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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Common Housing Terms

    Gender Inclusive Housing – Spaces that allows students the option to live with other student(s) regardless of sex, gender, and/or gender identity and have access to gender-inclusive bathrooms.

    Single Gender Housing- Specific spaces on campus that fall under the gender binary: male & female. Bathrooms in these spaces are designated as either men’s or women’s restrooms..

    LGG – Language Houses, George Draper Dayton Hall, & the Grand Cambridge Apartments

    KVS – Kirk, Veggie Co-Op, & Summit House

    D/T – Doty & Turck Halls

    30BigWallCC – 30Mac, Bigelow, Wallace, Culture House, & Cottages

    Dupre – Dupre Hall

  • What size are the mattresses? Can I loft/de-loft my bed?

    All beds are twin-sized, extra-long (the dimensions are 36″ x 80″). We recommend purchasing extra-long twin sheets.

    Lofting beds are available in Dupre, Wallace, and 30 Mac.

    Bunking beds are available in Bigelow, Doty, Turck, Dupre, Wallace, Stadium, Language Houses, Summit House, and the Cottages.

    There is no bunking or lofting available in Kirk, GDD, or GCA.

    If you are interested in lofting your bed and would like a loft kit, please fill out our Loft Kit form.

    For details about the different options available for beds in each hall, please contact your Residence Hall Director found in the About section.

  • What is my address? How does mail work?

    1. How does mail work?

    All mail and packages should be addressed* as follows:

    Students first name, middle name, last name
    1600 Grand Avenue
    St. Paul, MN 55105

    (*Please do not put your (or your student’s) physical hall address down for mail.)

    Your student can receive snail mail or packages and should pick up their mail from the Campus Center.

    2. Can I order GrubHub, Uber Eats, or other food delivery services to my hall?

    You can use your physical hall address whenever you’re ordering food. Please note, delivery drivers cannot come into the halls. Students will need to meet them in the lobby to retrieve their food or groceries.

    3. Can I ship packages prior to move-in?

    You can start sending items after the first week in August! Mailing Services has the information you need. We are asking folks to be mindful of shipping larger items (like futons or fridges.) Please contact Mailing Services for more details.

    4. Can family and friends send care packages to students?

    Students are always happy to receive care packages at the student post office. They will receive a notice to pick-up packages at the front window in the Post Office during normal business hours. If you choose to order a cake, a special treat, flowers, or anything perishable for your students, please contact Macalester for more directions on if this is possible.

    Again, please do not have any items shipped to the physical hall address. Food delivery would be the only exceptions.

  • I need a special housing accommodation. What should I do?

    We have some great partners on campus that can help you with housing accommodations!

    If you’re looking for specific spaces (singles, temperature controlled rooms, door bell or bed shaker instillations, etc.) Please contact the Center for Disability Resources.

    CDR will work with Residential Life to meet the requested accommodations or determine an alternative solution.

    If you are looking for specific housing spaces due to religious needs, please reach out to the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life (CRSL.)

    CRSL will work with Residential Life to meet the requested accommodations or determine an alternative solution.

  • What about food service on campus?

    Bon Appetit  is our dinning services provider.  The main dining area is Café Mac, located on the first floor of the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center.

    Dining plan options are also available in the Campus Center at the Atrium Market upstairs in the Campus Center, Nessie’s in the lower level of the Campus Center, and at Scotty’s in the Leonard Center.   All new students are placed on Plan A –  19 meals per week with 100 flex points and 5 guest meals for fall semester.

    After fall semester all students may choose from the three dining plan options, however the cost is the same amount for all plans.  More information about dining service at Macalester.

  • Can I park my car on campus?

    Contact Public Safety for more information about parking on campus.

  • Is there student storage space on campus?

    Each residence hall has a storage room in which students may store personal items during the academic year. Students that live greater than 400 miles from campus may store a limited number of boxes to their fall assignment hall over the summer.  The residence hall staff maintains the storage room and designates hours at the beginning of the semester and at the end of the semester during which items may be placed in or taken out of storage.


    Students may store a max. of four 20x20x20 sized cardboard boxes or reasonably sized trunks/bins (all must be sealed/shut/tight lid)

  • Are there substance-free living options on campus?

    Fourth floor of Wallace 4 is the designated Substance Free Affirming Community.  Sophomores, juniors, and seniors that select to live in this area agree to refrain from the use of alcohol and illegal drugs while living in the hall.  First year students may request to be paired with a roommate that prefers to live on campus without the use of alcohol or illegal drugs by noting it on the Special Requests/comments line when they complete the Housing and Dining Agreement  preferences section.  Residential Life will honor these requests whenever possible within the limitations of our residence hall accommodations.

  • For Parents: What should I do if I would like additional information?

    We encourage you to visit the Parent FAQ for additional information about academics, health and wellness, safety and security, etc. We’ve also developed a Residence Hall Guide for Parents/ Support Systems on Residential Life’s website.

    Please note, there are limitations as to what we can disclose to you about your student. We highly encourage you to have your student contact us via email or phone. 

    If you think you are worried about your student’s health or safety, please contact Public Safety (651-696-6555.)

  • Where can I find important phone numbers?

    Phone numbers and other contact information for faculty, staff, departments, etc. may be found in the Macalester College Directory or by calling 651-696-6000.

  • How Can I Change Rooms?

    Room Freeze will be from December 6th, 2023 – February 1, 2024.
    On February 1, 2024 at 9:00 am, the Room Concern Resolution form will reopen.
    The form will close on February 29th, 2024 at 9:00 am.

    For more information, please visit the Residential Concern Resolution Form

    You can always contact your RHD to talk through a potential room change.

  • Where are the all the gender inclusive spaces? What about the single gender spaces?

    Starting in Fall 2023, we will use an all-gender campus housing model. This gives students the option to reside and live with other student(s) regardless of sex, gender and/or gender identity, and have access to all-gender bathrooms. Additionally, this model supports our gender needs and allows Residential Life to have facilities and a program that is rooted in universal design. While the majority of our residence halls and buildings will be all-gender housing, there will be some floors and spaces that will have gender-specific spaces and bathrooms. All students will be able to select the housing arrangements that best fit their needs and live in a safe and comfortable living environment. We have developed a bathroom inventory to indicate where single gender and gender-inclusive bathrooms are in the residence halls. Please reach out with any specific questions you may have.

    Please note that the following spaces will be available for students wanting to live in single gender spaces:

    Doty Hall (First year students)

    5th & 4th floors- Female floors

    3rd floor – Male floor

    Bigelow Hall (Upper Division) 

    3rd  & 2nd floors- Female floors

    Basement floor- Male floor



  • How do I take a Leave of Absence?

    If you are interested in taking a leave of absence, please contact [email protected]. Here are some important points to consider about housing when taking a leave of absence (LOA.) 

    During a leave of absence, students MAY NOT:

    1. Live in College housing or leave any belongings in your current living space. You must vacate your space and return your keys prior to your leave. 
      • Please note that you are not guaranteed your previous living space when taking a leave of absence.
      • You may not use on-campus storage spaces during your LOA duration.
    2. Have a campus mailbox.

    Other important information: 

    • A student on leave should also contact Residential Life if the student plans to return to campus housing. You will need to be assigned to a housing assignment if you are a sophomore. You will need to do this at least 5 business days prior to your arrival on campus. If you are a junior or senior, please reach out to the Residential Life Team for housing availability.