The Residence Hall Association provides opportunities for residential students to become involved in improving the quality of residence hall experience by providing an open forum for student feedback, funding for event programming, as well as giving residential students a voice. It encourages student leadership, creates deepened opportunities to build community within the residence halls, and provides opportunities for student engagement, learning and development in accordance with Macalester’s core values.

The Residence Hall Association Leadership Board includes the following positions: Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, Events Coordination Chair, and Program Board Liaison.

In addition to the Leadership Board, The Residence Hall Association also consists Hall Representatives, representing each Residence Hall On-Campus. Together, the Association works to advocate on behalf of all Residential Students, examine policy, coordinate social programming, and much more.

Why RHA?
RHA can be instrumental in developing both leaders within and out of the halls. It focuses significant attention towards the promotion of stronger residential communities throughout Macalester’s campus through social and educational programming.
The Residence Hall Association also advocates on behalf of students’ wants and needs during their time living on-campus. Through a healthy budget of just over five thousand dollars, RHA sponsors social and educational programs for the entire Macalester Community and/or specific residential communities.
Although the Residence Hall Association is a rather new organization here at Macalester College, nationwide, RHA serves a crucial role on thousands of campuses.
Keep exploring the Residence Hall Association as it continues to develop and don’t be afraid to get involved as part of the Leadership Board or become a Hall Representative!