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Macalester’s nationally and internationally recognized Geography Department, founded in 1947 by Hildegard Binder Johnson, is unusually broad in scope for an undergraduate liberal arts college. The department leads students through an exploration of urban and regional planning, environmental geography, cartography, geographic information science and socioeconomic development in various regions of the world. Students may major or minor in geography. Students may also take a specialized minor focused on Geographic Information Systems or major in geography with an additional concentration in Urban Studies.

The Geography Department looks forward to hosting Sustaining Rural Systems: Rural Vitality in an Era of Globalization and Economic Nationalism, the 27th Annual Colloquium of the IGU-CSRS. The conference and field study will be held in July 2019.

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Crystal Globe Award for Distinguished Service to the Macalester Geography Department —  Greta Alquist ’07 and Fay Simer ’06

2018 – The Association of American Geographers
Honorable Mention for Bachelors Program of Excellence
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Our Department In the News

Fellows named to Chicago chapter of NLC | NLC | January 2019
Skyler Larrimore '12 has been named a 2019 New Leaders Council (NLC) Fellow for the Chicago chapter.

Introducing an urban geography field guide for St. Paul | Star Tribune | December 11, 2018
This commentary was presented by Prof. Dan Trudeau of Macalester College and members of his class: Julia Bayer, David Black, Ceren Julia Bayer, David Black, Ceren Dolma, Ellie Hohulin, Henry Nieberg, Luke Sageser and Michael Wood.hulin, Henry Nieberg, Luke Sageser and Michael Wood.

Understanding Rights in Transit | WNYC - FM | November 23, 2018
Kafui Attoh '06, professor of urban studies at the CUNY Graduate Center, spoke about the deep political connotations of "transit rights."


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