Our Commitment

Macalester meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students.


Tuition $50,418
Room $6,020
Board $5,246
Activity Fee $221
Total $61,905

2015-2016 health insurance price was $2,183.  The 2016-2017 price is yet to be determined. Students who are covered by another health insurance policy may waive this charge. More information is available here.

Average Financial Aid Award

Fall 2015 U.S. first-year students receiving need-based financial aid: 67%
Average need-based financial aid package: $42,250

Learn more about your eligibility for financial aid by using our Net Price Calculator.

Merit Scholarship Opportunities

In 2015-2016, over forty percent of U.S. first-year students received merit-based scholarships from Macalester. Merit scholarship awards range from $8,000 to $72,000 over four years. More information about Macalester's Merit Scholarships

Financial Aid at Macalester

Need-based financial aid Awarded to U.S. First-Years by Family Income: Fall 2015 Based on Comprehensive of $59,761

Financial Aid Awarded to Those Who Qualified

Parent Income
(including interest, dividends, non-taxable income, etc.)
Number Receiving Award / Number Applied
Maximum Average
$0-$49,999 59/59 16,686 62,189 56,138
$50,000-$74,999 45/47 30,971 60,415 52,026
$75,000-$99,999 52/52 32,691 56,788 48,801
$100,000-$124,999 39/40 23,696 56,931 43,997
$125,000-$149,999 53/55 1,628 51,781 36,736
$150,000-$174,999 36/42 6,279 48,954 31,600
$175,000-$199,999 23/25 8,642 46,406 37,328
$200,000 and up 28/73 4,199 44,221 19,057
Totals 335/393 1,628 62,189 42,250

*This chart does not project an individual’s financial aid eligibility. For a customized estimate of your eligibility for need-based financial aid at Macalester, visit macalester.edu/financialaid/estimate and use our Net Price Calculator.
*Financial aid award amount typically includes grants, student loans, and student employment.
*Income is an important factor in determining eligibility for financial aid. Family assets, family size, the number of children enrolled in college and other factors can also affect eligibility. If parents are divorced or separated, Macalester requires financial aid information from each parent.
*IMPORTANT: To be considered for financial aid from Macalester, you must indicate your intent to apply for aid when you complete your admission application.

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