What is Title IX?

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law that provides that:

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

Essentially, Title IX is about reducing and removing barriers to the educational experience based on sex and gender discrimination.  Title IX includes equity in sports and educational programs as well as comprehensive sexual misconduct policies.

In accordance with Title IX, Macalester College does not discriminate on the basis of sex or gender in its educational, extracurricular, athletic, or other programs or in the context of admissions or employment.  The College prohibits all forms of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, sexual violence, and differential treatment.

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Macalester welcomes Timothy J. Dunn as Title IX and Bias Harassment Coordinator

Timothy J. Dunn has been named Title IX and Bias Harassment Coordinator at Macalester College with a start date of February 12, 2018. He has been at Trinity College since 2013 and was named Title IX Coordinator there in 2016.

Dunn will be a key member of the President’s team, and play a vital role to lead efforts across all divisions of the college to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements as it relates to Title IX and bias-related harassment laws and regulations. He will work collaboratively and proactively with campus partners to ensure the campus climate, both in and out of the classroom, is an inclusive, equitable, safe, and welcoming learning, living, and working environment.

His key responsibilities will be to:

  • Develop, deliver, and oversee college-wide Title IX and bias harassment training and preventive programming for college leadership, faculty, staff, and students.
  • Coordinate and ensure the timely completion of the College’s response and investigation of reports and complaints of sexual violence (including sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, sexual assault, stalking, intimate partner violence, and domestic violence) and bias-related harassment.
  • Provide vision and leadership around Title IX and bias-related issues, emphasizing compliance and education as the key priorities.
  • Oversee the College’s centralized review, investigation, and resolution of reports of sexual misconduct and bias-related harassment.
  • Oversee training for staff, faculty, and students involved in the reporting, investigating, and adjudication of sexual misconduct.
  • Oversee handling of all Title IX reports, complaints, and compliance with procedures and process of the College’s sexual misconduct policy. Identify and assess any patterns or systemic problems revealed by reports and complaints and ensure accurate recordkeeping and reporting.
  • Appoint and supervise Deputy Title IX coordinators, Title IX Bias & Harassment Team members, and Sexual Assault and Harassment Support Team members.
  • Supervise the Sexual Violence Prevention Program Coordinator, who oversees sexual violence prevention programming and outreach on campus.
  • Provide assistance to any college community member regarding how to report and respond to complaints of sexual violence and bias harassment.
  • Monitor policies and procedures to be in full compliance with federal and state statutory and regulatory requirements, timelines, and procedures, and
  • Develop policies and safeguards to ensure an inclusive, equitable, safe, and welcoming learning, living, and working environment. Ensure periodic review of campus climate and culture.

“The issues related to Title IX and bias harassment are some of the most pressing matters on college campuses,” said Dunn. “To facilitate the best possible educational experience, it is critical that these issues be handled with integrity and an unwavering commitment to fairness and equity, and a genuine desire to create an open, diverse, safe and inclusive campus culture. I feel privileged that Macalester has appointed me to further its goals and build upon the excellent work that has already been done. I look forward to arriving on campus and engaging with the Macalester community.”

Previously, Dunn was Director of Greek Affairs at Union College where he also taught law classes, and at the University of Hartford, he was Co-Advisor for Greek Life, Assistant Director, Residential Life and was an adjunct professor. He has also worked as a private practice attorney.

Dunn, who is originally from Texas, earned his law degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Law, and his bachelor’s degree from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Sexual Violence Prevention Working Group

SVPatMacLogo.jpgCreated in January 2016, this working group of students and staff assists the Office of Title IX & Equity in an annual review of the sexual misconduct policy and assists with campus planning and projects related to sexual violence prevention education efforts at Macalester. Questions about the working group can be directed to Title IX & Bias Harassment Coordinator Timothy Dunn at tdunn@macalester.edu.

Working Group Members

  • Timothy J. Dunn, Title IX & Bias Harassment Coordinator.
  • Marian Aden, Asst. Dir. of Residential Life, Residential Life.
  • Lisa Broek, Dir. of Health Promotion, Hamre Center for Health & Wellness.
  • Liz Schneider-Bateman, LICSW Mental Health Counselor, Facilitator of Because We Are Not Alone (BWANA) survivor support group, Hamre Center for Health & Wellness.
  • Marshall Mullenbach, Asst. Football Coach, Athletics.
  • Carrigan Miller ’19, Football Team member, Mac Weekly Staff Writer.
  • KP Blake-Leibowitz ’20, Student Health Promotion Team, Sexy Educator, Consent is Mac, Macalester College EMS volunteer.
  • Omi Strait ’20, Women’s Water Polo, MAX Center Tutor.
  • Tulsi Patel ’20, Student Health Promotion Team, Sexy Educator.
  • Peter Jarka-Sellers ’20, Men’s Cross Country Team.
  • Oliver Kamholtz-Roberts ’21.