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Macalester College Housing and Dining Contract

Please note- There are three contracts for students to sign. A full year, Fall only, or Spring only. Please sign the one that best reflects your needs.


This agreement, which is a legally binding contract between you and Macalester College, its trustees, officers, employees, and agents (“College”), established the terms and conditions of your occupancy in College Housing, whether in residence halls, College houses, or College apartments, and participation in the College Meal Services program. The Macalester College Student Handbook and Residential Life Policies are incorporated into and are a part of this contract and are likewise legally binding. You accept this legally binding contract by completing and electronically signing the Housing and Dining Contract. You understand that by residing in College Housing, you are assuming the risks associated with communal living and, as in any shared living environment, those risks include potential exposure to contagious viruses, including the coronavirus. You agree to release the College from any and all damages, liability, claims, expenses, or loss (collectively, “Claims”) resulting from or arising out of your use of space in connection with College housing, including those related to the potential exposure or exposure to contagious viruses like the coronavirus, and to indemnify and hold harmless the College from any Claims resulting from or arising out of exposure to a contagious virus or your breach of the terms and conditions of your housing contract. 

Electronically signing the online contract and application signifies your acceptance of the entire 2024 – 2025 academic year housing and dining contract, subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, including acceptance of the financial obligations for your housing and dining services. This contract establishes specific rights and responsibilities. Please read it carefully because failure to do so does not excuse you from complying with the terms, conditions, rules, policies and procedures contained herein. 

Important Dates for the 2024-2025 Academic Year

Pre-Semester – August 14-25, 2024

First Year Move-In – August 26, 2024*

Returning Student Move-In – August 31 – September 1, 2024

Fall Closing – Noon on December 19, 2024

Winter Break (including JTerm) – December 19, 2024 – January 22, 2025

College Services including Café Mac and Hamre Center Closed – December 21, 2024 – January 1, 2025**

Spring Move-In- January 21-22, 2025

Spring Closing- Noon on May 13, 2025

Spring Commencement Closing- Noon on May 18, 2025 

*Residents requesting to move into their assigned housing space prior to their contracted start date must submit a request to the residential life office.  Early move-ins are typically approved for university sponsored activities such as athletics, orientation, departmental training (Pre-Semester). International students may also be approved by contacting the Residential Life Office.  Early arrivals are approved based on housing availability.  If their assigned housing space is not available, approval for an early arrival may be approved based on housing availability. Please note that some campus services, including dining services, may not be in operation for early arrivals/move-in.

**Services are extremely limited on campus during this time. Any students who live on campus will need to organize their own meals and can expect Press 2, Public Safety, and some Open Pantry hours to be the limited resources available.

Meal Periods and Café Mac Dining Schedules

For students on the meal plan, Café Mac will be available on the dates below:

Fall Semester: August 26, 2024 – December 18, 2024

Spring Semester: January 21, 2025 – May 12, 2025

Residential Life does not manage dining. Questions about dining should be directed to Bon Appetit.

1. Housing Eligibility

To be eligible for housing in a campus residence hall or house, you must be an enrolled, full-time

student at the college. A student who is full-time is taking a minimum of 12 credits throughout the semester. Should a student withdraw from a course that puts them below 12 credits, the student will have 5 business days (from the day their credit load drops below 12 credits) to move out of their residence hall room and check-out. Moving and checking out means returning their key(s), removing all of their personal items (including in storage), and physically leaving the campus (unless they are on campus as a current resident’s guest, in which case they are subject to guest policy limitations). Students who fall below 12 credits and are still looking to live on campus must go through an accommodation process through the Center for Disability Resources.

If a student drops below full time and moves out of a residence hall during fall semester, their specific residence hall room will not be held for their return for spring semester. Students may not reserve a space to return to after their leave; Residential Life reserves the right to place another student in that vacated space. If a student is a first-year, sophomore, or has a year-long housing contract as a junior or senior, Residential Life will communicate with the student about their housing assignment for the spring semester. Additionally, Residential Life is not able to provide storage for a student during the period they check-out from campus housing and when they return on campus.

The time that the student is on leave for is counted toward their two-year live-on requirement. As an example, this means that a sophomore student who takes a leave in their second semester is not guaranteed housing when they return because their two-year obligation was completed at the end of their second semester, regardless of whether they were physically on campus at the time.

