Meet the Student Workers

Leo KendrickLeo Kendrick '16
Job: Bikeshare Coordinator
Who I Am: I’m a senior Geology/Environmental Studies major from Minneapolis. My main sustainability interests include transportation (particularly biking) and food. I’m also an avid mountain biker and nordic skier.
Current projects: Winter bike storage, maintenance of the bikeshare fleet.
Goals: Collaboration with MacBike, increased bicycle use by Macalester students, and a more bike-friendly campus.

Becca Krasky '19
Who I am: I'm from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I've always been interested in environmentalism and conservation. I'm a probable Environmental Studies major but I'm also interested in Community and Global Health, International Studies, and Latin American Studies. On the weekends you'll find me riding my bike and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

""Emily Sylvestre '16
Sustainability Student Network Coordinator
Who I am: Greetings! I am a senior from Minneapolis studying Geography and Environmental Studies with an African Studies Concentration. I am interested in and passionate about food systems, climate justice and community activism but when I want to relax I love singing in the Macalester choir, biking, running, and this summer I was a canoeing and backpacking guide in Northern Minnesota and Canada. I am excited to start my fourth year in the sustainability office as the Sustainability Student Network Co-Coordinator.
Goals: I want Macalester to be a community leader and a laboratory of sustainability innovation. My goals for the world include acting on the climate crisis and addressing environmental inequality.

Shelby Witherby '18
Job: Sustainability Assistant - GHG Emissions
Who I am: I am a sophomore Environmental Studies major from Bloomington, MN. My main sustainability interest is renewable energy. In my spare time I love to go camping, climbing, and running. My biggest current project right now is calculating the Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the 2013-2014 year to see if we are on track to reach our Carbon Neutral by 2025 goal.
Goals: My goal for Macalester is to invest in more renewable energy sources (solar!!!) My goal for widespread sustainability is to make renewables more affordable and accessible, and have policy to push sustainable goals.