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Students and Staff


Megan Butler
Sustainability Director

[email protected]


Megan received a Masters in Development Practice and a Ph.D. in Natural Resources Science and Management from the University of Minnesota. Her dissertation research focused on community-based natural resource management. She is passionate about creating bridges between research and practice through her work and brings experience with international development, renewable energy transition, governance, environmental education and conservation to her role as Sustainability Director. In her free time she enjoys distance running and volunteers as an english/spanish interpreter. Stop by the Sustainability Office to introduce yourself to Megan and talk about sustainability topics that excite you!

Ellen Gurrola
Sustainability Office Coordinator

[email protected]


Ellen has a Masters in Natural Science and Environmental Education from Hamline University. Prior to coming to Macalester she was a public school science educator for ten years. Ellen started at Macalester in April of 2022. She believes environmental justice is an integral part of social justice and is passionate about community building. Ellen is also a Ramsey County Recycling Ambassador and loves talking about sustainability initiatives on campus! Especially projects involving The Free Swap, 1550 Summit/The Free Swap Outlet, and mutual aid.

Minnesota GreenCorps Members

September 2023-August 2024

[email protected]


Zizanie has an M.A. in Germanic Studies.  She is interested in the connections between culture and environmental issues.  Her graduate work included courses in environmental policy and a focus on environmental justice.  Through the Resilient Communities Project at the University of Minnesota, she had the opportunity to work with the cities of Rosemount and St. Louis Park to help them expand renewable energy sources and move towards carbon neutrality.  Zizanie also worked for many years in Minneapolis Community Education.  She is passionate about these programs and maintains strong ties to the communities even when not working there.  In her free time, she enjoys dancing and all things artistic.

Blake Olson
October 2023-September 2024

[email protected]


Blake Olson received a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from St. Olaf College with an emphasis in Arts & Humanities. In his program, he focused on understanding the underlying narratives regarding the relationship between humanity and nature found in literature, film, and other media. Although his educational background was more humanities focused, he became passionate about pollution and waste management because these topics deal with immediate challenges and involve solving problems within our close communities. As a result, he enrolled in the Minnesota GreenCorps to start tackling these problems on the ground level. In his free time, Blake enjoys reading and writing poetry, video games, mushrooming, and nature walks. Come by the Sustainability Office if you want to chat about waste, environmental humanities, gaming, or just sustainability in general!

Student Staff

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