Students who return from leave and are still within their two-year period are still guaranteed housing and will be placed in housing, with consideration to any active accommodations in place. Students who return from leave and are still within their two-year period and do not want to live on campus anymore must go through the housing exemption process. Students who return from leave and are not within their two-year period and are interested in campus housing can go through the housing request/waitlist process.

In addition to the foregoing, the college reserves the right to deny housing to any individual for any lawful reason, including, but not limited to, (1) if the college reasonably believes that doing so is necessary to the safety, health and well-being of residents or staff, or that the denial is necessary or advisable to permit the college to carry on its functions, and (2) the individual seeking housing has been convicted of a felony which is related to the safety or security of residents, staff or property.

2. Dates

Housing for first year students will begin on August 26, 2024. All returning students can start moving-in on August 31 – September 1, 2024. Students participating in Pre-Semester can start returning back to campus on August 14, 2024. To be eligible for Pre-Semester housing, students must have a housing contract for Fall 2024 and be sponsored by a Macalester department. Special requests for early move-in prior to your allocated move-in slot the following will not be approved: Getting over jetlag, non-Macalester related events, transportation arrangements or prices, and error in scheduling. While this is not an exhaustive list, Residential Life reserves the right to deny or approve requests.

Residence Halls and Apartments are traditionally closed after 12pm on Thursday, December 19, 2024 – 9am on Thursday, January 2, 2025. Should a student need access to living on campus due to being an international student or a domestic student who has nowhere else to go can work with Residential Life to register for an exception to stay on campus. The deadline to register for an exception and more information about this process can be found on Residential Life’s website.

Students participating in January Term (J-Term) can start returning back to campus on January 2, 2025 at 9:00 AM. To be eligible for J-Term housing, students must have a housing contract for Fall 2024 or Spring 2025 and have a need to come back to campus early for a Macalester affiliated program (internship, sport, and/or work.) International students who also need J-Term housing would be eligible to stay on campus. Special requests for the following will not be approved: Getting over jetlag, non-Macalester related events, transportation arrangements or prices, and error in scheduling. While this is not an exhaustive list, Residential Life reserves the right to deny or approve requests. More information about this process can be found on Residential Life’s website.

All students not participating in Commencement will need to move out by noon on May 13, 2025. If a student is documented as volunteering, working, or participating in Commencement, they are allowed to stay until after finals. Students participating in Commencement will need to move out by noon on May 18, 2025. 

3. Dining Plan Dates

Dining Plans A-C and the Commuter Plan will be available during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break, move-in days, and during the regular academic semesters. The dining plans will not be available during winter break or J-Term. Please note, an additional plan may be required to purchase to participate in J-Term housing.

Dining plans can be changed until Validation Day (aka Last Day to Add/Drop a Class) is resolved – per the Academic Calendar. While Residential Life does not manage dining plan decisions, meal plan changes can be requested at [email protected].

4. Room and Board

The student shall pay Macalester College for the residence hall room and dining plan fees for the 2024-2025 academic year. Room and board charges are added by semester. 

Room charges per year are as follows:

Language Houses and Eco House – $8,559.00 

Grand Cambridge Apartments – $9,448.00

All other residence hall rooms – $8,304.00

Dining charge per year is $7,456.00

A dining plan is not required for residents in the Language Houses, Eco House, Grand Cambridge Apartments, Summit House, Veggie Co-op and Dietary Affirming Intentional Community as these spaces are considered “off-board” areas. A Commuter Plan is available for purchase for students living in off-board residence halls and students living off-campus. 

The Commuter Plan charge per Semester is $975. 

5. Fees and Cancellation Schedule

First-year students and second-year students are required to live in on-campus housing and cannot cancel or terminate a housing assignment unless the student is no longer attending Macalester or they have been approved for a housing exemption.

Returning third- and fourth-year students are eligible to cancel their housing agreement and may cancel prior to checking in or occupying a residence but would be subject to a cancellation fee according to the schedule below.  The cancellation must be submitted in writing to Residential Life at [email protected]

Cancellation Fees:

For Fall Semester:

Through April 1, 2024: no fee

April 2, 2024 – May 12, 2024: $250

May 13, 2024 to June 12, 2024: $500      

June 13, 2024 to July 31, 2024: $1000

August 1, 2024 to checking-in: 50% of fall semester room   

For Spring Semester:

Prior to the first day of classes: $800

After August 1, 2024, but prior to checking in, returning undergraduate residents who cancel their agreement will be charged 50% of the Fall Semester’s room. A resident is considered checked-in when a Macalester staff member has given them their key for their fall assignment.

