Meet the Student Workers

Sam Zieve ‘17
Job: Sustainability Office Coordinator & Communications Manage
Who I am: I am a senior from Seattle, WA with a Geography Major, Environmental Studies Minor and Urban Studies Concentration. My interest within the field of sustainability lies at the intersection between environmental and social justice. Specifically, how urban governance impact the ways in which cities are designed for environmentally positive and socially equitable futures. My position focuses on three core functions. First, the management and scheduling of student employees. Second, maintaining the structural integrity of and working to improve the institutional capacity of the Sustainability Office on campus. Finally, to help manage the office’s social media and communication platforms.

Shelby Witherby '18
Job: Sustainability Student Network Coordinator 
Who I am: I am a junior Environmental Studies and Applied Mathematics double major from Bloomington, MN. My main sustainability interests are renewable energy and environmental engineering. My work with the Sustainability Office focuses on planning and running the Sustainability Student Network (SSN) meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to create a collective space and community for everyone involved in sustainability work across campus through student organizations, student employment, and academic departments. In my spare time I love to go camping, climbing, and running.

Zach Malett '18
Sustainability Assistant - Transportation/Bikeshare/Communications 
Who I am: I am a junior Political Science major from Weston, CT. My main sustainability interest is transportation development, especially creating transportation systems which can compete with single occupancy automobiles as methods of commuting and general transportation. I currently keep the website updated!

Que Nguyen '19
 Sustainability Assistant - GHG Emissions
Who I am: I am a sophomore from Hanoi, Vietnam, majoring in Environmental Studies with a Biology emphasis. My main sustainability interests are renewable energy, waste management, and sustainable living. I am currently compiling data for Macalester’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions report for the 2015-2016 fiscal year to see how close we are to our Carbon Neutral by 2025 goal. When I am not looking at the computer screen, I can be found organizing Free Swap, the little corner in Kagin where you exchange stuffs for free.

Ian Gorrell-Brown ‘19
Job: Sustainability Office Assistant
Who I am: I am a sophomore Chemistry Major and Environmental Studies Minor. Environmental Justice, Public Health policy, and the ways in which these interconnect have become some of the most compelling fields for me. My duties as Sustainability Office Assistant are to work directly with Sustainability Manager  Suzanne Hansen to complete various tasks and formulate project proposals. This semester I will be working on creating a Residential Student-Sustainability Office partnership as well as coordinating between Facilities Services and Residential Life trying to minimize the energy consumption of the dorms.

David Weiss ’17
Job: Sustainability Assistant - Transportation & Bikeshare Coordinator
Who I am: I am a senior Environmental Studies major from Plattsburgh, NY. My emphasis within the Environmental Studies major is Environmental Science and I’m particularly interested in pollution remediation and the environmental health sciences, as well as limnology, and geography. In my free time, I enjoy biking, building bikes, camping, hiking, watching the NBA, and traveling. As a leader of MacBike, and the bike share coordinator, I’m working to promote cycling as an alternative to driving and make cycling as easy, convenient, and enjoyable as possible for our campus community. I’m also working more broadly to facilitate more efficient and environmentally conscious commuting and travel to Macalester faculty, staff, and students.

David Munkvold ‘17
Job: Sustainability Assistant - Energy Data Analysis
Who I am: I am a senior Neuroscience major here at Macalester College. I am very interested in computer science and sustainable behavior, and at the sustainability office I write programs to collect and visualize resource data. Im currently working on some ways to display data that will help the Macalester community recognize its role in the sustainability of our campus.

Eva Larsen ‘17
Job: Sustainability Assistant - Food Justice Coordinator
Who I am: I am a senior Biology Major and Environmental Studies/Geography Minor from Clifton, New Jersey. I am most interested in human-environment interactions, especially in the context of agriculture and food systems. At the Sustainability office, I work to facilitate cooperation between the Sustainability Office and Cafe Mac to achieve our Real Food Challenge 2020 goals.

Lydia Sulik ‘20
Job: Sustainability Assistant - Zero Waste Coordinator
Who I am: I am a first-year from Minneapolis, MN. I hope to major in Environmental Studies, though I am also interested in History and English. My sustainability interests include, but are not limited to, waste reduction, sustainable living practices, and environmental education. In my free time I enjoy hiking, playing piano, cooking, and reading. This year I am working on collaborative projects across campus to work towards our Zero Waste by 2020 goal. I hope to increase awareness on how to recycle and compost everything from Bon Appetit coffee cups to plastic bags on and off campus.  

Ana Diaz '18 
Who I am: Ana Diaz 18' studies Political Science and Hispanic Studies. Ana got her start in campus sustainability after working an entire year with data visualization of energy consumption with an environmental studies professor on campus. Whether it is understanding the individual psychology that leads students to act sustainability or learning about energy policy at the state level through her continuing projects at the nonprofit Fresh Energy, she is very passionate about understanding energy issues from start to end. Now, she is excited to learn about the ways in which the energy justice movement play a key role in transnational social movements. Ana enjoys going for long runs, playing Pokemon, and reading poetry. 

Dio Cramer '20 
Communications Manager 
Who I am: I am a first year from the Washington D.C. area. I am interested in sustainable design, specifically sustainable urban design. I am an artist with the firm belief that art and sustainability are connected in more ways than we imagine. I am working to improve the aesthetic and efficiency of the communications from the sustainability office. 

Alyssa Erding '17 
Sustainability Office and Zero Waste Assistant
Who I am: I am a senior Environmental Studies major from Bloomington, MN (fun fact: I went to highschool with Shelby!). I am really interested in zero waste and sustainable lifestyle choices, and have worked as a Community Outreach intern at Eureka Recycling and a Zero Waste Intern at Great River School. My goal for working in the Sustainability Office is to increase awareness of why zero waste is important not only environmentally, but socially and economically as well. I hope to also create some more effective tools for students and staff to know what is recyclable and compostable, and also how to take higher-up zero waste steps in their lives (such as bringing your own container for lunch or coffee, etc.). Outside of going crazy over zero waste, you can find me teaching or doing yoga, hiking and camping, reading great books, or delving into vegan cooking!