Video and Audio Services

Video and Audio

  • Studio and on-location recording of classroom lectures and special events
  • Camcorders and video recording / playback equipment loans
  • Off-air recordings
  • Video and audiotape duplications
  • VHS standards conversion (from/to foreign TV standards)
  • VHS and S-VHS Video editing
  • Mini-DV mom-linear editing
  • Videoconferences / satellite downlinks / educational program via satellite
  • Public Address systems
  • Technical support / maintenance and repair

Support for Podcasting

Podcasts provide another way to communicate with the broader Macalester community via the Web. For example, College Relations is currently producing two audio series, Faculty Talks and Guest Speakers. Anticipating more requests for producing these kinds of broadcasts, Information Services and College Relations have developed the following policies and procedures. Following these procedures will ensure that podcasts are well made and properly archived:

  • Contact College Relations (Barbara Laskin at, x6451) to request that a speaker or event be recorded with the intent to share with a wider audience. (Note: the College will not distribute a recording of any campus speaker or event without the event coordinators having obtained written permission from the speaker.)
  • College Relations works with Media Services to schedule the digital recording.
  • Media Services gathers permission clearances and other descriptive data about the event and creates the master digital file. A copy of file and related data is deposited with the College Archives.
  • College Relations posts the podcast on the Web.
  • Support for podcasts in courses is provided by the Academic Information Associates.

Contact College Relations or Brian Longley in Media Services at x6379 if you have any questions about the podcasting process.

Prices for Materials and Services

  • Standard T-120 VHS tape (2 hour length) 3.00
  • S-VHS T-60 tape 7.00
  • S-VHS T-120 tape 9.00
  • mini-DV digital videotape (60 minute) 5.00
  • DVD-R disc with paper sleeve (16X, 120 minutes, 4.7GB storage capacity) 1.00
  • DVD-R disc with slim jewel case (16X, 120 minutes, 4.7GB storage capacity) 1.50
  • Maxell C-90 Audiocassette (90 minute length) 1.75
  • CD-R with paper sleeve 1.00
  • Audiocassette duplication (tape cost not included) 1.00 
  • CD duplication (cd cost not included) 4.00
  • Audio recording of on-campus speaker – one copy 8.00
  • Audiocassette or CD mailed to off-campus address (includes duplication, postage & handling) 5.00 
  • VHS duplication (tape cost not included) 1.00 
  • DVD duplication or conversion (dvd cost not included) 4.00 for first copy
    • 2.00 for additional copies
  • Videocassette or DVD  mailed to off-campus location (includes duplication, postage and handling) 10.00 
  • Off-air or off-satellite recordings (includes tape cost) 5.00 
  • On-campus video recording – “talking Head” format/one camera Operator provided, 1 – 2 hours (includes tape) 12.00 
  • On-campus video recording – complex activities such as Performances and/or two camera set-ups Operators provided (includes tape) 25.00
  • Off-campus video recording (simple one-camera, includes tape) 35.00 
  • Off-camps video recording (complex, includes tape) 45.00 
  • Editing – cuts only, one master tape, 30 minute program 20.00 
  • Editing – w/ special effects & titles, 30 minute program 35.00 
  • Titles (up to 5 pages) 2.00 
  • Satellite downlink – feed to single room (one tape) 15.00
  • Satellite downlink – non-Macalester client / one tape 35.00

• See office staff for current prices

All materials must be paid for with cash or check when picked up, unless a department account number is to be charged