Students with a housing assignment who fail to check-in and occupy their room by the first day of classes or fail to make arrangements for late arrival will have their assignment canceled. Students will be billed 50% of that semester’s room and board (Fall or Spring). 

Students canceling their housing assignment to participate in a study away program will not be charged a cancellation fee. A refund of any previously charged room and board will be made only after confirmation of a study away program has been made.

Any students who have checked in (as outlined above) and cancel their contract for any reason will be charged the remaining room and board for the semester. 

This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the student and Macalester College pertaining to all housing and dining assignments for the fall and spring semesters of 2024-2025. 

6. Request for Release from Contract

You may request that the College release you from this agreement without further financial responsibility. The College may approve or decline any such requests in its sole discretion, but generally will not approve a request unless: 

A. You withdraw from the College; 

B. You are dismissed from the College for academic reasons; 

C. You graduate from the College; 

D. You are participating in a study abroad program or a studying out of state; 

E. You get married; 

F. You are called to active military duty 

G. You take a Leave of Absence and have supporting documentation to prove an inability to pay the difference of room and board due to financial reasons.

To request a release from this agreement, you must submit an online Request for Release of Contract form and documentation of the reason for the request, such as documentation from the registrar or a marriage license. A committee of staff at Macalester across different departments will consider your request and provide you with a release of contract, if approved. If approved, the college will refund a student according to the college’s refund policy. The Request for Release of Contract form, including the committee representation, will be available on Residential Life’s website by June 1, 2024.

The College may request additional documentation to consider your request. Release from your agreement is not guaranteed, and the College has discretion whether to approve or decline requests. If your request is approved, the College may charge you a cancellation fee and you will be responsible for paying prorated amounts due under this agreement based on the day you officially check out of your housing. If you move out of campus housing early without an approved contract release, you will be responsible for paying all remaining amounts due under this contract.

7. Cancellation of Agreement by the College:

The College may cancel this agreement at any time if any of the following occur: 

A. You become ineligible for residency under this agreement, including if you are no longer an enrolled student at the College or enrolled for fewer of the 12 credits; 

B. You fail to pay any amount owed under this Contract when due; 

C. You violate, or the Contract has reasonable cause (under a preponderance standard) to believe that you have violated, any term of this Contract, or any College rule, policy, regulation or directive; 

D. Your residency puts the safety, health or well-being of residents or staff at risk; 

E. You have a proven criminal record/demonstrative behavior that your presence in the College housing may provide an unreasonable risk to yourself or to others in the College community, including students, faculty, and staff, or to College property. 

If the College cancels this agreement you will receive written notification by email and/or by letter which will provide a date by which you must vacate College housing, and you agree to vacate your housing by such date. In the case of a serious violation, or a reasonable belief that an imminent threat exists to safety, health or property, you may be required to vacate immediately. If you fail to vacate the property as directed, you may be evicted. In such an event, you agree to pay the College all costs and expenses incurred in the eviction, including attorney fees regardless of whether legal action is commenced. 

If this contract is canceled by the College, you will be responsible for paying all remaining amounts due under this contract. If amounts have not yet come due under this contract, such as in the case of a payment plan, the College may accelerate these amounts and require that you pay them immediately. 

8. Personal Property

The College provides limited storage in College housing. Storage is limited to all international students and any student that lives 400 miles or more away from Macalester College Campus. All students utilizing storage must have a future housing assignment (Fall or Spring). 

Students accept a level or risk when using college storage. Storage areas are not temperature controlled spaces. Students should refer to their own insurance policies to determine whether their items are covered in community storage locations. It is suggested that students do not store items of significant value.

Prohibited items in storage closets: furniture, carpets, flammable items, chemicals, food, bicycles, or any item prohibited in the housing contract. 

All Macalester College furnishings must remain in your assigned apartment/room/house unless written permission is obtained from the Office of Residential Life or Center for Disability Resources, or Facilities Services. You agree not to move any furnishings from common areas into your room.

House and apartment residents may hang pictures and other personal items, but you must use a minimum number of small nails or other hardware. Nails may not be used on any doors. Residence hall residents may not use nails to hang items anywhere. Blue painters’ tape and command hooks may be used to hang items, but you are responsible for removing any adhesive residue left on walls, doors, or floors. You are responsible for the cost of any repairs necessary to fix damage caused by hanging items on walls. You may not paint or make alterations to your room, apartment or house. Televisions cannot be mounted on walls. 

