access, double peer reviewed interdisciplinary journal set up by Classics students, both undergraduate and postgraduate. Their aim is to provide an opportunity for Classics students of all university levels to be published. The deadline is September 15th. You can find all the information concerning submissions and the first issue of the journal in the Neo Journal Website.

(R) 9/6/2017 Applications Open for Summer Seminars 2018 at the ICSI
The Institute for Critical Social Inquiry (ICSI) at the New School for Social Research is pleased to announce that they are now accepting applications for their 2018 Summer Seminars (June 10 – 16, 2018). Advanced graduate students and faculty are eligible to apply. ICSI offers advanced graduate students and faculty from around the world the opportunity to spend a week at the New School’s campus in Greenwich Village, working closely with some of the most distinguished thinkers shaping the course of contemporary social inquiry. Applications are due December 15, 2017. To apply, see the ICSI Website.

(I) 4/26/2017 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(A) 4/21/2017 Study Abroad and Learn Latin, Greek and Humanities in Rome 2017-2018
The Academy Vivarium Novum is offering ten full tuition scholarships for high school students (16-18 years old) and twenty-eight full tuition scholarships for University students (18-24 years old) of any part of the world. The scholarships will cover all of the costs of room, board, teaching and didactic materials for courses to be held from October 2017 until June 2018 on the grounds of the Academy’s campus at Villa Falconieri (Frascati – Rome). To learn more about the program see The Academy Vivarium Novum Website.  

(E) 4/18/2017 Legacy of Rome Symposium
The University of Minnesota Mediterranean Collaborative is hosting a “Legacy of Rome” symposium this Friday, April 21, 2017 from 9am to 6pm. This one-day workshop will ponder the emergence of Mediterranean Studies as a distinct interdisciplinary field. For more information, see the Legacy of Rome Poster

(E) 4/14/2017 Upcoming AIA Talks

(J) 4/11/2017 ASCSA Full-time Programs Assistant
The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, a non-profit overseas research institution, is seeking a qualified individual to work in the U.S. administrative office of the School in Princeton, N.J. The position is full-time, 35 hours per week, starting June 1, 2017, with an annual salary of $30,000. Applications will be accepted until May 15, 2017. For more information, see the ASCSA bulletin

(L) 4/11/2017 University of Minnesota Summer Archaeological Field School
Registration for the University of Minnesota summer archaeological field school opens today. The program is a 6-credit class taught from June 12-July 7 at the Sheffield site 10 miles north of Stillwater, and will teach field excavation techniques in a small group environment. For more information, please contact Dr. Ed Fleming at

(I) 4/7/2017 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(W) 4/5/2017 Apply for the Workshop with the Minnesota Manuscript Research Laboratory

The MMRL is a CMS project designed to provide guidance on the study of manuscripts. The Laboratory is intended to provide practical guidance and training in the areas of text studies, text editing, palaeography, and codicology. The workshop is open to advanced undergraduate and graduate students from any institution as well as to faculty, independent scholars and other individuals interested in manuscript studies and having a background in classics, medieval studies, or library studies. The 2017 Manuscript Workshop will be held June 4-9, 2017 at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library in Collegeville, Minnesota. To find out more and to apply, see the MMRL Website.

(I) 3/30/2017 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(E) 3/28/2017 Lothar von Falkenhausen at the MIA
The MIA will be offering a free talk by Lothar von Falkenhausen, a specialist on Chinese archaeology and member of President Obama’s Cultural Property Advisory Committee, titled “Trying to Do the Right Thing to Protect the World’s Cultural Heritage: One Committee Member’s Tale.” The talk will take place at 11am on Saturday, April 1st in the Pillsbury Auditorium of the MIA. For more information and to register, see the von Falkenhausen flyer. 

(L) 3/27/2017 Schola Latina
Schola Latina in now offering a new website providing some useful material for studying the classical languages, thought-provoking videos, and information about their initiatives and summer courses.  Here is a link to the Schola Latina Website.

(A) 3/24/2017 Exciting Summer Theater Program In Athens, Greece
The Hellenic Education and Research Center and Dramaticus Institute for Classical Drama have officially opened the application for Thucydides Dramatics 2, July 26-Aug. 14, 2017 in Athens Greece.
“Thucydides Dramaticus: The Theater of War II” offers a combined academic and artistic study of Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War with selected passages staged and performed by participants in the Ancient Theater of Messene, Greece. The program immerses participants in Ancient Greek Theater through a deeply insightful study of the Peloponnesian War.  The program’s interdisciplinary approach of History, Archaeology, and Theater make for an original and exciting learning experience of Classical Greece.This year’s program culminates with an exciting finale of a public, professional performance at the Ancient Theater of Messene, where students will perform an original play based on Thucydides’ History. To find out more about the program, see the Athens Summer Theater Program Flyer. 

(L) 3/21/17 Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Language Immersion Institute
The Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Language Immersion Institute at University of Wisconsin-Madison is still accepting applications for their 8-week summer language program. Students can choose to study Arabic, Persian, or Turkish at levels ranging from beginner to advanced. The program takes place from June 17-August 12 and provides two semesters of academic credit. For more information, please visit the APTLII website.

(L) 3/21/17 Coding for Classicists
The Paideia Institute is adding a course on “Coding for Classicists” to its spring semester of online courses. The course is designed to bring together the disciplines of classics and coding, and will teach simple techniques for reading, parsing, analyzing, and filtering large amounts of classical text using code, then slowly expanding skills to add a user interface. No coding knowledge is required to begin. To enroll, please visit the Paideia Institute website.

(I) 3/21/17 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(I) 3/21/17 GESI at Northwestern Internships 
The Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI) at Northwestern University is offering placements in international internships with community-based organizations in Africa, Latin America, and India for summer and fall 2017. The deadline for summer is March 1st, but applications are reviewed until sites fill. The deadline for the fall program is April 1st. For more information and to apply, please see the GESI website. 

(I) 3/6/2017 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(I) 2/28/2017 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(E) 2/27/2017 Consulting Case Competition
Macalester Consulting Group (MCG) is hosting the first case competition of the semester on Tuesday, February 28th, from 8 – 9 pm in CARN 005. They are going to host a fun news jeopardy game and solve an intriguing case. Come if you enjoy jeopardy, cracking interesting business problems or if you want to know what being a consultant is all about. They will have delicious cake and pizza to supplement our fun case. People of all academic backgrounds are welcome. To register, fill out the Consulting Case Competition Form.

(E) 2/23/2017 Islamic Cosmopolitanisms, Diasporic Identities Student Presentations
Join us on Thu., Mar. 2 at 11:30 a.m. in Carnegie 404 for student presentations.

  • “West Amman Looks East: Urban Geography of Refugees in Jordan” by Alysha Alloway ‘17 (Geography and Classics Major)
  • “Conversion to Islam in Mexico” by Ashley Dunn ‘17 (International Studies Major)

Sponsored by International Studies and Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic Civilization. Pizza served.

(W) 2/21/2017  Information Fluency in Classics Workshop in Washington, DC
The Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS) in Washington, DC offers a workshop to introduce undergraduates to important sources of information for the study of classics. The workshop sessions cover a variety of topics from search techniques to linked open data. In addition to developing their ability to access and evaluate resources, participants will also explore the broader landscape of scholarly communication and approaches to research in the digital humanities. The workshop lasts from June 20-29, 2017 and the application deadline is April 1, 2017. To find out more about the workshop and how to apply, visit the Information Fluency Workshop Website.

(E) 2/21/2017 Ancient Magic in the Greco-Roman World Lecture 
The University of Minnesota is presenting a lecture by Radcliffe Edmonds of Bryn Mawr College titled “Drawing Down the Moon: Defining Ancient Magic in the Greco-Roman World.” The event will be held from 4:00 to 6:00pm on Friday, February 24th in Nicholson room 35 at the University of Minnesota. For more information, please see the Drawing Down the Moon Flyer. 

