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Dino Extravaganza

It has all the makings of a great party: disco lights, glitter, pizza—and, naturally, dinosaurs.

Taming the Wild Beasts of Fermentation

Students see firsthand how microorganisms shape one of the world's biggest industries, during a visit with Surly Brewery founder Omar Ansari '92 five miles from campus.

Students look out at Crater Lake

Rock Detectives

Professor Alan Chapman's recent grant is introducing new students to the wows and wonders of geology.

What We Can Learn From Ancient Cities

What creates a cosmopolis? In one first-year course, students delve into global cities—past and present.

Outdoor Life

At Macalester, students don't need to leave the city to conduct summer research about plant survival and expansion.

How to make a perfect muffin

Ever wonder the secret to baking a perfect muffin? Chemistry professor Susan Green's "Food Chemistry" students are in the lab, determined to find the magic solution.

Musical Fictions

Professor Mark Mazullo's Musical Fictions course, cross-listed in music and English, involves reading and discussing novels with the aim of developing musical perspectives on them.

State of Macalester 2019

President Brian Rosenberg offered a brief perspective on the state of the college and answered questions from family members and other attendees.

Sun Tun '22 in Montana.

Discovering the Beauty of the Planet

By studying vertebrate microfossil bonebeds in Montana this past summer, Sun Tun '22 came face to face with prehistoric ecosystems and the great diversity of life.

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