9.  Residence Hall Safety: 

The foundation of the College’s Safety Program in the residential halls is a partnership between the student and the College. The College has responsibility for maintaining a reasonably safe environment which may include such things as: working door locks, fire alarms and extinguishers, and education and awareness programming on issues of safety. 

The student has a similar responsibility: to be aware of potentially dangerous interpersonal situations, to lock doors, and to report strangers and unsafe or damaged equipment. 

Any student user of Macalester facilities or services is required to comply with the Campus Security Act and Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000, including registration with appropriate State Agencies. Failure to comply with the requirement may jeopardize one’s status as a Macalester student. 

10.  The Student Shall: 

Pay the associated housing and dining fees for fall and spring semesters. Checking into a residence space, accepting a room key and/or completing a room inventory contract, constitutes a contractual agreement subject to the fees and terms of the semester. 

Pay for damages to the premises and for damages to or loss of College-provided furniture, keys, and fixtures therein, as determined by Residential Life staff. Apartment, house, and room keys and access cards are the property of the College and may not be duplicated. You agree to immediately report the loss of any key or access card to the Office of Residential Life or another authorized College staff member. If your key is lost, you will be charged a $112 lock change fee. If your access card is lost, you will be charged a $5 fee. You may not share or lend your key or access card to any individual. You agree to pay the College a $112 fee and could be charged with a policy violation if you are in possession of another person’s key. All questions about access cards should be directed to Macalester Public Safety at 1-651-696-6555. Situations which involve excessive damage to public space within a community, the College may elect to common bill all residents. 

11. Insurance and Liability

The College’s insurance does not cover your possessions or protect you from claims and liability from any damages that you may cause or that may occur from natural causes. The College strongly advises that you obtain personal (renter’s) insurance against such eventualities. Subject to the exception below, you agree to release the College and its agents, officers and employees from any and all liability for personal injury, death or property damage resulting in any way from the condition, maintenance, or operations of College Housing, or any other act or omission of the College, its agents or employees. You further agree that the College and its agents, officers and employees shall not be liable to you, or your guests for personal injury, damage, death or loss of personal property resulting from fire, smoke, rain, flood, environmental problems, water leaks, hail, ice, snow, lightning, wind, explosions, criminal acts, appliance malfunction, insects, rodents (or other pests), and interruption of utilities, or any other cause. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this paragraph shall reduce or release liability for conduct by the College and/or its agents, officers and employees that constitutes greater than ordinary negligence (such as intentional, willful or wanton acts, or gross negligence). \

Refrain from repeated acts or practices which unreasonably disturb the other occupants of the dwelling and/or violate College or Residential Life policy. 

Maintain the premises in accordance with the Macalester College Rules and Regulations as set forth in the Macalester College Student Handbook and Residential Life publications. In living situations which include public or shared space, such as bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc. the students assigned to that space shall be both jointly and individually held to maintain cleanliness standards as determined by the College’s Facilities Management staff. Failure to do so may result in cleaning charges or room reassignment or both. 

Understand that Macalester College is not responsible for lost or damaged personal property. Residents are encouraged to insure personal property. 

Uphold the Information Technology Responsible Use Policy. Student understands this policy and agrees to abide by it. The Student understands that Computing and Information Technology policy statements govern the support they can reasonably expect, and agrees to abide by these policies as well. 

If you breach or fail to follow any of the terms of this agreement, you agree to pay all costs and expenses, including attorney fees, incurred by the College enforcing its rights, including an eviction, or collecting amounts owed by you under this agreement, regardless of whether litigation or other formal proceedings are commenced, and including all costs and expenses, including attorney fees, incurred enforcing any judgments entered by a court. he room and would be placed elsewhere

12.  Macalester College Shall: 

Maintain in good working condition any and all furniture and appliances provided by Macalester College. Install and maintain in good working order locks on all doors leading from living units to the hallways. 

Provide screens, storm windows, window shades and/or curtains on all windows in each unit. Paint interiors of all dwellings and exteriors as needed. Maintain the premises in compliance with the applicable municipal codes and state health and safety regulations. 

The College accepts responsibility for providing the above-mentioned items except where damage has been caused by the malicious, willful, or irresponsible conduct of the student or a guest of a student. 

