Student Staff

Civic Engagement Center
Markim Hall, Third Floor
651-696-6030 (fax)

Academic-Year Hours
Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m.
Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Summer Hours
Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Friday, 9 a.m.-noon
  • JohnStarkJohn Stark '16, Issue Based Organizer, Arts for Social Change. Stark is from Grinnell, Iowa and is a Theatre Studies (and possibly Educational Studies) major.“I’m jazzed to learn more about the Twin Cities and the powerful artists that call the Twin Cities home.”
  • RachelSwansonRachel Swanson '15, Issue Based Organizer, Spanish Language Opportunities (Fall). Swanson is from Lexington, Kentucky and is an Anthropology and Hispanic Studies double major and American Studies minor. "I can't wait to get to know the Twin Cities and their wonderful non-profits more!"
  • Laura-LevinsonLaura Levinson '14 , Issue Based Organizer, Immigrants and Refugees. Levinson is from Denver, Colorado and is a Sociology major and Dance minor. "I'm excited to work collaboratively with a new team of people! CEC social events are destined to be bumpin' this year."
  • Hannah-TrostleHannah Trostle '15, Office Assistant (Spring). Trostle is from Outing, Minnesota and is a Classics major and Political Science and Hispanic Studies double minor. "I'm really excited to return from study abroad in Spain and see how the CEC has continued to grow with new issue-area coordinators and new volunteers."
  • Abbie-ShaineAbbie Shain '14, Lives of Commitment Coordinator. Shain is from Bordentown, New Jersey and is majoring in Religious Studies and Creative Writing. "Lives of Commitment has been a huge part of my college experience and I'm excited to jump into the deep end as the Student Coordinator. Also, those wheely chairs are pretty beast."
  • Luciano-GuzmanLuciano Guzman '16, Issue Based Organizer, College Access. Guzman is from St. Paul, Minnesota and is currently undeclared. "I am VERY excited to work with underrepresented students by exposing them to Mac. I want them to know the importance and accessibility of a college education!"
  • Mieke-MonaghanMieke Monaghan '15, Office Assistant (Fall). Monaghan is from Portland, Maine and is a Psychology major and German and Statistics double minor. She is excited about "getting to know different people, programs, and places in our community."
  • Rachel Ozer-BearsonRachel Ozer-Bearson '16, Issue Based Organizer, Youth & Tutoring (Fall). Ozer-Bearson is from El Cerrito, California and is an International Studies major and Hispanic Studies minor. "I am very excited to work with other students passionate about civic engagement and learn more about the many volunteer opportunities in the Twin Cities."
  • Jennie KimJennie Kim '15, Issue Based Organizer, Youth & Tutoring (Spring). Kim is from San Ramon, California and is a Psychology, American Studies, and Educational Studies major. "I'm excited to work with new and old volunteers and help people find what they really want out of their civic engagement experience. And, of course, planning Kidsfest!"
  • Julia GayJulia Gay '16, Issue Based Organizer, Economic Justice. Gay is from Cleveland Heights, Ohio and is an American Studies major. "I'm really looking forward to getting out into the community for site visits."
  • Issa AliIssa Ali '15, Issue Based Organizer, Health. Ali is from from Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a Computer Science major.
  • Li GuanLi Guan '15, Issue Based Organizer, Environment and Sustainability. Guan is from from Shanghai, China, and is a Environmental Studies and German major. She is excited about "reaching out to environmental orgs in the twin cities andddd.... the coffee in Markim hall first floor!"
  • Hannah JohnsonHannah Johnson '14, Youth and Tutoring (Community Based). Johnson is from Olympia, Washington and is a Sociology major and American Studies and Educational Studies minor. "I'm excited to get to know a lot of really great people who are doing great things."
  • Ariel EstreallaAriel Estrella '15 , Bonner Program Coordinator. Estrella is from Richmond Hill, New York and is an English major and American Studies minor.
  • Lindsey SmithLindsey Smith '16, Office Assistant. Smith is from Corvallis, Oregon and is majoring in Linguistics and International Studies. "I'm excited to be a part of volunteering at Mac and help out where I can."
  • Analiese SigelkoAnaliese Sigelko '14, Issue Based Organizer, Global Justice. Sigelko is from Madison, Wisconsin and majoring in International Studies. "I am eager to foster interactions between the International Center, CEC and Sustainability Office to create an environment that helps students maximize learning and personal growth from their abroad experiences."