(E) 2/21/2017 AIA March 2017 Lecture
The AIA are presenting a lecture by Sudharshan Seneviratne on “Sustainable Museums: Heritage Preservation in Sri Lanka.”  The lecture will take place at 3:30-5:00pm on Wednesday, March 1st in room 204 of the Murray-Henrick building at University of St. Thomas. For more information about the event, please see the Sustainable Museums Lecture Flyer. 

(E) 2/21/2017 History Matters Day
Thursday, February 23rd is the 12th annual History Matters Day at the Capitol. For more information and to sign up, please visit the Minnesota Historical Society webpage. 

(E) 2/21/2017 Tollan and Chichén Itzá in Regional Context Lecture
The Maya Society at Hamline University is presenting a lecture titled “Sorcerers, Charlatans, and War: Tollan and Chichén Itzá in Regional Context” on Friday, February 24th at 7:30pm in Hamline University Giddens Learning Center 100e. For more information, see the Maya Society webpage.

(E) 2/21/2017 The Struggle to Build the Eisenhower Memorial Lecture
The University of St. Thomas is presenting a lecture titled “Boondoggle! The Struggle to Build the Eisenhower Memorial” at 6:00pm on Monday, February 27th in the North Woulfe Alumni Hall in the Anderson Student Center at University of St. Thomas. For more information, visit the event page. 

(E) 2/20/2017 Preventing Cultural Genocide Event
World Without Genocide will host a talk about the role of the International Criminal Court in protecting cultures and prosecuting perpetrators of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. This program will be held on Wednesday, March 22 at Mitchell Hamline School of Law. For more information about the talk see the Preventing Cultural Genocide Talk Flyer.  

(C) 2/14/2017 The Northwest Undergraduate Conference on the Ancient World
The Classical Studies Program at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, is hosting a one-day undergraduate conference. We envision this conference as an opportunity for talented undergraduates to present their work, for example a BA thesis or outstanding seminar paper, in a 15-minute talk to an audience of undergraduates and their faculty mentors. Papers are welcome in any area of ancient studies, including language and literature, religion, history, philosophy, and material culture.  Abstract deadline is Tuesday, March 20, 2017. To find out more, visit The Northwest Undergraduate Conference Website

(A) 2/14/2017 Greek in Greece
The Ohio University Department of Classics and World Religions this summer will again offer its Greek in Greece program.  They will require at least one year of prior study of ancient Greek as well as an interest in learning some modern Greek to go with it. They will begin reviewing applications on February 20.  To find out more about the program, see the Greek in Greece Flyer.

(L) 2/14/2017 Arabic Persian Turkish Language Immersion Institute
Apply to be a student of Arabic, Persian, or Turkish this summer in Madison, Wisconsin! This 8-week program provides an immersive residential experience for students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as professionals seeking language experience. Courses are offered for academic credit at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels (dependent on sufficient enrollment). The classes equal two semesters of study. Students live in a campus space shared with their peers and teachers. To find out more, see the APTLI Institute Flyer.

(I) 2/14/2017 MAC Nest
MacNest is a summer internship program where students receive funding for unpaid internships with Twin Cities startups. Participants will also live in a community with other MacNest student interns in the Summit House (housing is provided). MacNest student interns will receive grants of $4,500 for full-time, unpaid internships with the expectation they will work 35-40 hours a week over a ten week period. The program runs from Tuesday, May 30 – Friday, August 4th. Application deadline is March 20th at 11:59.  To find out more, see the MAC Nest Flyer.

(I) 2/14/2017 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

  • Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation
    Summer Intern 2017– PAID, Applications due March 18, 2017

(R) 2/10/2017  Invitation for Students to Speak at Macalester College Colloquium
MacSUPER will be hosting a campus-wide colloquium Friday, March 24th, aimed to complicate US American perspectives on Palestine and Palestinians. They will have professors and speakers traveling from across the nation presenting their scholarship to offer critical engagement with this topic. They have additionally opened our colloquium to include 4 student speakers. Their hope is for you to act as a potential liaison and pass this message along to your students and to other faculty who might urge their students to submit work. If selected, the student will be given the opportunity to present their work at our colloquium on a student panel. The student(s) will be responsible for transportation, but will be invited to the opening and closing dinners.  They are currently accepting student abstracts (maximum of 500 characters) until Feb 24th at 12:00PM CST. Students can submit their work via this form: https://goo.gl/forms/3RM8Cq9eZGNK64Tn1

(I) 2/10/2017 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(E) 2/9/2017 Lectures Coordination Board Presents: Nikki Giovanni
The Lectures Coordination Board of MCSG is excited to announce the 2017 spring speaker event: Nikki Giovannion Thursday, February 23, 2017 from at 7:00 pm in the Kagin Ballroom.  Nikki Giovanni is a world-renowned poet, writer, commentator, activist, and educator. Over the past 30 years, her outspokenness, in her writing and lectures, has brought the eyes of the world upon her. One of the most widely-read American poets, she prides herself on being “Black American, a daughter, a mother, a professor of English.”  Tickets are free with a Macalester ID beginning February 6, 2017 at the Information Desk in the Campus Center.  For more info, see the Nikki Giovanni Lecture Flyer.  

(E) 2/9/2017 Islamophobia and the Challenge to Civic Life in America
The Islamophobia and the Challenge to Civic Life in America panel discussion will take place on Thurs, Feb 16, 6:30-9:00 pm in Weyerhaeuser Boardroom.  The reception will begin at 6:30 pm.  Panelist remarks by Prof. Samman, Prof. Samatar, and Jacob Bessen (Religious Studies and International Studies) ’17 will begin at 7 pm. Discussion to follow.  For more information about the event, see the Islamophobia Event Flyer.  

(A) 2/8/2017 Sijal Summer Arabic Institute Study Abroad Opportunity
The Sijal Institute for Arabic Language and Culture is pleased to invite applications for its 2017 Summer I and Summer II Intensive Arabic language sessions. Set in a historic villa and gardens, Sijal also offers a beautiful and inspiring setting for study and reflection. Its location in the heart of the Rainbow Street cultural district of Amman is unrivaled, offering immediate access to lively neighborhood markets, restaurants, cafes, theaters, and libraries. The 2017 summer session dates are: Intensive Summer I: June 3- July 13 and Intensive Summer II: July 15-August 17.  For more information about the program see the Sijal Summer Arabic Institute Website.

(I) 2/7/2017 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(E) 2/6/2017 MN Spring Talks

To find out more, see the attached flyers:

(I) 2/6/2017 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(R) 2/6/2017 Archaeological Opportunities at the Balkan Heritage Field School

The Balkan Heritage Field School is a program for education in the field of archaeology, historic preservation and art history, and is targeted for students and specialists, but also for anyone (18+) interested in cultural heritage study and preservation.  To find out more, visit the Balkan Heritage Field School Website

(I) 2/1/2017 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(L) 1/25/2017 Summer Archaeological Field School at the University of Minnesota
The University of Minnesota will be offering a local archaeological field school in Summer 2017. ANTH 3221-001, Field Investigations of the Sheffield Site: Oneota archaeology in the St. Croix Valley, will be held from June 12 – July 7, Monday-Thursday from 8:30 am – 4:30pm. The class is 6 credits. For more information, see the U of M Summer Field School Flyer.

(I) 1/24/2017 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(C) 1/20/2017 Journal of Undergraduate International Studies Spring 2017 Call for Papers
The Journal of Undergraduate International Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is currently accepting submissions for its Spring 2017 issue.  The Journal seeks to publish the world’s premier undergraduate work related to international themes and topics including, but not limited to: international conflict and conflict resolution, human rights, environmental issues, history, culture, comparative politics, economics, development and trade, global security, and international health. To find out more or submit a paper, see the JUIS Website.

(I) 1/20/2017 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(W) 1/20/2017 Information Fluency Workshop in Washington, DC Summer 2017
The Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC is offering a workshop from June 20-29, 2017. The application deadline is April 1, 2017.  To apply visit the Fluency Workshop Online Application.  

