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Current Students

Living On Campus

Room and Board Costs for the 2022-2023 academic year:

Residence Hall Room – $7518.00 yr; $3759.00 per semester.
Language House Room – $7748.00 yr; $3896.00 per semester.
GCA Apartment Room – $8554.00 yr; $4277.00 per semester.
Required Board Plan: $6482.00 yr; $3241.00 per semester.

Move-In for Returning Students

Dates: August 28 – August 30

Details regarding the specific move in instructions will be posted and shared with returning residential students during the summer. If you are part of a pre-approved pre-semester group (i.e. fall sports team, selective student leadership groups), please wait for information from your group leaders/coordinators during the summer regarding your move-in details.

Returning to Campus Spring 2023

Students living on-campus in Spring 2023 may return up to 2 days before the start of the spring semester. Spring semester begins on January 19, so students living on campus can arrive starting on January 17 at 9am.

All Spring meal plans will resume on January 19th.  

Apply Now for Spring 2023 Housing

Students who are currently off campus and are interested in campus housing for Spring 2023 can apply to be considered for any vacancies on campus. Please fill out the housing waitlist to be considered.

If you are coming back from studying away, you can also apply to live in Summit House

All applications are due by November 22. Residential Life will send out offers on November 23, so please watch your Emails. You can reach out to Residential Life by phone or Email with questions or to remove yourself from our forms.

We encourage you to consider off campus housing as a backup plan. A good place to get started is Macalester’s Off-Campus Living website.

Important Dates

– November 22: Deadline to apply for Spring 2023 housing

– November 23: First round of offers go out

– November 28: Deadline to accept offers

– November 29: Second round offers go out

– December 2: Deadline to accept offers

All Gender Options

Students may select bedrooms regardless of sex or gender in the following upper-class housing areas: GCA, GDD, Kirk, Wallace, 30 Mac, Bigelow, Language Houses, Veggie Co-op, and Summit House. Below is information for All Gender bathrooms.

  • Single-use common area bathrooms are All Gender.
  • Kirk Hall multiple-use bathrooms are designated All-Gender, Male only  or Female only. Dupre Hall has a multiple-use All-Gender bathroom on 2nd floor, beginning Module 5 Dupre will have multiple-use All-Gender bathroom on each floor.  Doty Hall first floor has an multiple-use All Gender bathroom.
  • Multiple-use bathrooms on co-ed floors in Dupre, Turck, 30 Mac, Bigelow, Wallace  are designated male only or female only.
  • Single gender floors in Bigelow and Doty Halls have a corresponding single gender bathroom.

All Gender Community for sophomores, juniors, and seniors: This community is in section 4 of Kirk Hall with an all gender bathroom. Students apply to live in this space in advance of room draw. Since the All Gender Community is campus housing all Residential Life and College policies apply.

Kirk Section 4 has room for 10 residents: Three double rooms, a triple room and one single room. Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors may live in the All Gender Community.

The All Gender Community is an inclusive community that welcomes all gender identities.  Our community’s goals include empowering, supporting, and valuing personal identity exploration and expression.  All Gender Community residents are required to attend a community meeting in April where residents begin to plan and shape their community for the upcoming year.

Details about the All Gender Community including the application and deadline can be found on the Language and Specialty Houses webpage. Responses will be evaluated and notifications will be sent out at a later date. Contact the Department of Multicultural Life for more information about the Kirk section 4 All Gender community.