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Photo of a campus banner that reads "Congrats Mac Grads!"

Macalester College

Congratulations, Class of 2021!

Featured Stories

Photo of Diego Lopez Gutierrez


Five students talk about their senior capstone work

Student EMTs

Introduction to Macalester

Academics, student life, our values and more are all covered in our virtual viewbook

Upcoming Events

7PM | 06.02.21

2021 Online Reunion: The Grand Celebration: A Reunion Kickoff Event

An education that extends beyond campus

Students of the world

Our mission focuses on creating a culture of diversity and justice in an interconnected world. We explore cultural narratives and beliefs, build an inclusive community, and create spaces where everyone can grow. Coursework connects ideas across cultures and continents, preparing students to articulate ideas on a global scale.

Community of collaborators

With a 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio, Macalester professors and students dig into real-world issues to create dialogues that stem from curiosity and lead to deeper understanding.

Agents of change

Students bring a passion for effecting change and Macalester nurtures that passion. Because even small acts of advocacy can create big opportunities for creating positive change.