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Students making scientific observations next to the Mississippi River in Downtown Minneapolis.

Why Macalester?

Things are different here

At Macalester, we combine a close-knit, welcoming community with the benefits of being in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Macalester students come from every state and 103 countries for an academic program ranked among the top in the nation where ideas and intellectual curiosity matter. Our philosophy of global citizenship and collaborative learning prepares students to have an outsized impact on the world.

Student Annie Fromson-Ho speaks about Macalester. Open Modal

Describe Macalester

It’s tempting to ask, “What’s a typical Macalester student like?” and we’re proud that there isn’t an answer to that question.

Describe Macalester

It’s tempting to ask, “What’s a typical Macalester student like?” and we’re proud that there isn’t an answer to that question.


Ratio of students to faculty members


Students who study away


Student clubs and organizations


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Aerial photo of the Macalester campus with Downtown Minneapolis in the background.
The Twin Cities

Location amplifies everything

The Twin Cities offer countless opportunities for Macalester students to actively engage in their education through community-based learning and real-world experiences.

Students carrying various national flags at a Commencement ceremony.
Global Citizenship

A thriving campus for all

Learning in an environment that draws students from around the world—103 countries and all 50 U.S. states—makes discussions richer, deepens our understanding, and prepares students for life after college.

Student volunteering at a construction site.
Outsized Impact

Dedicated to making a difference

Service to society is an important part of Macalester’s mission. Here, students actively collaborate with partners through community-based service, learning, and applied research.

Multicultural Life

Multiple perspectives build a more socially just world

The Department of Multicultural Life helps Macalester students engage and respond to the complexities of the national and larger international community.

International Student Programs

Supporting Macalester’s international student body by helping them reflect on their own identities, supporting their educational, regulatory, and personal development needs.

Multicultural Events

Speakers, workshops, retreats, and programming are intentionally designed for connections, critical thinking, and affecting change.

Students in front of the Leonard Center on an autumn day.

Visit Macalester

Interested in learning more about Macalester? Find the ways to experience our campus and get a better feel for what it’s like to be a student here.

Peter Bognanni
Peter Bognanni
As a student here, I found a lot of my classmates just as inspiring as the professors… I see that happening in my creative writing classes. I can tell the students, “Write your best work,” but as soon as somebody turns in a story that raises the bar, other people follow. There’s an amazing creative energy at this school that’s contagious.
Peter Bognanni ’01 Associate Professor of English