(A) 12/21/2016 Summer 2017 Internships at the Center for Hellenic Studies in DC
Applications are now live. To learn more about the program, please visit the web site here And please talk to one of our professors. Deadline is February 15, 2017.

(A) 12/20/2017 Museum Field Studies Workshop in Experimental Ethnoarchaeology and Traditional Crafts in Rapolt, Transylvania, Romania JUNE 4 – JULY 1, 2017.
Learn more here.
Or find more Archaeotek offerings on their web site.

(G) 12/20/2017 Columbia University’s European Institute M. A. program in Modern European History. To learn about the program, view this message. Application deadline is Jan. 17, 2017 for early admission, March 15, 2017 for regular admission.

(A) 12/20/2017 American School of Classical Studies at Athens Summer Program
To learn about the American School of Classical Studies at Athens Summer Session, please view this message -Application deadline is Jan. 15, 2017

(J) 12/12/2016 Edina Historical Society Job Openings
The Edina Historical Society is seeking two contract Curatorial Assistants to do an inventory of our permanent collection which consists of approximately 15,000 artifacts. This is a great opportunity for recent graduates and Graduate students. The positions are contract based for one year.  For more information about the duties of the jobs and how to apply, see the Edina Historical Society Job Description Flyer.

(A) 12/6/2016 ASCSA 2017 Summer Session in Medieval Greek
The Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens announces the summer session focused on the teaching of Medieval Greek, from June 26 to July 25, 2017. Deadline to apply is January 15, 2017.  For more information about the program and how to apply see the ASCSA Summer in Medieval Greek Website.

(A) 12/6/2016 2017 Summer Programs in Classics at The Paideia Institute
The Paideia Institute is proud to announce its summer programming in classics for 2017.  Paideia Institute programs provide intimate experiences of Latin and Ancient Greek language and literature among the most beautiful and inspiring sites of the classical world.  Paideia’s Living Latin and Greek programs feature the active use of Latin and Greek as spoken languages. Undergraduate credits and CEUs are available. For more information about the different programs offered and how to apply, see the Paideia Institute Website.

(C) 11/29/2016 Tufts Hemispheres Call for Papers
The Tufts University Journal of International Affairs is calling for all papers related to the theme “Global Commons.” The deadline to submit is January 26, 2017.  For more information contact:

(I) 11/28/2016 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(I) 11/22/2016 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(A&G) 11/17/2016 ASCSA Programs and Fellowships
The American School of Classical Studies in Athens is offering funding for graduate students, multiple fellowships and summer seminars and class sessions, for more information about specific sessions and fellowships, see the ASCSA Programs and Fellowships Flyer.

(G) 11/17/2016 Duke University Classical Studies Graduate Program
The Department of Classics at Duke University has is again offering a Classical Studies Graduate Program.  They recently changed their deadline for graduate applications to December 8, which provides a bit more time for applicants.  To read more about the program where to apply, see the Duke Classical Studies Grad Program Flyer and the Duke Classical Studies Grad Program Website.  

(W) 11/17/2016 The Ohio State University 2017 Summer Latin Workshop
The Department of Classics at Ohio State will again offer the Summer Latin Workshop during Summer 2017 (May 10 to July 28) for 12 credits.  Apply through the OSU Office of Distance Education and eLearning between April 4 and July 8.  For more information, see the OSU Latin Workshop Website.  

(I) 11/16/2016 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:

(C) 11/4/2016 Call for Papers for the Conference of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship
Co-Sponsored by the MIDWEST JOURNAL OF UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH (MJUR) and MONMOUTH COLLEGE, the inaugural Conference of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship offers students the opportunity to showcase their work and learn about the work of others, while networking with peers at other institutions. The conference is April 21-22, 2017 at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois. Abstracts are due January 31, 2017.  For more information, visit the CURS website.

(E) 11/4/2016 World Without Genocide Talk, December 6th
World Without Genocide will host a talk by Scott Straus, Ph.D., internationally-known genocide prevention expert, on Tuesday, December 6, from 7:00-9:00 pm at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, St. Paul. For information about the speakers and tickets see the WWG Prevention Talk Flier.  

(I) 11/3/2016 Presidential Internship Program at the American University in Cairo
The American University in Cairo (AUC) is now in the process of recruiting applicants for the 2017-2018 Presidential Internship Program.  The application is due January 20, 2017.  For more information, see the the AUC Presidential Internship Program 17/18 Flyer.

(I) 11/1/2016 Macalester Internship Office Postings

The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:
Reclaim Childhood Internship Summer 2017–  Applications due Feb 24, 2017

(C) 10/31/2016 Call For Papers at Philomathes
Philomathes is a new journal for undergraduate (and 1st year graduate) research in the Classics from Austin Peay State University, Clarksville Tennessee. Deadline for submissions is 15 November.  Current undergraduate students and first year graduate students are welcome to submit papers on any topic dealing with the ancient Greco-Roman world.  Literary studies, material culture, history, mythology, philosophy, reception studies, all are welcome.  To find out more or to submit a paper, see the Philomathes Website.  

(R) 10/31/2016 Archaeology Programs in Romania 2017
ArchaeoTek is now offering multiple programs for summer of 2017 in Transylvania, Romania.  Students will explore the archaeology of the region, and have the opportunity to sample the magic of Transylvania, through its amazing historical and natural landscapes.  To find out more about dates and how to apply, see the Archaeology in Romania Flyer.

(L) 10/31/2016 MacConnect In San Francisco and Washington DC 2017
​​​​Macalester College offers sophomore/junior/senior students the opportunity to explore careers and connections with alumni in select cities via the MacConnect Program. Trips are made possible through collaboration of Macalester Career Development Center (CDC), Alumni Relations, and Advancement Offices.  Students from all majors and disciplines are encouraged to apply. This trip benefits Macalester as it offers a collaborative opportunity for alumni to share their expertise with current students, and students to serve as ambassadors of the College. Applications are now open. Deadline to apply for either trip is November 11, 4:30 pm. For more information about the San Francisco trip see the SF MacConnect Flyer and for more information about the DC trip, see the DC MacConnect Flyer.

(E) 10/29/2016 Living Latin in New York City 2017
The Paideia Institute is proud to announce its fifth annual Living Latin in NYC conference, a two-day Living Latin and Greek experience in the heart of Manhattan, hosted jointly with the Fordham University Department of Classics. This conference, one of the largest active Latin gatherings in the world, is designed to allow teachers and students of Classics to explore and practice the active use of Latin and Greek. The conference will take place on February 18-19, 2017.  To register and find out more about the program, see the Paideia Living Latin in NYC Website. 

(I) 10/26/2016 Macalester Internship Office Postings
The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:
Teaching Internship at Northfield Mount Hermon– Summer 2017.  Applications Due February 2, 2017

(E) 10/25/2016 Pericles at Guthrie’s Dowling Studio
The Ten Thousand Things theater group will performing Pericles at the Guthrie Dowling Studio from October 27th to 30th.  To find out more information about the performance and how to buy tickets, see the Ten Thousand Things Website.

(I) 10/25/2016 World Without Genocide Internship
World Without Genocide has an internship available for the spring 2017 semester. The description and application deadline can be found in the attached WWW Advocacy and Outreach Intern Flyer

(E) 10/19/2016 Engaging Race: A Conversation 
Robert Lin, a senior Classics major, will be participating in the first Engaging Race event of the academic year. The event is being sponsored by the IGC and the Provost’s Office.  The event will be taking place on October 25th in Markin Hall at 4:45 PM.  See the official Engaging Race Flyer for more information.