13. Apartment/Room/House Entry by College Staff

The College has the right to enter the dwelling unit of the student owned/operated/leased by Macalester under the following stipulations and understandings. The College in turn agrees not to enter or allow anyone under their charge to enter the dwelling in cases other than those mentioned below, or outlined in the Macalester College Student Handbook: 

To make necessary repairs or maintenance at any time between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., unless otherwise arranged by the student at a time convenient to both the College and the student. 

In emergency circumstances when imminent danger to life, health, safety, or property is reasonably feared, or where emergency entrance is permitted by law. 

In circumstances when it is believed that violation(s) of Residential Life and College Policy are taking place. 

Residential Life staff will conduct a general inspection of all student rooms during scheduled break periods. 

14. Emergency Closure of College Housing

The College reserves the right to, in its discretion, close, suspend or alter all or parts of its campus, including College housing, or to cancel or curtail services, including meal services, if it believes that the closure is necessary or advisable to protect the safety, health or well-being of students, residents, staff and/or the community, including, but not limited to, in the event of (i) war; (ii) natural disasters; (iii) credible threats or acts of civil disobedience, terrorism or similar acts; (iv) public health events, including epidemics and pandemics; (v) federal, state or local government advisories recommending person’s self-quarantine, shelter-in-place, not travel or avoid assemblies; (vi) actual or anticipated curtailment or interruption of transportation facilities; (vii) civil disturbance; (viii) peacetime emergencies or disaster declarations; or (ix) any similar causes or act of God. If the College elects to close College housing, temporarily or for the duration of the school year, you agree to vacate College housing as directed. The College will attempt to provide advance notice of any closures as reasonable under the circumstances but is not required to provide advance notice in emergency circumstances. The College may allow individual residents to remain in housing during such a closure on a case-by-case basis, such as if a resident is unable to travel to their permanent residence. The College’s decision to allow other residents to remain on campus does not grant you a similar right to remain in the event of a closure. You agree that if you are required to vacate College housing, temporarily or otherwise, or if any services are canceled or curtailed, under this provision you will remain responsible for paying all remaining amounts due under this agreement and you will not receive any refund of amounts previously paid. 

15.  Consolidation of housing space: 

In an effort to house all registered students requiring on-campus housing, the college retains the right to consolidate housing space through an assignment or reassignment process. Any vacancies that remain, including those in partially occupied doubles, triples, quads, suites, houses or apartments will be used to consolidate residents or to house wait listed, readmitted, or new transfer students. The furniture in the vacant room should remain as you found it. We will notify students of new room or roommate assignments as they occur. You can view any new roommates on your 1600 grand housing and dining portal.  If you receive a new roommate, please create a welcoming environment both in the physical space and within your interpersonal interactions during the move-in process. Please note, there is not an option to deny a roommate, suitemate, or housemate in the event there is an unoccupied bed in your room, suite, house, or apartment. 

By signing this contract, the student understands that Residential Life has the right to implement any additional housing policies so long as it is deemed proper and for the good of the student body. Nothing contained in this contract shall be construed to waive or limit the protection of the student body under any statute of the State of Minnesota or ordinances of the City of Saint Paul. 

For any questions regarding policy or statements made in this contract, contact Residential Life or consult the Macalester College Student Handbook.


2024 – 2025

ALL STUDENTS LIVING IN A RESIDENCE HALL ARE REQUIRED TO BE ON A MEAL PLAN. Meal plans for apartment and house residents are optional.

This document supplements the terms and conditions of participation in the college meal services program as described in your Housing and Dining Contract and describes current dining options and locations. Those options and locations are subject to change as the College needs dictate.

Café Mac


Breakfast 7:30-9:00 a.m.

Lunch 11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Dinner 5:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m

Saturday and Sunday:

Brunch 10:00 am – 1:30 pm

Dinner 5:00-7:00 pm

Grille-Campus Center: 

Accepts: Meal Swipe, Flex points, Mac Money, Credit Card

Monday – Friday: 7:30 am – 10:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am -10:00 pm

Meal Swipe options at the Grille:

  • Breakfast:  Monday – Friday: 7:30 am – 10:30 am
    • An item from the bakery display, a bagel, oatmeal or a yogurt w/beverage & piece of fruit
  • Dinner: Monday – Friday: 8:00 pm-10:00 pm
    • Limited Cafe Selections
  • Bag Lunch: Monday – Sunday: 7:30 am – 10:00 pm
    • Choice of sandwich (ham, turkey or peanut butter & jelly) w/chips and a beverage; Beverages – Minute Maid juice, Small Coffee, Tea or Coke product

Nessie’s Mediterranean-Lower Level of Campus Center:

