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Mac's First Online Course

Gadget Guy

Our Four First-Years Grow Up

On finding a fit: During the fall of her junior year Kiah, who was already majoring in American studies, took—and loved—two education classes, that led her to add Educational studies as a second major.

Astrophysics in Belgium

While studying abroad, Ned Molter kept his eyes on the sky for star explosions.

Revitalizing Historic Sites

A Mac history class drew Natalie Heneghan ’15 (Cedarburg, Wis.) to a HistoriCorps summer preservation project in Wyoming.

Copper in Our Bodies

Richard Liang’s study of copper may increase understanding of Alzheimer’s.

Investigating Sickle-Cell Anemia

Dinesh Rathakrishnan believes research will make him a better doctor

Better Living through [Plant] Chemistry

From campus research to the Mayo Clinic, Julie Sun ’14 is using science to make a difference.

Investigating Iron in Cancer Cells

Burton Masem ’14 studied the effects of iron overload on ovarian cancer cells.

Captivated by Chemistry

Much to his surprise, Andrew Olinger ’15 found his intellectual passion in chemistry.

Tweeting from Libya

Ellen Noble ’13 analyzed tweets (over 7,000 of them) to explore the ways in which social media was used by Libyans to challenge the dominant hero-victim narrative of humanitarian crises.

Math and the Real World

Sara Staszak used math to address the detection of structural defects.

Becoming a Scientist

Alyssa Ashbaugh ’14 did research at the Mayo Clinic, a large research university, and a campus lab.

Passions and Requiems

A course cross-listed in Music and Religious Studies teaches unforgettable lessons of power and prayer.

When Majors Collide

Issa Ali ’15 found his computer science skills were highly applicable to biology research.

Death, Devastation & Math

Three years after taking an applied math class, two Mac students have their research published in a peer-reviewed journal.

The Year That Was

Macalester professors share perspectives on some of the top news stories of 2013.

December, 2013