All applicants for admission are considered for merit-based scholarships. No additional scholarship application is required.

It is not necessary to apply for need-based financial aid to receive full consideration for merit-based scholarships. Students applying Early Decision receive the same consideration for merit-based scholarships as students who apply Regular Decision.

Students selected for merit-based scholarships are notified by the Admissions Office at the same time they are notified of admission. Half of Macalester students received a merit-based scholarship in 2018-2019 (many merit scholarship recipients also receive need-based aid).

All of Macalester’s merit scholarships are awarded for eight semesters. There is no minimum GPA required for renewal.

Macalester also offers Macalester College National Merit Scholarships, which are awarded to National Merit Finalists who have designated Macalester as their first-choice college. Our Non-Need-Based Scholarship Policy page contains more details about merit-based scholarships and a listing of all available scholarships.