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Macalester’s nationally and internationally recognized Geography Department, founded in 1947 by¬†Hildegard Binder Johnson, is unusually broad in scope for an undergraduate liberal arts college. The department leads students through an exploration of urban and regional planning, environmental geography, cartography, geographic information science and socioeconomic development in various regions of the world. Students may major or minor in geography. Students may also take a specialized minor focused on Geographic Information Systems or major in geography with an additional concentration in Urban Studies.

The Geography Department Institutes a New Award!

Congratulations to the first recipients of the 2016 Crystal Globe Award for Distinguished Service to the Macalester Geography Department — Christina Morrison ’04 and George Latimer¬† details

2015 – Presidents’ 2015 Civic Engagement Steward Award

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Our Department In the News

Shadow transit agency | CommonWealth | October 10, 2017
When these three transportation policy wonks talk, the MBTA listens. One of the three is Ari Ofsevit '06, a 33-year-old graduate student studying engineering and city planning at MIT. He lives in Cambridge, bicycles nearly everywhere, and seems oblivious to fashion.

GMO Crop Yields Uncertain in Warming Climates According to New Research | Triple Pundit | August 22, 2017
Geography professor William Moseley, whose research interests include political ecology, tropical agriculture, environment and development policy, and livelihood security, was quoted.

Why GMOs won't feed the hungry of the world but agroecology can | GM Watch | July 20, 2017
Geography professor William Moseley wrote the following peer-reviewed article which challenges the perennial myth that GMOs are needed to feed the world and says agroecology can do the job far better, but is starved of funds.


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