(F) 10/14/2016 Fellowships at the Gennadius Library
The American School of Classical Studies at Athens is pleased to announce the academic programs and fellowships for the 2017-2018 academic year at the Gennadius Library.  Fellowships included are: The M. Alison Frantz Fellowship, Medieval Greek Summer Session at the Gennadius Library, Costen Traveling Scholarship for Research in Greece, The George Papaioannou Fellowship, and the NEH Fellowhips.  For fellowship descriptions and application deadlines, see the Gennadius Library Fellowships Flyer. 

(C) 10/13/2016 Call for Papers for Carleton’s Undergraduate Journal of Humanistic Studies
UJHS is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes student research in the humanities and social sciences. In past issues, they’ve published works that tackle topics from the student loan market for Muslim-Americans to orientalism in Curious George, tiny homes, and the racialization of poverty.  They are now looking to expand the journal to include the work of Macalester students. To learn more and submit papers see the UJHS Website.

(E) 10/13/2016 Celebrate International Archaeology Day
Come Celebrate International Archaeology Day this Saturday, October 15, 2016, at 11am, in Janet Wallace Fine Arts Commons, Macalester College.  Look at cultural heritage preservation in honor of International Archaeology Day, and hear Sudharshan Seneviratne on “Cultural Heritage Preservation in Sri Lanka.” Professor Seneviratne’s talk will be followed from 12-2pm by a reception and presentation of Student Posters related to archaeology and preservation.  For more information see the International Archaeology Day Flyer.

(E) 10/10/2016 Teach For America Info Session
Interested in teaching after graduation? Check out Teach for America! Teach for America is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating educational inequity by filling teaching vacancies in low-income schools across the country with recent college graduates. Come learn more about the organization this Thursday (October 13th) from 11:30-12:30pm in CC 215! (Free cookies and lemonade will be provided). Find out more:Teach for American Info Session Flyer

(E) 10/10/2016 North Star Connect: Museum Studies Networking at St. Thomas
There will be a speed networking event with a panel of established museum professionals coming up at the University of St. Thomas the evening of October 27th.  This event will be free and geared toward students. Event will start at 6 PM and be located in the Anderson Student Center: 2115 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55105.

(E) 10/4/2016 AIA MN Art Crime Talk
Macalester professor, Vanessa Rousseau, will be giving a talk on “Art Crime in Context.” This talk will put contemporary attacks on art and cultural property into context by exploring the broad history of art crime from antiquity to the present. The talk will be Thursday, October 6, 7:00-8:30 PM, at the White Bear Center for the Arts.

(G) 9/23/2016 MA Program in European and Mediterranean Studies at NYU
Applications for Fall 2017 are being accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Tuition scholarships will also be offered to candidates accepted to the MA program. It is recommended to apply as soon as possible, as funds are limited.In addition to courses offered by the CEMS Department, graduate students may take classes with a European/Mediterranean focus offered by other departments—including, but not limited to, history, politics, anthropology, cinema studies, French studies, Italian studies, Irish studies, and many other disciplines.  Students may also take courses at other NYU schools—such as the School of Law or Graduate School of Public Service—as well as at Columbia University, through a special Consortium agreement existing between the two institutions. For more information like how to apply, see the MA in European and Mediterranean Studies NYU Flyer.

(I) 9/23/2016 Macalester Internship Office Postings
The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:
Minnesota Department of Human Services Executive Pathways Intern Summer 2017- Applications Due December 9, 2017

(C) 9/21/2016 Tennessee Undergraduate Classics Research Conference Call for Papers
The University of Tennessee’s Department of Classics is pleased to announce its sixth annual undergraduate research conference. The conference will be held on February 25, 2017, and we are currently calling for submissions from interested undergraduates throughout North America. Papers should take no more than fifteen minutes to present, with an additional five minutes dedicated to Q&A afterwards. Audio-visual equipment will be available for presenters. Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be submitted by November 14, 2016.  For more instruction see the University of Tennessee Classics Department Website.

(C) 9/19/2016 Ohio State University Call for Papers
The Department of Classics at The Ohio State University invites paper proposals for its 2016 Graduate Student Conference, “What Does Evil Look Like? Horror, Macabre, and Ideological Control throughout the Ancient Mediterranean World” from March 24- 26 2017.  The goal of this conference is to investigate the presence of evil in its manifold forms be they physical, artistic, poetic, historical, architectural, psychological, religious, profane, or philosophical.  Please send a 150-200-word abstract, a short CV, and any queries to  by January 3, 2017.

(A) 9/13/2016 Study Latin at The Paideia Institute in Paris J- Term 2016
The Paideia Institute is currently accepting applications for Living Latin in Paris, an intensive Latin program designed to immerse participants in the Latin of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. For one week during the winter break, participants and instructors read and discuss selections from Medieval and Renaissance Latin literature associated with the city of Paris. Readings are enriched by daily visits to relevant sites in and around Paris. No experience speaking Latin is required. Visit the Paideia Institute Website to apply and learn more.

(G) 9/12/2016 Graduate Programs in Classics at Washington University in St. Louis
Already holding one of the nation’s top MA programs in Classics that regularly sends students on to leading PhD programs and good jobs in secondary schools, Washinton University in St. Louis began a PhD program last year. This program is open to all, with special interdisciplinary tracks in Ancient History, Music, Philosophy, and Performance.  These tracks build on special strengths in faculty and resources both within and beyond the Classics Department.  For more information see the Grad Programs at Washington University in St. Louis Flyer. 

(C) 9/12/2016 AIA MN Arky Day 2016 
International Archaeology Day is October 15 and AIA MN plans to celebrate with a talk by Sudharshan Seneviratne on cultural heritage preservation, and a student poster session. Students are encouraged to share your work. They are accepting posters on recent fieldwork and research projects related to archaeology and cultural heritage preservation. Abstracts are due September 25th and for more information see the Arky Day 2016 Call for Posters Flyer. 

(E) 9/12/2016 AIA MN Archaeology Lectures 
This year’s archaeology lecture series begins on September 22 with Bret Jackson and Richard Graff’s talk on experiential analysis of oratorical venues in Ancient Greece. See the attached AIA MN Fall Newsletter for details and the rest of this year’s events.

(F) 8/31/2016 The Archaeological Institute of America Funding Opportunities
The Archaeological Institute of America offers a range of funding opportunities, including fellowships, publication grants, scholarships and travel grants—plus the Site Preservation grants and awards, and the Cotsen Excavation Grants.  Further information can be found on the AIA’s website at http://www.archaeological.org/grants.  Fall deadlines coming up for many of the programs. See their fellowship flier here. And see their grant flier here.

(A) 8/31/2016 The American School of Classical Studies in Athens Summer Programs for 2017. View the flier here.

(I)-alums 8/31/2016 The American School of Classical Studies in Athens Visiting Professor Positions for 2017-2018. See the announcement here.

(I) 8/25/2016 Macalester Internship Office Postings
The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:
Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute Editorial Intern Fall 2016- Applications Due September 30th

Minnesota’s Children Museum:

Exhibits Development Group:

(I) 8/15/2016 WWG Fall Internship Opportunities
World Without Genocide has internship opportunities for this fall

  • Advocacy and Program Intern- (Fall 2016)- Work in the WWG headquarters to provide organizational and administrative support for advocacy initiatives and programming and generate community-based support for city, state, and national action. Applications due August, 2016. For more info: WWG A&P Intern Flier
  • Program and Operations Institute Intern- (Fall 2016) Student will participate in critical thinking and reflection activities, learn from experts and survivors, and build the skills to become a human rights leader.  For more info: WWG Institute Intern Flier

(A) 7/11/2016 Vivarium Novum Announces Competition for Scholarships to Study in Latin and Greek in Rome.
Application letters are due July 31, 2016. To learn more, click here.