Accepts: Meal Swipe, Flex points, Mac Money, Credit Card. Credit card/Mac money

Monday – Friday: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Meal Swipe Options

  • Lunch – Halal menu featuring flavors of Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and surrounding Middle Eastern cultures. Build your own bowl and beverage.
  • Beverages –Minute Maid juice or Coke products

2nd Floor Grill at Campus Center


Bread + Pickles in the Leonard Center Athletic Building

Monday – Friday: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Meal Swipe Option

  • Build your own sandwich OR wrap

Coffee Cart in Janet Wallace Atrium:

Monday – Friday:  8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Meal Swipe Options

  • Specialty coffee drinks + grab and go items


Declining balance dollars work similar to a bank checking account with some significant differences highlighted below. Every time you make a food or meal purchase, the total cost of your purchase is subtracted from the dollar balance in your account.


The default dining plan is A. Returning students may change their Fall Semester meal plan from Plan A to B, or C anytime after Housing Selection in the spring through Validation Day (aka Last Day to Add/Drop a Class) in fall semester is resolved – per the Academic Calendar. Plans A, B, and C all cost $3,728 per semester; and $7,456 per academic year.

New first-year students are assigned to Plan A for fall semester.  They may change to Plan B or C, spring semester.

All students may make meal plan changes until Validation Day (aka Last Day to Add/Drop a Class) is resolved – per the Academic Calendar (this includes refunds).


  1. Log into 1600grand
  2. Locate the Student Life tab, select Housing and Dining Self-Service.
  3. At Housing and Dining Self Service, select Dining from the menu square at the top of the page.


If approved, it will be on a prorated basis beginning the day the resident officially checks out of their room.


This contract is for the entire academic year or the portion of the academic year remaining at the time the application is signed. Generally, you cannot cancel your contract. However, please see your Housing and Dining Contract for additional information.


May be found on the Dining Services website:


Fall semester meal plans begins on August 26, 2024 and ends on December 18, 2024

Spring semester meal plans begin on January 21, 2025 and end on May 12, 2025.


To determine which meal plan is best suited for you, consider your lifestyle preferences. Do you enjoy eating more traditional meals a few times a day or prefer smaller meals or snacks throughout the day? Are you a big breakfast eater or do you find yourself snacking late at night? Will you be off campus for specific times when you would want to take food with you?

Our meal plans are designed with varied proportions of all-you-care-to-eat meals and flex  dollars. The block portion of each meal plan represents the number of all-you-care-to-eat meals available for use per semester at Cafe Mac. Only the owner of the plan can use these meals. Students have the flexibility of using a different number of meals each week. The Flex dollars portion of the meal plan is for use at any of the dining locations on campus.


Meal swipes can be used to access Cafe Mac and at each of the other foodservice locations.

Dining Plan A – 19 meals per week, 100 flex points, 5 guest meals

Dining Plan B –  14 meals per week, 225 flex points, 5 guest meals,

Dining Plan C –  10 meals per week, 300 flex points, 5 guest meals

A dining plan is not required for residents in the Language Houses, Eco House, Grand Cambridge Apartments, Summit House, Veggie Co-op and Dietary Affirming Intentional Community. 

New first-year students are assigned to Dining Plan A for fall semester.  At the beginning of spring semester, all students may change their dining plan to A, B, or C.

  • Meal counts reset early Sunday morning before breakfast.
  • Unused meal counts each week are lost.
  • Additional flex dollars cannot be purchased.
  • Flex dollars must be used by the end of the semester. They do not carry over to the next semester or into January.
  • Dining Plan A, B and C includes 5 Guest meals each semester that can be used at all times and all locations. Tell the checker you want to use a guest meal to avoid a second weekly meal taken by mistake. The Commuter dining plan does not have guest meals.
  • Double Swipes: Students may use two meals during one period at two different Satellite locations. The exception is that Cafe Mac can not be used for the second swipe during the same meal period. Two swipes in the same location are not permitted except for the use of a guest meal. The Commuter dining plan does not have guest meals.
  • Want to take your meal from Café Mac outside/another location on campus? Ozzi is your answer and can fit the equivalent of (2) meals. Re-entry to the café is not an option during the same meal period.
  • Each student will receive (1) Ozzi container at the beginning of the semester. Please go to the grill to redeem your token OR first container, you will swipe your ID card for this one time transaction.
  • We politely ask that no Café Mac plates/mugs/cups/silverware leave Café Mac.