The Sustainability Office Welcomes Vivian Mitnick; our Minnesota GreenCorps Member for 2015-2016!

Minnesota GreenCorps is a statewide initiative to help preserve and protect Minnesota's environment while training a new generation of environmental professionals. The program blends government resources with civic engagement as a means to encourage community action that will reduce waste,save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve water and air quality.
Vivian is a MN GreenCoprs Member currently serving here at Macalester College's Sustainability Office until August 2016. 
Vivian was born and raised in Venice, California. She misses the ocean, but is happy to be surrounded by so many lakes and beautiful greenery. She graduated from Beloit College in Wisconsin with a degree in Chinese Language and Culture and has a graduate certificate from the Johns Hopkins SAIS Hopkins-Nanjing Center in Chinese and American Studies  and concentrated in Energy, Resources, and the Environment.  She studied abroad during high school and college in Taiwan, China, and Indonesia. Vivian is passionate about sustainable urban planning, sustainable food, and environmental education. She also loves cooking, eating yummy foods, swimming, and traveling!

Meet the Student Workers

Becca Krasky '19
Who I am: I'm from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I've always been interested in environmentalism and conservation. I'm a probable Environmental Studies major but I'm also interested in Community and Global Health, International Studies, and Latin American Studies. On the weekends you'll find me riding my bike and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Shelby Witherby '18
Job: Sustainability Assistant - GHG Emissions
Who I am: I am a sophomore Environmental Studies major from Bloomington, MN. My main sustainability interest is renewable energy. In my spare time I love to go camping, climbing, and running. My biggest current project right now is calculating the Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the 2013-2014 year to see if we are on track to reach our Carbon Neutral by 2025 goal.
Goals: My goal for Macalester is to invest in more renewable energy sources (solar!!!) My goal for widespread sustainability is to make renewables more affordable and accessible, and have policy to push sustainable goals. 

Zach Malett '18
Sustainability Assistant - Transportation/Bikeshare/Communications 
Who I am: I am a sophomore Political Science major from Weston, CT. My main sustainability interest is transportation development, especially creating transportation systems which can compete with single occupancy automobiles as methods of commuting and general transportation. 

Gabrielle Rivera '17
Sustainability Assistant 
Who I am: I am a senior Psychology major/Hispanic Studies minor from Evanston, IL. As part of the sustainability team, my current projects involve working on the Real Food Challenge and in the MULCH garden. My main interests lie in environmental sustainability and food justice. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, running, and playing piano. 
Goals: I would love to see renewed productivity in the MULCH garden and build a stronger relationship between the Macalester community and our on campus garden. 

Que Nguyen '19
 Sustainability Assistant - GHG Emissions
Who I am: I am a rising sophomore from Hanoi, Vietnam. I plan to major in Environmental Studies but I’m also interested in Biology as well as Japanese. My main sustainability interests are renewable energy, waste management, and sustainable living. This summer, I am compiling data for Macalester’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions report for the fiscal year 2015-2016. I also help out with Free Swap and some other small projects.