(J) 5/2/2016 Work With Middlebury Teaching Arabic
Paid Summer Teaching Opportunities are now available at the Middlebury Summer Language camps. No need to be native-speaking, just proficient.  For more information on how to apply and positions available, check out these links:
MIL Summer Language Academy (Home Page)

Information on teaching at the Academy:

MIL Employment Opportunities:  contains link to application for all Academy positions:

(I) 4/29/2016  Macalester Internship Office Postings
The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:
Strategic Campaign Research Internship w/ The NewsGuild of Communication Workers of America-
Paid, Starting May 11, 2016. Applications due May 6, 2016.  For more information, see the CWA NG Campaign Research Intern Flyer
Summer Analyst Intern with Alpha Sights (San Francisco)-
Summer 2016, Applications due May 30.  For more information see the: Summer Analyst Alpha Sights Intern

(C) 4/29/2016 2016 Mentoring Conference: Call For Proposals
UNM Mentoring Institute invites  faculty, staff and students of higher education, researchers, K-12 educators, community leaders, administrators, non-profit partners, government agencies, and other professionals to send in  proposals that are informative and relevant to the field of developmental relationships, supported by theory and research. The term developmental relationship includes, but is not limited to mentoring, coaching, networking, and sponsorship relationships. For important dates and deadlines check out their website: UNM Mentoring Conference Website

(J) 4/28/2016 New Philanthropy, Foundations, and Nonprofit Jobs Listen in MC2
MC2 Job number after job title

  • The Center For Effective Philanthropy – Cambridge, MA & San FranciscoCoordinator, Programming & External Relations 24700834
    Analyst–YouthTruth 24700861
    Analytics Engineer 24700839
  • National Science Foundation
    Statistician 24700907
  • MN Council of Nonprofits – Twin Cities, Multiple Locations
    18 positions!!!! FT/Paid, with placement in nonprofits many supporting ethnic and community building nonprofits.  Search MN Council for Nonprofits on MC2.
    Nonprofit Engagement Specialist – Nonprofits Assistance Fund 24700671
    Program Associate For Lao Assistance Center of MN – Minneapolis  24700667
    Evaluation & Communications Specialist – Dream of WIld Health 24700666
    Program, Development Coordinator at LegalCORPS – Entrepreneurs of Color 24700673
  • The Carnegie Foundation For The Advancement of Teaching
    Post Baccalaureate Fellows 2400835
  • Habitat For Humanity
    Multiple Postings / Multiple locations

    CS/UX and other disciplines
  • The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation – Minneapolis
    Educational Innovation Coordinator 2400642
    Youth Vocational Center Coordinator 24700643
  • Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute – St. Paul
    Community Outreach 24700903

(L) 4/25/2016 Telepaideia: Summer Semester 2016 Latin and Greek Online
The Paideia Institute is happy to announce its spring semester offerings in Telepaideia, their series of online courses in Latin and Ancient Greek. Telepaideia allows you to study Latin and Greek language and literature with expert teachers from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Courses offered this spring include: Conversational Latin and Greek, Intensive Beginning Latin and Greek, Reading Courses, and Modern Language Courses “For Classicists.”  For more information, visit the Paideia Institute Website.

(E) 4/22/2016 Crossing Borders Event
Crossing Borders Activists in collaboration with Amnesty International Student Organization is holding a panel discussion highlighting “Policy Implications of the refugee crisis in Europe and the U.S.” Join in for a rich discussion, learning, and sharing knowledge with professors, researchers and community members. The program includes a panel of expert who will discuss various topics on the refugee experience and the legal aspects relating to their journey and challenges in seeking asylum.  See the Crossing Borders Flyer for more information.

(J) 4/15/2016 New Publishing Jobs Posted to the CDC Website
Interested in working in the Publishing and/or Communications field?  The CDC has recently posted several various publishing and communications job listings both locally and in New York City with titles ranging from Copy Assistant to Evaluation & Communications Specialist.  For more information about the jobs and how to apply, see the MC2 website.

(I) 4/13/2016 West Academic Publishing Internship
West Academic is offering paid internship opportunities in our publishing group starting immediately through the end of Summer.  Applications are due May 17th.  For more information see the WAP Summer Intern Flier. 

(I) 4/5/2016  Macalester Internship Office Postings
The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:
National Park Service Museum Aide Intern:
Paid internship in West Virginia. Applications due April 14th. See NPS Museum Intern Flier  for more details on how to apply.
Exhibit Development Group Project Management Intern:
Starts June 1st in St. Paul. Applications due May 15th. See EDP Project Management Intern Flier for more information.

(I) 4/4/2016 Macalester Internship Office Postings
The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:
 User Assistance / Technical Writing Summer Intern-
May- August 2016, See UATW Summer Intern Flier for more information.

(E) 4/4/2016  Fourth Critical Theory Annual Symposium
On Wednesday, April 27 from 5:00 -7:00/8:30, in the Weyerhaeuser Boardroom the Fourth Critical Theory Annual Symposium will be taking place.  The topic this year is Orientalism, Postcolonialism, Globalization, and our three speakers are widely esteemed scholars and Macalester cherished teachers and colleagues: David Blaney (Political Science), Julia Chadaga (Russian Studies), and Khaldoun Samman (Sociology). See the CT Annual Symposium Flier for more details.

(I) 3/28/2016 Mt. Olympus Collective Intern Summer 2016
Paid internship with Zeus Jones, acting as an outside source of perspectives and experiences with a business working to modernize other businesses.  Applications are due April 9th.  For more information about dates and how to apply, see the Mt. Olympus Intern 2016 Flier.

(E) 3/25/2016
The Department of Art & Art History is sponsoring an event that will bring Somali elders to campus to teach loomless weaving. See the flyer here.

(S) 3/23/2016 QFI Arabic Study Awards
Qatar Foundation International (QFI) has opened applications to recognize outstanding graduating high school seniors and undergraduate students committed to furthering their knowledge of the Arabic language and the Arab world. Awardees receive a one-time award of up to $5,000 towards tuition.  Deadline for applications is April 15, 2016. For more information: QFI Arabic Study Awards Website

(I) 3/22/2016 ACTC Museum Fellows Program
The “ACTC Museum Fellows Program” is designed to engage students in studying the challenges related to the underrepresentation of communities of color and American Indian Nations in historical organizations, museums, and public history graduate programs. View the ACTC Fellows Program flier here.

(I) 3/22/2016 Macalester Internship Office Postings
The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:
Hennepin County Library Special Collections Digitization Intern: June- August, applications due April 29. For more info: HCL Special Collections Digitization Intern Flier
Hennepin County Library Preservation Intern: June- August, applications due April 29. HCL Preservation Intern Flier

(I) 3/14/2016 WWG Summer Internship Opportunities
World Without Genocide has internship opportunities for this summer

  • Advocacy and Program Intern- (June 1st- August 15th)- Work in the WWG headquarters to provide organizational and administrative support for advocacy initiatives and programming and generate community-based support for city, state, and national action.  Applications due May 30, 2016.  For more info: WWG A&P Intern Flier
  • Summer Institute Intern- (June 1st- August 15th)Student will participate in critical thinking and reflection activities, learn from experts and survivors, and build the skills to become a human rights leader.  For more info: WWG Institute Intern Flier

(A) 3/14/2016 Summer Study Away in Cairo, Egypt
The Arabeya Institute, an Arabic language school located in Cairo is offering programs for summer of 2016.  Arabeya offers courses in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) for every level in proficiency, as well as programs specially tailored to subjects of interest, such as media studies, diplomacy, business communications, literature, and calligraphy. For more information: Arabeya Summer in Cario 2016 Flyer

(I) 3/9/2016 Internship with the Center for Hellenic Studies for Summer 2016
Personally recommended by alumni and former Classics student Duncan Griffin, a position with CHS in Washington DC is available over summer of 2016.  A paid internship between June 1st and July 31st, students will work on projects related to publications and content development.  Deadline to apply is April 1st. For more information visit the CHS website.

