General Storage Information
Each residence hall has a storage room in which students may store personal items during the academic year. The residence hall staff maintains the storage room and designates hours at the beginning of the semester and at the end of the semester during which items may be placed in or taken out of storage.

General Storage Guidelines

  • The college and its departments assume no responsibility for personal items lost or damaged.
  • All items put into storage must have a label on them that states the student's name and other contact information.
  • Only the student whose name the items are stored under may store and retrieve items from storage.
  • Items that can be stored include Rubbermaid-type containers, suitcases, boxes that are sealed shut, stackable shelving unit that can be collapsed, defrosted refrigerators and computers in their original boxes.
  • Items that cannot be stored include the following: any type of furniture, shelving units, laundry baskets, garbage/trash cans, unboxed bicycles, carpet rolls, lamps and fans.
  • Items that are not picked-up in the Fall by September 15 will incur a $20 per box fine.  Study-Abroad students must pick-up their items by February 15 or will incur a $20 per box fine.
  • Anything left beyond the designated time to claim items at the beginning of the semester, will be considered abandoned property and will be discarded on May 1.  Students are storing at their own risk and have been made aware of the storage policy.  Residential Life will attempt to contact the student prior to discarding items.

Summer Storage Guidelines

  • Students are directed to store their belongings in the hall in which they student will reside in the fall. 
  • Students who live in the Language Houses, Eco-House, or the Grand Cambridge Apartments will store in the Doty Meting Room (lower level of Doty Hall). The Veggie Co-op will store in Kirk. Summit House residents will store in Dupre. 30 Mac will store in Bigelow.
  • Student planning on studying abroad may store their belongings in Turck Hall Study Abroad Storage.  Study-Abroad students may store four (4) reasonably-sized items. boxes in this area. Students are limited to storing four (4) reasonably-sized items, as space is limited,
  • Students living off-campus for the fall or who are on a leave of absence for the subsequent semester may not use campus storage.
  • Students living less than 350 miles from Macalester College will not be able to store items
  • Students will not be able to access their stored items during the summer.  Storage rooms will open on the first day of move-in for upper-class students.
  • For those storing in study-abroad storage until Semester II, students will not be able to access these items until Saturday before classes start on Monday.
  • There will be a designated preseason storage room for those students involved in any preseason activity in August which would bring them back early for the fall semester.  Students arriving for preseason must store in the preseason storage area. No other area will be opened early for fall semester.