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Reporting Process

Reporting to the College

Macalester College encourages anyone who has experienced sexual misconduct (sex or gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, dating/intimate partner violence, domestic violence, or stalking) to report the incident to the College so the College can investigate the report and take appropriate responsive action. An individual may provide a report to the College by contacting any of the following people:

  • Title IX Coordinator:  Laura Creech, [email protected], Humanities 115E, 651-696-6258
  • Interim Associate Dean of Campus Life & Deputy Title IX Coordinator: Angela Walker, [email protected], 119 Weyerhaueser Hall, 651-696-6220
  • Head Softball Coach & Deputy Title IX Coordinator: Jody Gabriel, [email protected], Leonard Center 90f, 651-696-6157
  • Associate Director of Residential Life-Student & Community Support & Deputy Title IX Coordinator: Jonathan Cardenas, [email protected], Campus Center 247, 651.696.6356
  • Co-Director, Civic Engagement Center & Deputy Title IX Coordinator: Ruth Janisch, [email protected], Markim Hall 309, 651-696-6645
  • Program Manager – Student Employee & Deputy Title IX Coordinator: Jaelynn Blenkush, [email protected], 651-696-6835

    You may also choose to report information to Campus Public Safety by calling 651-696-6555 or to other College employees (including staff, faculty, or student employees). It is important for you to know that–with the exception of confidential resources, explained below–all College employees who become aware of incidents or allegations of sexual misconduct have a responsibility to report the matter to the Title IX Coordinator.  

    Reports to the College should include as much information as possible, to enable the College to respond appropriately. Information provided to the Title IX Coordinator must include all relevant details, including the name of the individual reporting the allegation of sexual misconduct, the name(s) of the person(s) accused of the misconduct, other people involved in the incident, and the date, time, and location of the incident. Reports can be made by telephone, via email, or in person.

    Confidential Resources

    Some individuals may wish to keep their concerns confidential or are not prepared to make a report, but still want to seek information and support. Such individuals may speak with a confidential resource. Sharing with a confidential resource means that those communications cannot legally be disclosed to another person, without the consent of the person sharing the information. These confidential resources can be used as a resource for individuals regardless of whether the individual chooses to report to the College. View a list of the College’s Confidential Resources.

    Anonymous Reports

    The College will accept anonymous reports of sexual misconduct. Reports may be filed anonymously using the College’s anonymous online reporting form without requesting further action from the College. The individual making the report is encouraged to provide as much detailed information as possible to allow the College to investigate the report and respond as appropriate. The College may be limited in its ability to investigate an anonymous report unless sufficient information is provided to enable the College to conduct a meaningful and fair investigation.

    Find full details of reporting sexual misconduct to the College in the Sexual Misconduct Policy.