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Seasonal Housing Information

Closing 2023

All residence halls close on May 9th at noon. Graduating seniors and students involved in commencement operations can stay until May 14 at noon. 

Other closing details will be updated following room draw.

Break Information

Detailed break information has been sent directly to students from their Residence Hall Director via email. The full email is linked here.

Thanksgiving Break:

On-campus housing will remain open throughout Thanksgiving break. College offices including the Residential Life professional staff offices will be closed from Wednesday, November 23 through Sunday, November 27. 

Winter Break:

Macalester College will be closed December 17th at noon. The College will resume normal business hours starting January 3rd.

  • You are required to move out of fall-semester housing 24 hours after your finals are done. Given the last final is on December 16th, all students must move-out by noon on Saturday, December 17, 2022. This means you should bring home all important items such as: legal documents, valuables, medications, winter gear, your keys and Mac Pass.
  • Students are responsible for making their own housing accommodations over the winter break period. There will be no exceptions to this as the College will be closed during the break period. We highly recommend using this time to reach out to community members (roommates, floormates, and community members) to see what resources are available. 
  • Last meal for the Fall 2022 academic year is Dinner on December 16th, 2022. 

January Term (J-Term):

To be eligible for J-Term housing, students must have a housing contract for Fall 2022 or Spring 2023 and have a need to come back to campus early for a Macalester affiliated program (internship, sport, and/or work). International students who also need J-Term housing would be eligible to stay on campus. J-Term housing will begin on January 3rd at 9 am and all students who live on campus during J-Term will be required to buy a meal plan for 25 meals ($282). 

How do I check-in for J-Term?

  • Check-in will look a little different from past years. You can start arriving as early as 9 am on January 3rd. You will check-in virtually once you arrive on-campus. As soon as you arrive on campus, you will fill out this form. Once you have filled out this form, you have officially completed our check-out process!
    • You will also receive this form in an email one business day prior to your tentative check-in date. This email will be from Residential Life.
    • It will be important for you to fill out this form upon your arrival. This information will be shared with Residential Life Professionals as well as Public Safety.
  • Special Exceptions- If you are a resident in any of our residence halls, apartments, houses, or cottages, and have exhausted all of your resources for housing during the dates of J-term, please contact the Residential Life office for a J-Term special request approval by October 31st, 2022. Please give us a detailed explanation as to why you would need a special exception.
  • Special requests for the following will not be approved: Getting over jetlag, non-Macalester related events, transportation prices, and error in scheduling. While this is not an exhaustive list, Residential Life reserves the right to deny or approve requests.
  • Staffing will be very limited during J-Term housing. You will still be able to check out items from the hall office, but during limited times. There will also be a professional staff member available should you need anything! Normal programming will resume when the classes start. If you need any assistance, you can always contact Public Safety 24/7, 365 days a year. Their phone number is 651-696-6555.

Spring Semester Opening:

Students living on-campus in Spring 2023 may return up to 2 days before the start of the spring semester. Spring semester begins on January 19, so students living on campus can arrive starting on January 17 at 9am.

All Spring meal plans will resume on January 19th.  

General reminder about safety

  • Do not let those you do not know into the residence halls
  • Report any safety or facilities concerns to Public Safety at 651-696-6555
  • Do not prop exterior doors
  • Mac Stays Safer Community Commitment is still in effect during breaks in addition to all other College & residence hall policies. These include but are not limited to courtesy & quiet hours
  • If you choose to leave, please leave your room in a safe and secure manner:
    • Lock your door
    • Close all windows (both interior & exterior)
    • Turn off your lights
    • Take out your garbage & recycling

Need assistance

If you need emergency assistance, please call Public Safety at 651-696-6555. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. RA staff will continue to be on duty from 7 pm-8 am Monday through Friday evenings and 24 hours on the weekend. Please save your halls RA On-Call number in your phone.

Spring Break

On-campus housing will remain open throughout Spring Break.