(R) 3/7/2016 Archaeological Research Opportunity in Argos Summer 2016
The Western Argolid Regional Project is looking for students for the 2016 season (May 29–July 10) This intensive pedestrian survey includes the known archaeological sites of the polis of Orneai, Mycenaean chamber tombs, and fortifications of the Roman, Medieval, and Ottoman periods, as well as an extensive system of ancient roads and passes. Deadline to apply is April 15, 2015.  Costs are $3750 (for volunteers); $4750 (in-state, CO)/$5750 (out-of-state) (for the six-credit field school). For further information, visit https://www.archaeological.org/fieldwork/afob/13907 or https://studyabroad.colorado.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=899

(I) 3/4/2016 Minnesota Zooarchaeology Inventory Internship
The Minnesota Historical Society is offering an internship for summer of 2016 working to track identified animal remains (zooarchaeology) from inventoried sites.  The application deadline is March 20.  See the Minnesota Zooarchaeology Internship Flier for more information.

(R) 3/2/2016 Classical Language Tool Kit Opportunity with Google Summer of Code 2016
CLTK has been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2016 and is now accepting applications. CLTK is a  software for doing natural language processing in the languages of ancient through medieval Eurasia. GSoC funds students to work for three months on an approved open source project (CLTK in this case). Potential participants are strongly encouraged to reach out to CLTK directly by email at and  with questions. Also visit their website: https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/organizations/6380636164063232/

(I) 2/29/2016 Macalester Internship Office Postings
The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:
Ard Godfrey House Summer Tour Guide Intern-
Paid, Applications due March 18th. For more info: Ard Godfrey House Summer InternshipMDRC Summer Intern- Paid, Applications due April 2nd. See here for more info: MDRC Summer Internship Flier

(L) 2/29/2016 University of Minnesota Arabic Courses- Summer 2016
The UofM is offering immersion and intensive Arabic language classes in both beginning and intermediate levels along with a course on Egyptian Colloquial Arabic.  See the UofM Summer 2016 Arabic Course Flier for additional information about dates, times, etc.

(L) 2/29/2016 Beginning Classical Greek Online – Summer 2016
The University of Colorado Boulder is offering Introductory Greek classes online.  No affiliation with the University of Colorado Boulder is necessary and course may be completed entirely online.  For more information about prices, dates, and how to sign up: CU Boulder Beginning Greek Online Flier.

(R&A) 2/26/2016 HERC Summer Programs Available
The Hellenic Education & Research Center is now offering the following summer 2016 Academic Programs

  • HERC International Scholarship Program Thucydides Dramaticus: The Theater of War July 31 – August 14, 2016
    Selected passages of Thucydides will be staged and performed by participants (drama / classics students and theater professionals) in Ancient Theaters in Greece.  As part of HERC’s International Scholarship Program those admitted will be awarded full scholarships.
    Thucydides Dramaticus Information
  • Participation in the excavation of Ancient Thouria near Kalamata in Messenia (Peloponnese, Greece)
    July 17 – July 31, 2016
    Students will work at the excavation site and will focus on archaeological method and practice, pottery cleaning and archaeological drawing. Selected literary texts and inscriptions on the history of Messenia will be read.
    Ancient Thouria Excavation Information
  • Jews and Early Christians in the Graeco-Roman World: The Cases of Athens, Corinth, and the Island of Delos
    May 21 – June 4, 2016
    The course will examine the presence and history of the Jewish Diaspora and Early Christianity in Roman Greece on the basis of literary sources, archaeological remains and ancient inscriptions.
    Jews & Early Christians Information

(R&A) 2/26/2016 Archaeology Field School Program in Peru
The 2016 season of the Field School Program in Peru is now open for registration.Application deadline: April 22 To apply and learn more visit their website: http://fieldschool.pucp.edu.pe/

(I) 2/26/2016 Internships Available with The Odyssey
The Odyssey, a community journalism chapter, is looking to hire writers, social media directors, photographers, multimedia coordinators and contributing editors. If you might be interested in this opportunity, follow this link to apply: http://www.theodysseyonline.com/apply

(E) 2/26/2016  Reading and Reception with Lebanese Author, Rawi Hage
Alliance Française Mpls/St Paul would like to invite you to join them at the reading and reception with award-winning Lebanese author, Rawi Hage. On his tour through the Midwest, Hage’s evening in Minneapolis will feature an interview with UMN professor Joseph R. Farag. A reception with food and drinks will follow the event.  Find out more about this event here: Reading and Reception with Rawi Hage Flier

(E) 2/23/2016  Upcoming “Mac Startups” Info Sessions
There will be three upcoming “Mac Startups” info-sessions in the Innovator Space (basement of Markim Hall) from Noon-1:00pm on Thursday, Feb 25th; Thursday March 3rd; and Thursday, March 10th. Lunch provided! Mac Startups is a 10 week summer program.  For more information see this Mac Startups Flier

(I) 2/23/2016 Macalester Internship Office Postings
The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:
Renewing the Countryside Healthy Local Foods Exhibit PAID Intern for Summer of 2016.
RTCHLFE Internship Posting

(L) 2/22/2016 Summer 2016: Online Sanskrit through St. Catherine University
St. Catherine University ​will begin offering a yearly summer online program in Sanskrit. St. Cates hopes to increase the accessibility of Sanskrit for scholars, students and any other interested parties at the college level and above, by offering a complete and immersive course in Sanskrit online.  For Summer 2016,  the course will be offered at half price to make it more attractive during the development process. An abbreviated free trial version of the course is available online now, and will remain available until June 6th, 2016. For more information go to https://sites.google.com/a/stkate.edu/online-sanskrit/home.

(J&I) 2/22/2016 Environmental, Sci-Tech, IT & Medical Job and Internship Fair
Tuesday, March 1, 2016 from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm in Smail Gallery of Olin Rice recruiters from the following places will be on campus: Metropolitan Council, US Army & Army Reserve, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,Elite Medical Scribes, Emergency Care Consultants – Emergency Scribes, SciTechsperience Internship Program & Job Board, Pioneer Project Services, Peace Corps, Fraser, Epic, Mayo Clinic, and Boston Scientific. Please dress in business casual.

(J) 2/22/2016 Temporary Job with MIZNA
The Arab American literary organizations RAWI and Mizna are looking for a motivated, energetic Project Coordinator for their sixth national conference at the Loft Literary Center (June 16–19) in Minneapolis, MN. Duties will begin on April 4 2016 and end June 30 2016, with about 8hrs/wk in-office anticipated for April and May and increasing through June till the conference, where the full weekend is needed. Arabic language is not required. Interest in Arab and Arab American community, social justice and publishing and art as a tool for social change is. Classics alum Sarah Dillard did this job and says, “being a part of the Mizna community has changed my life. I still work for the org remotely and would be so happy to see another Mac person find their way into the Mizna world.” Contact her at sarahndillard@gmail.com. See the job announcement here.

(E) 2/22/2016 Upcoming AEGIS Interdisciplinary Lectures
The Anthropological, Ecological, and Geological Interdisciplinary Sciences (AEGIS) at the University of Minnesota is pleased to announce the approaching lectures:Friday, Feb 26, 2:00-3:00 PM Dr. David Polly, Indiana University- “Functional traits, environments, and clades: at the interface of climate, ecology, and evolution” at 155 Nicholson Hall, East Bank Campus
Wednesday, March 23rd, 6:00-7:00 PM Dr. Michael Waters, Texas A&M- “Archaeological and Genetic Evidence for the Late Pleistocene Peopling of the Americas” at 1426 N. Hythe St., St. Paul, 55108 (Near St. Paul Campus)
Wednesday, April 27th, 3:30-4:30 PM Dr. Seth Quintus, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, North Dakota State University-“Understanding the Long-term Dimensions of Agricultural System Change: A View from Polynesian Environmental Archaeology” at 375 Borlaug Hall, St. Paul Campus

