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Macalester’s nationally and internationally recognized Geography Department, founded in 1947 by Hildegard Binder Johnson, is unusually broad in scope for an undergraduate liberal arts college. The department leads students through an exploration of urban and regional planning, environmental geography, cartography, geographic information science and socioeconomic development in various regions of the world. Students may major or minor in geography. Students may also take a specialized minor focused on Geographic Information Systems or major in geography with an additional concentration in Urban Studies.

The Geography Department Institutes a New Award!

Congratulations to the first recipients of the 2016 Crystal Globe Award for Distinguished Service to the Macalester Geography Department — Christina Morrison ’04 and George Latimer  details

2015 – Presidents’ 2015 Civic Engagement Steward Award

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Trump, tribalism and the end of American capitalism | Al Jazeera | December 15, 2017
Geography Professor William Moseley wrote this opinion. "In the rush to fulfil campaign promises and sate the greed of corporate backers, Trump and his Republican enablers are re-organising US tax policy in favour of the rich, gutting regulations and higher education, and ignoring long-standing norms and protections against conflicts of interest. This new-found, but fleeting, Republican power has been made possible by the party's condoning of a resurgent American tribalism known as racism."

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Meet Elyse Gordon: Dreamer, Geographer and Social Changemaker | Philanthropy Northwest | December 11, 2017
Elyse Gordon graduated from Macalester in 2008 and majored in Geography.

GOP tax bill: Social Darwinism makes a big comeback | Salon | December 5, 2017
Thomas Malthus’ vicious theory that the rich are moral, and the poor worthless, comes alive in the Republican tax bill. Geography Professor William Moseley was quoted.


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