Meet the Student Workers

Leo KendrickLeo Kendrick '16
Job: Bikeshare Coordinator
Who I Am: I’m a sophomore Geology/Environmental Studies major from Minneapolis. My main sustainability interests include transportation (particularly biking) and food. I’m also an avid mountain biker and nordic skier.
Current projects: Winter bike storage, new bikeshare bikes, maintenance of the bikeshare fleet.
Goals: Collaboration with MacBike, increased bicycle use by Macalester students, and a more bike-friendly campus.

Emily SylvestreEmily Sylvestre '16
Sustainability Student Worker - Communications
Who I am: I am a sophomore Environmental Studies and Geography double major from Minneapolis, MN. I am interested in land cover change and land use change as they are influenced by climate change. In my spare time I sing in the Macalester Concert Choir, read books, canoe, run, bike, backpack, and duke it out with fossil fuel companies.
Projects: I write the newsletter and help plan and publicize outreach to the macalester community.
Goals: I want Macalester to be a community leader and a laboratory of sustainability innovation. My goals for the world include acting on the climate crisis and addressing environmental inequality.