(J) 2/16/2016 Serve. Lead. Change The World: A Social Justice Job Fair
February 23rd at 8PM, attend a free, virtual event with representatives from six service-focused non-profit organizations—Teach For America, City Year, Citizen Schools, Reading Partners, Peace Corps, and Playworks. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of each organization’s mission and role in solving our world’s greatest challenges, and learn more about specific job openings for undergraduates and professionals. There will be lots of opportunity for Q&A and application tips for each organization. Register now:https://www.teachforamerica.org/get-involved/events/serve-lead-change-world-social-justice-job-fair-february-23-8pm-est

(P) Macalester Classics’ Own Call for Papers: Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity and Classics
The students in CLAS 362: Intermediate Greek Poetry will serve as the editorial board for an issue of the journal Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity and Classics this term. SMAC features the outstanding research of Macalester undergraduates in the study of ancient Mediterranean people and cultures. Papers are welcome addressing the languages, literatures, material culture, societies or history of the broad ancient Mediterranean world, including Greece, Rome and the Middle East. SMAC is published online, and you can view earlier issues at http://digitalcommons.macalester.edu/classicsjournal/. Please consider submitting successful term papers from previous semesters, independent study projects, and the like. Guidelines for submission are available on the journal website at http://digitalcommons.macalester.edu/classicsjournal/policies.html. Papers should be submitted electronically as a pdf file to Beth Severy-Hoven (severy@macalester.edu) by April 20 for consideration in this issue of the journal.

(R) 2/16/2016 Roman Bath Excavation in Italy Summer 2016 and Other Research Opportunities
An excavation opportunity is now available for summer 2016 in Italy along with other related Classics research projects such as Restoration and Analysis of Archaeological Ceramics in San Gemini and Athens: Heritage and Modernity in Athens, Greece.  For more information concerning dates and prices look at the Roman Bath Excavation and Related Opportunities Flier or visit their website http://webathensone.org/

Macalester Consulting Group meets weekly to solve fun problems, and helps you get consulting jobs, in which you meet problems, and solve them. If you have a curious mind, if you love to solve fun problems, they welcome you. They also welcome you to sign up for Case Competition#2, 7:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Tuesday, 16th Feb. See the flier here. Apply here.   Six applicants will be accepted. If you are not selected for Case Competition#2, you are invited to participate in our case competition from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on 23rd Feb. The deadline to sign up is 11:59 p.m. on 12th Feb.

(E) 2/10/2016 Workhaus Playwrights’ Collective Presents Eye of the Lamb
The play centers around Gertrude Bell—a unique woman whose experiences in the Middle East in the early 20th century affect a lot of what the Western world knows about that area today.  All ticket prices are “Pay-what-you-can.” See more here.

(E) 2/10/2016 37th Eunice Belgum Memorial Lectures at St. Olaf
April 4-5, 2016, Professor John Cooper from Princeton University will deliver this year’s lecture titled “Ancient Philosophies as a Way of Life” See flier here.

(S) 2/9/2016 Scholarships for Field School Program in Peru
Two scholarships are now available for the total amount of half the price of the course. Students awarded with this benefit would have to pay US$ 1,875.00 – instead of US$ 3,750.00 – for the month of instruction.  For more information visit: http://fieldschool.pucp.edu.pe/scholarships/

(I) 2/8/2016 Macalester Internship Office Postings
The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these opportunities:
MassMoCA Internship Summer 2016. Deadline March 7th See flier here.
Metropolitan Council Internship Program Summer 2016. Deadline February 29th See more here
Leadership and the American Presidency Internship Program Summer 2016. Deadline June 1st See flier here.

(W) 2/8/2016 Center for Hellenic Studies Information Fluency in Classics Workshop
This workshop introduces undergraduates to important sources of information for the study of classics and to develop their ability to access, evaluate, and manage resources in a variety of formats. Applicants should be rising juniors or seniors majoring in Classics, Classical Studies, or related fields. Deadline is May 1, 2016. See more at: http://chs.harvard.edu/CHS/article/display/5687.

(J&F) 2/3/2016 Job and/or Fellowship Opportunity With Environment America
Right now, Environment America is looking for smart, talented candidates for their fellowship program or digital campaign team. These are full-time paid positions that start August 2016. Application deadline is March 1. To learn more about the positions and apply visit: jobs.environmentamerica.org

(G) 2/2/2016 New York University Graduate Program in European and Mediterranean Studies
NYU’s Center for European and Mediterranean Studies is now accepting applications for the 2016-2017 academic year with degree options such as: M.A. in European and Mediterranean Studies & Journalism, M.A. in European and Mediterranean Studies & Library and Information Science, and M.A. in European and Mediterranean Studies & an Advanced Certificate in Museum Studies. See more here.

(R&A) 2/1/2016 Archaeology of the Roman Frontier
ARCHAEOTEK is offering the following summer field opportunities in Roman field archaeology in Transylvania (Romania) – see attached fliers or visit www.archaeotek-archaeology.org for more information.

(C) 1/22/2016 Call for Papers- Collaborative Archaeology Workgroup at the University of Michigan
The Collaborative Archaeology Workgroup at the University of Michigan is organizing a conference on Migration and Mobility: Permanent and persistent movements of people, March 18-19, 2016 and are accepting submissions of 15 to 20 minute papers. Deadline to submit is February 17th. See more here.

(A) 1/15/2016 Summer Field School in Italy
To learn about an archaeological field school opportunity, “Villa of the Antonines,” from July 3-30, 2016 see their flier here.

(I) 1/12/2016 Macalester Internship Office Postings
The Macalester Internship Office has recently shared these oportunities:
International Business Development Internship ­ Summer/Fall 2016. See the posting here.
Museum Studies Internship ­ Summer/Fall 2016. See the posting here.
New Sector Alliance Fellowship applications are due February 1, 2016. See the posting here.

(E) 1/4/2016  New Exhibition at The Museum of Russian Art
Olexa Bulavitsky: Immigrant Experiences and Ukrainian-American Art, January 30, 2016 – July 3, 2016.
View the exhibition flier here.

(E) 12/30/2015 Spring 2016 AIA-MN Talks
Thursday, February 11, 6pm, Pieter Broucke, “A Roman Architect at Work: Apollodoros of Damascus and the Design of the Pantheon,” at the Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota.
Thursday, February 18, at 6pm: Alex Knodell, “Crossroads and Boundaries in an Ancient Greek Borderland: Regional Survey with the Mazi Archaeological Project,” in the John B. Davis Lecture Hall in the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center, Macalester College
Saturday, April 9, at 11am: John Hale, “CLEOPATRA: An Archaeological Perspective on Egypt’s Last Pharaoh,” in the Pillsbury Auditorium at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Events are free, but you must order tickets in advance at 612-870-6323 or http://new.artsmia.org/discover/talks/. Tickets are available beginning March 1, 2016. See the flier here

(R) 12/16/2015 Local Summer Field Schools offered by the University of Minnesota
The University of Minnesota will be offering two local field schools in Summer 2016.  Both are located less than an hour from the Twin Cities, they are opportunities to learn field excavation techniques in a small group environment.

  • ANTH 3221-001, Field Investigations of the Sheffield Site: Oneota archaeology in the St. Croix Valley,will be held from June 27 – July 22, Monday-Thursday from 8:30 am – 4:30pm.  Please contact Dr. Ed Fleming at efleming@smm.org and see flier here for more information.
  • ANTH 3221-002, Field School in Archaeological Survey and Excavation, will be held at Peterson Farm and Fort Snelling. The field school will run from May 23 – June 10.  Please contact Prof. Kat Hayes atkathayes@umn.edu and see flier here for more information.

(A) 12/14/2015 Summer Archaeological Field School in Greece
The Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS) and Sunoikisis announce the 2016 Archaeological Program at Kenchreai, the port of Corinth in southern Greece. To learn more about this opportunity, please visit the website here.

(J) 12/10/2015 Long Term Latin Substitute Position at Nova Classical Academy
Nova currently has a number of job opportunities available, including that of Lunch Monitor and Long Term Latin Substitute. If you are interested in working with an amazing team that tirelessly supports our students, as well as those who directly impact them and the larger learning community, please contact Melissa Hernandez at mhernandez@novaclassical.org for next steps. Referrals are also welcome.

