Residential Life


Move-In 2014

Welcome New First Year and Transfer Students.  Welcome International Exchange Students.  Welcome back Returning Students.

We are preparing our residence halls and staff to provide you a safe and comfortable home on the Macalester Campus.  We're ready to build an exciting, rewarding, living and learning community with you.  

Check-in opens at 8:00 AM on Thursday, August 28th for new students moving into the Residence Halls. Orientation activities are planned for August 28th through September 1st.  Trunk storage opens for students that have shipped personal items to campus.  Card Services located upstairs in the Campus Center is open 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM ready to create a Mac ID card for you.  

Returning students may arrive beginning Saturday, August 30th at 9:00 AM. 

Check-in hours at hall offices:   Saturday, August 30,  9am - 5pm and 8pm - 10 pm;   Sunday, August 31,  10am - 5pm and 8pm - 10 pm;  Monday September 1, 10am - 5pm and evening check-ins contact RA on-call.                      

Storage out hours:  Saturday 9am - 11am, 1pm - 3pm and 8pm - 10pm;  Sunday 1pm - 3pm and 8pm - 10pm;  Monday 1pm - 3pm and evening hours by request.

Classes begin on Tuesday, September 2, 2014. 

Preseason 2014 - August 15 - August 27.  Some students are approved to return to campus for athletics, orientation, and other preseason activities.  Staff and Faculty that are approved to bring students to campus during the preseason period should submit their list of names to Residential Life by April 30, 2014. Students should arrive on the date approved by their supervisor. Directions for preseason check-in will be emailed to students in early August. 

Housing Calendar 2014 - 2015

Fall 2014

August 28 New Students Move In. Halls open 8:00 AM. Food Service begins. 

August 30  Returning Students Move In.  Halls open at 9:00 AM. Food Service begins.

October 23 - 26 Fall Break, Halls and food service remain open.

November 26 - 30 Thanksgiving Break, Halls remain open, reduced food service schedule.

December 17 Food Service ends after dinner. 

December 18 Winter break begins. Halls close at noon for all students.

Spring 2015

January 5  Halls open for January Break Housing

January 21  Halls open for Spring Semester

March 13 Food Service closes after dinner.

March 14 - 22 Spring Break. Halls stay open, No food service.

March 22 Food Service opens for dinner.

March 25 Room Selection 2015-2016 Season begins

May 12  Halls close at noon for non-graduates. 

May 17 Halls close at noon for graduates.