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Demons, witches, devils. Evil incarnate features prominently in English literature of the 1500–1700s.

The Art of Voting

A Macalester art course is using design to get out the vote.

What Did You Learn Today?

From butterfly facts to new breakdancing moves, students at Macalester share what they've learned during the course of one day.

All-Night Art

Alya Ansari ’19 helped build an award-winning new media installation for an all-night Twin Cities arts festival.

An Insider's Election Guide

Mac alumni and professors weigh in on how campaigns have changed—and how to make sense of it all.

Human Rights Career

From his London desk, Ezequiel Jimenez '13 supports Amnesty International offices around the world.

A Lineage of Chemistry Excellence

Students of professors Dennis Cao and Leah Witus are the academic descendants of a Nobel Laureate in chemistry.

Taking on a Devastating Virus

Kemal Kirchmeier learned to use a variety of tools to investigate the most common congenitally transmitted disease in the U.S.

Stem Cells and Congenital Heart Disease

Surprised by all the tools available at Macalester, Rosemary Cobb used stem cell research to investigate heart disease.

To Improve Modern Medicine

Malik Mays came to Macalester with the goal of jumping into research—and succeeded.

Being a Scientist, Being Yourself

Miranda Harris investigated the molecular side of viruses in a rigorous lab where science meets culture.

Mighty Mussels

This is the second year that professors and students at Macalester have studied freshwater mussels. What researchers learn about their stress levels has implications for river health.

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