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Why Geology at Mac?

Whether studying glacial lakes in Montana, the geochemistry of rocks in Minnesota, or dinosaurs in Madagascar, students in the Macalester Geology Department creatively examine the history and nature of Earth, frequently combining disciplines such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics.

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    In January, students and faculty from the Macalester Geology Department spent a few weeks exploring and conducting research in San Salvador, Bahamas. Check out the pictures!

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    Check out photos from the Department's annual Lacuna Bajada Picnic!

    Check out these videos made by our students!

    GeoClub's Farming Service Project and Fossil Beds in Nebraska over spring break 2014.

    Kristi Curry Rogers finally is getting a chance to show off her dinosaur in an exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota

    On February 8th, Jeff Thole hosted the Geological Society of Minnesota for a talk and laboratory event on 'Fossils'. Check out pictures!

    Forbes ranks Geology #7 of the 15 Most Valuable College Majors