Macalester College

Healthy Lifestyles Community Agreement

24 Hour Quiet/Chemical Free Environment


Residential Life supports those students who wish to take an active and positive approach to where they want to live during the academic year at Macalester College. Many students choose not to use alcohol, tobacco products, and other drugs. These students would like to live in an area where other students are making similar lifestyle choices and value a quiet/chemical-free environment.


Students living in a chemical-free area agree to refrain from the use of alcohol or other drugs within the Healthy Lifestyles Community dorm rooms. Although the consumption of alcohol is not permitted for persons under the age of 21, we acknowledge that underage drinking does occur on college campuses and actively look to educate students as well as hold students accountable for actions of theirs that negatively affect others. Students living in a chemical-free area wish to avoid the problems associated with alcohol and drug use, and therefore agree not to use alcohol or drugs in their dorms. Students living in this community also realize their choices off-campus impact their return to their community and actively work to not have any behaviors be disruptive to the community.


As a member of the Healthy Lifestyles Community, a chemical-free, smoke-free, quiet environment, I agree to live in a community that abides by and values the standards listed below throughout the academic year:


1.       In support of a chemical-free environment, I will not be in possession of, use, manufacture or distribute alcohol anywhere in the community regardless of my age. Also, I will not be in possession of, use, sell, distribute, cultivate or manufacture illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia.

2.       In addition to the above, it is my responsibility to refrain from the use of alcohol or other drugs within the premises of the Healthy Lifestyles Community. I realize that my off-campus choices can and do affect my community. Alcohol usage often accompanies disruptive behaviors in a community including but not limited to loud noise, vandalism, and messes in the bathrooms, and I will not have any of my off-campus choices inadvertently affect my community.

3.       I will refrain from smoking any substance in the residence hall at all times so as to promote a healthy environment for everyone to enjoy in the community. This includes but is not limited to tobacco, hookah pipes, and marijuana.

4.       It is my responsibility to be considerate of others at all times. A quiet community and quiet hours are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I agree to keep noise to a reasonable level to allow others to live and study in an academic environment. Producing noise, which includes but is not limited to loud talking, TV, video games or playing music that may disturb other residents, is something I will be always aware of so as not to disturb others in the community.

5.       If at any time of the day or night the noise becomes unreasonable to me, I understand that it is my responsibility to speak to those responsible for the noise. In turn, if someone speaks to me about noise that I might be making, I will be considerate and respond accordingly to his or her reasonable request.

6.       I will work to promote a healthy living environment by keeping the community clean and sanitary.  This includes, but is not limited to, such behaviors as cleaning up all messes I make in the kitchen and lounge, washing my hands after using the restroom, and not leaving trash in common areas.

7.       I am responsible for my behavior as well as the behavior of my guests while living in the 24-hour quiet and chemical-free community. I will inform my guests about the Community Standards to ensure that they abide by these standards.

8.       If I (or my guests) are found to be in violation of this agreement, I will be advised by a staff member verbally and/or in the form of written documentation. I understand I may be required to meet with my Residence Hall Director to discuss my behavior and the measures I will need to take to abide by the Community Agreement. I understand that sanctions may be imposed as a result of violations of this agreement and could include but are not limited to formal warnings, educational sanctions, probation, and/or removal from the Chemical-Free/24-Hour Quiet community.


Please copy in hand writing the following paragraph and sign below:


I have read and agree to abide by the guidelines of the Healthy Lifestyles Community Agreement. In doing so, I will refrain from drinking and smoking, producing, manufacturing, and distributing elicit drugs within the premises of the Healthy Lifestyles Community. I will also ensure that my choices and actions off-campus or outside the Healthy Lifestyles Community will not affect my fellow residents. I am also aware that this is a 24 hour/7 days a week quiet community and I will ensure that my activities do not disturb others.




















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