Residential Life


Fall Semester 2014

Residence Hall Community Activities - All students welcome

RHA - Residence Hall Association meets Wednesdays, 8:00 pm Turck Formal Lounge

Campus Wide Events:

January Break Activities - It's time to register for January Break Housing 2015If you are approved to participate in a college sponsored activity between January 5 and January 19, 2015 AND you live on campus, please complete the January Break Housing 2015 request form. There is no additional room and board charge for January Break but students must complete the form in order to return to their campus housing and be placed on the break meal plan.  Only students that have purchased meal plan A, B, C, or D for fall and spring semesters may dine in Cafe Mac without an additional charge.  Students with a commuter meal plan or no meal plan may use Aux points in Cafe Mac during the break. Check-in information will be sent to students that complete the form. 

Fall Break - October 23 - 24 Residence Halls remain open; Food Service changes: Lunch and Dinner only in Cafe Mac on Thursday and Friday October  23  & 24.  Brunch and Dinner on Saturday and Sunday, October 25 & 26.  See posters for changes in meal service hours. 

Thanksgiving Break - November 26 - 30 Residence Halls remain open; Food Service changes;  November 26, Lunch and Dinner served.   November 27, Thanksgiving lunch, no breakfast or dinner served. November 28 - 29 Lunch and Dinner served.  See posters for changes in meal service hours. 

Halls Close - Students depart campus after last final and no later than noon on Thursday, December 18th.  Before departing remove trash and recycling from room, leave the heat on, close and lock windows, unplug electrical items, turn off lights, and lock your door. 

Students approved for a spring room change must move to their spring room before departing campus. 

Students studying abroad for spring semester may use campus storage if they agree to participate in room draw and live on campus in the fall:

Study Abroad storage information for students abroad Spring 2015

Storage – Requirement & Information
§ 4 reasonable/tubs/trunks/boxes
§ Must live outside 300 miles of St. Paul
§ Must live on-campus next fall
§ No access to storage rooms until Saturday, August 29, 2015
§ Athletes and other preseason students will NOT have access to storage in August since access to preseason storage is not available until May 2015.
§ Students not returning to campus housing in the fall MAY NOT store on campus
§ Study Abroad storage is available for students studying away Spring 2015 who plan to live in campus Fall 2015.  Only students that complete the Study Abroad Storage Request Dec. 2014 form may store items through spring semester and summer in Turck Hall study abroad storage.

Housing Calendar 2014 - 2015

Fall 2014

August 28 New Students Move In. Halls open 8:00 AM. Food Service begins. 

August 30  Returning Students Move In.  Halls open at 9:00 AM. Food Service begins.

October 23 - 26 Fall Break, Halls and food service remain open.

November 26 - 30 Thanksgiving Break, Halls remain open, reduced food service schedule.

December 17 Food Service ends after dinner. 

December 18 Winter break begins. Halls close at noon for all students.

Spring 2015

January 5  Halls open for January Break Housing

January 20  Halls open for Spring Semester

January 21 Spring Semester Dining Plans begin with dinner

March 13 Food Service closes after dinner.

March 14 - 22 Spring Break. Halls stay open, No food service.

March 22 - Food Service opens for dinner.

March 25 -  Room Selection 2015-2016 Season begins

May 11 - Dining Plans end after dinner service

May 12  Halls close at noon for non-graduates. 

May 17 Halls close at noon for graduates.