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Break Housing Information

  • Spring Closing 2024

    Wondering how to properly check-out of your space? Please Review our Bulletin Boards. These will be posted in your community and near the RL main offices. RAs will also host Community Meetings with additional closing information. Please reach out to your RA or RHD should you have specific questions.

    All residence halls close on May 7 at noon. Graduating seniors and students involved in commencement operations can stay until May 12 at noon.

    Storage: Each residence hall has a storage room in which students may store personal items during the academic year. Students that live greater than 400 miles from campus may store a limited number of boxes to their fall assignment hall over the summer. The residence hall staff maintains the storage room and designates hours at the beginning of the semester and at the end of the semester during which items may be placed in or taken out of storage.

    Students may store a max. of four 20x20x20 sized cardboard boxes or reasonably sized trunks/bins (all must be sealed/shut/tight lid)

    Appointment Slots for Storage 

    Please check out the Storage Appointment Across Campus document. This includes all the RHD information and includes the storage appointment slots.

    The times listed above are the only times you will be able to check-in your room key and/or place your items into storage. This also includes folks who will be staying with us past the 7th for Commencement activities.

    Dining Information:

    Last day of traditional meal plans (A-C and Commuter Plans) – May 6th.

    Senior week/ Commencement meals occur May 7th – May 12th.

    Staying Late Special Requests:

    Special requests for the following will not be approved: Getting over jetlag, non-Macalester related events, transportation arrangements or prices, and error in scheduling. While this is not an exhaustive list, Residential Life reserves the right to deny or approve requests.

  • Summer 2024

    Transitional Housing and Summer Housing is available starting on May 12th at noon until July 31th noon.

    Transitional housing is only available from May 12th – 17th. Residents can pay the daily rate of $20 per day. On May 18th, all students will need to move into Summer Housing in Dupre Hall. No Exception.

    Summer housing will be hosted in Dupre Hall starting on May 18th. You may stay in your current housing space until May 18th. It will be important to continue packing up your current space as we need everyone to move out on the 18th prior to 4:30pm. You will be required to move over to Dupre Hall, no exception.  If you are unable to move into your Duper Summer Housing space by 4:30pm, you will receive an improper checkout fee.

    *Summer Dupre housing will not be available until May 18th. 

    Residents are required to pay the of $20 per day in addition to the summer meal plan. You are must choose from the following block plans

      • 50 meals for $621

      • 100 meals for $1,244

      • 150 meals for $1,868

    Dining will be available from Breakfast, May 28th – Dinner, July 26th. Please note, Cafe Mac may be closed on Memorial day (May 27th), Juneteenth (June 19th) and 4th of July (July 4th) or have limited hours during these days. Plan accordingly. Plan accordingly.

    Student are required to be on the meal plan unless they have been exempt from the meal plan by the Housing and Dining Plan Exemption Committee. You can express interested in getting exempt by filling out the Housing and Dining Plan Exemption Form for Summer. Please note, CDR accommodations for the dining plan do not fall under Summer Housing/ Dining.

    Summer Programming info:

    Summer programs must occur within the eight week summer housing period and must be Macalester affiliated.  Summer housing check-in is May 18th, 2024  at 9am checkout is noon on July 31, 2024. If for some reason, you need an extension on this date, please reach out to Residential Life 5-7 business days prior to move-out.

    There will be Summer Assistants that can assist with lockouts, general questions, and provide potential programming opportunities. There will be office hours in which you can stop by and get your questions answered.

    All students must depart by July 31st, 2024 at noon. 

    Late Stays:

    Should there be an extreme circumstance, in which you need to stay longer than July 31st, please reach out to Residential Life. We will be approving these case by case situation. You will need to reach out prior to July 15th to inquire more about late stays.

    As per the housing and dining agreement- special requests for the following will not be approved: Getting over jetlag, non-Macalester related events, transportation arrangements or prices, and error in scheduling. While this is not an exhaustive list, Residential Life reserves the right to deny or approve requests.

    Any requests to stay longer that have been approve by a Residential Life Professional Staff Member for July 31st- August 14th, you will need to be flexible with your move-in date. The daily rate will be calculated based on the number of days you will need to stay from July 31st- August 14th X $20. ($20 per day)

    You may have only 24-48 hours to move out of your Dupre Hall space into your permanent Fall 24 housing space during the July 31st – August 14th time period. No Exception. If you are unable to move out within the 24-48 hour time period, you may receive an improper checkout fee.

    Applications for summer housing will close midnight, April 15. 

    Applications reviewed the week of April 16th and assignments will go out on April 19th.

    If you are interested in applying for Summer Housing, please fill out the Summer Housing Application.

  • Winter Break 2024-2025

    While residence halls will continue to be closed generally to students during winter break, those who live in a Residential Life space during an adjacent fall and/or spring semester and do not have another place to go can request an exemption to stay on campus over the break at no extra charge. This does not change the normal operations of campus, meaning that dining services will remain closed and places like the Hamre Center, Leonard Center, and Campus Center will maintain their regular winter break hours and student access. Each student staying on campus during this time will have access to a kitchen in their residence hall, and the Open Pantry will offer food resources to those who need them. Additionally, all students have 24/7/365 access to the Press 2 counseling* and Press 3 access nurse** support, whether they stay on campus, go home, or use the winter break to travel somewhere different.

    Students who do not have another place to go during Winter Break are eligible to register for an exception for on-campus winter break housing. During fall semester, there will be a registration on your 1600Grand to be able to register for an exception to live on campus. On this application, please explain why you need to stay on campus during winter break. Only two Residential Life staff members – the Executive Director of Residential Life and Assistant Director of Residential Life – Residential Services – will review your explanations for why you need to live on campus.

  • Safety Reminders for Breaks

    If you need emergency assistance, please call Public Safety at 651-696-6555. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. RA staff will continue to be on duty from 7 pm-8 am Monday through Friday evenings and 24 hours on the weekend. Please save your halls RA On-Call number in your phone.


    • Do not let those you do not know into the residence halls
    • Report any safety or facilities concerns to Public Safety at 651-696-6555
    • Do not prop exterior doors
    • Mac Stays Safer Community Commitment is still in effect during breaks in addition to all other College & residence hall policies. These include but are not limited to courtesy & quiet hours
    • If you choose to leave, please leave your room in a safe and secure manner
      • Lock your door
      • Close all windows (both interior & exterior)
      • Turn off your lights
      • Take out your garbage & recycling