(A) 12/3/2015 Paideia Institute 2016 Summer Programs In Living Latin and Greek
The Paideia Institute announces summer programming in classics for 2016.  Paideia Institute programs provide intimate experiences of Latin and Ancient Greek language and literature among the most beautiful and inspiring sites of the classical world.  Paideia’s Living Latin and Greek programs feature the active use of Latin and Greek as spoken languages. Undergraduate and graduate credits are available. Alumni of Paideia Programs are eligible for the Paideia Rome Fellowship, a fully funded, year-long post graduate fellowship in Rome. For more information, or to request an application, visit the website www.paideiainstitute.org.

(E) 12/2/2015 Macalester Alum Phillip Sellew Lecture on the Oxyrynchus Papyri
Thursday, December 10, 2015 at 6pm: Philip Sellew, “Resurrecting Early Christian Lives: Digging in Papyri in a Digital Age,” in the John B. Davis Lecture Hall in the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center, Learn more about the lecture at this blog  or see this poster. And here’s a fun Radiolab podcast about it, and the Ancient Lives crowdsourcing website for anyone who wants to try their hand at helping translate the fragments!

(E) 11/30/2015 Three Local Documentaries about Iraq Premiering at Macalester Dec. 7
The Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project (IARP) will premiere three new short documentaries on December 7, 2015, 7:30 p.m., in the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center at Macalester College. The three new documentaries, written and directed by Twin Cities-based Iraqi refugees, are the latest installment of IARP’s ongoing Iraqi Voices initiative. See the Iraqi Voices press release here.

(S) 11/23/2015 Critical Language Scholarship, includes Arabic
The 2016 Critical Language Scholarship application deadline is 7:59 PM, Monday Nov 23, 2015.
The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program offers scholarships in fourteen critical foreign languages. The CLS Program is a program of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. It is a fully-funded overseas language program for American undergraduate and graduate students. With the goal of broadening the base of Americans studying and mastering critical languages and to build relationships between the people of the United States and other countries, CLS provides study opportunities to a diverse range of students from across the United States at every level of language learning.
The application is available online at:  http://www.clscholarship.org. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Center for Study Away, 651-696-6310

(I) 11/20/2015 World Without Genocide Internship
World Without Genocide, a nonprofit in Saint Paul, has an opening for a social media and graphic design intern. View the position description here.

(A) 11/16/2015 Summer Field School in Jordan
Institute for Field Research Global (IFR) offers a summer 2016 field school in Jordan, July 14 -August 18. The fee  includes credit via UCLA.  The $4650 fee also includes 1.5 days at Petra with a stop at the Dana Reserve camp, as well as trips to Jerash, the Desert Castles, Amman and Madaba’s archaeological park.  The fee does not include airfare. Learn more at their web site here.

(C) 11/16/2015 Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Symposium
The Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS) in Washington, D.C. invites undergraduate students to share their research on Greek 4th Century Literature or Latin Neronian Literature in a workshop setting at the Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Symposium, March 4-6, 2016. Students’ papers and videos of their presentations are published in the online Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Journal (ISSN 2373-5937). Application Deadline: December 11, 2015 Apply now at http://wp.chs.harvard.edu/chs-forms/surs/ For more information, please visit the Sunoikisis website.

(I) 11/16/2015 Metropolitan Council Urban Scholars Program
The Metropolitan Council is looking for students to participate their Urban Scholars Program. The program is a 13-week PAID summer internship and leadership development program for low income, students with disabilities, and/or students of color. The program will provide college students with a distinctive professional experience focused on gaining essential leadership skills, and creating career pathways to positions of influence in public service.
There will be a presentation / q&a session at Macalester Thursday, Nov. 19th at 4:45 pm, CC 215.
Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on November 30.

(J&I) 11/11/2015 Macalester Career Development Center Job & Internship Fair Info Sessions
Employers are reviewing resumes now! Attend an info session to learn all your need to know about the Job & Internship Fair. Now is also a good time to register to attend the Fair.

(R) 11/10/2015 Civic Engagement Center Project Funding:

  • The Davis Projects for Peace initiative allows students to spend the summer of 2016 carrying out a grass-roots project for peace, anywhere in the world. Receive $10,000 for your peace project. For information regarding the Projects for Peace application process, etc, see the Institute for Global Citizenship website. Applications are due 8am January 15, 2016.
  • Students are encouraged to apply for an Action Fund grant. Receive up to $1,000 to collaborate with community members on a project to fulfill unmet needs of Twin Cities’ communities.  Details and application information available on Civic Engagement Center website.

(I) 11/10/2015 The Global Internship Program, London, Los Angeles & New York
City Internships runs immersive career training programs for college students and recent graduates. They’re designed to expand participants’ horizons and get them job-ready. For each program, on top of hard and soft skill building at weekly career seminars, workshops and networking events, participants undertake an internship placement at one of our partner companies. Students and graduates develop real-world skills, build their professional network and fast-track their career.
Learn more about City Internships here.

(J) 11/04/2015 OATI Career Opportunities
OATI is an energy software solution provider located in NE Minneapolis. They are seeking entry-level candidates for all positions. They are looking for students across a wide variety of majors and interests.  For more details on career opportunities, see OATI.com. Available Positions at a glance: Administrative Assistant, Communication Specialists, Software Developers, Electrical Engineers, Customer Systems Analyst, Desktop Support Technician. Please email talent@oati.net or call 763.201.2026 with questions.

(J) 11/03/2015 Discover a Museum Career
The American Association of Museums posts national and international museum jobs in: Curating, Education, Development, Exhibitions, Marketing and Communications and more.
See Link: American Associate of Museums – Jobs and Career Resources

(E) 10/28/2016 Click here to view a note from the AIA-MN about several upcoming events, including these two on our campus:
A talk by Dr. Kate Grillo entitled “Ethnography and (Unexpected) Archaeology of Herding Societies in Eastern Africa,” on Friday, October 30, 4:00 pm, Neill Hall 226.
And Thursday, December 10, 2015 at 6pm: Philip Sellew (Macalester Classics alumnus), “Resurrecting Early Christian Lives: Digging in Papyri in a Digital Age,” in the John B. Davis Lecture Hall in the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center.

(J&I) 10/22/2015 Teaching/Education/Writing Jobs & Internships Bulletin from Macalester’s Career Development Career
Click on this link for a list of options provided by our CDC.

Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina offers a one-year master’s degree and teacher licensure program. The program has a merit-based scholarship package for  admitted students, with a resulting tuition of around $7,000 tuition for the entire program. Applications for the Master Teacher Fellows program are due on January 15, 2016. For more information about the program, see the web site at http://college.wfu.edu/education and/or e-mail Adam Friedman at amfriedman@wfu.edu.

(R) 10/21/2015: Macalester Community Public Art and Engagement Project
“Here and There: Bicycles in Recognition of Refugee Resilience” Join the Macalester community on Thursday, October 29th, in a one-day public art and engagement project recognizing refugee journeys from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria to seek asylum in Europe. Cycling across borders allows refugees to avoid bans on pedestrian border crossings, and to avoid prohibitions against: the use of public transit, and motorists transporting people who do not have visas. These refugee journeys end with a pile of confiscated bikes at the borders. You can participate by bringing your bicycle and lock to build our own bike pile. Just drop your bike off at Old Main Lawn between 8am and 10am on Thursday, October 29th.  Bikes will be monitored by IGC Staff and Campus Security throughout the day. Please contact Pia Mingkwan at pmingkwa@macalester.edu with any questions.

(G) 10/09/2015: Master of Arts in Management
The School of Business at Wake Forest University offers a 10-month Master of Arts in Management program.  Offering an on-campus information session on Wednesday, October 14th, Campus Center 204, 4:45-5:45 pm.