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Non-Need-Based Scholarship Policies

Scholarships from Macalester that are not based on a student’s demonstrated need for assistance are subject to the following policies and restrictions:

  1. Non-need-based scholarships awarded to admitted students who are United States citizens or Permanent Residents include Catharine Lealtad Scholarships, DeWitt Wallace Scholarships, DeWitt Wallace Distinguished Scholarships, Macalester Scholarships, and National Merit Scholarships.
  2. Non-need-based scholarships awarded to admitted international students are Charles J. Turck Presidential Honor Scholarships. Turck scholarships were first awarded to students admitted to begin study during the 2014-2015 academic year. Turck Scholarships may be used for Study Away in limited circumstances (see FAQ about Study Away and financial aid).
  3. Non-need-based scholarships are awarded at the time a student is admitted to Macalester. No additional non-need-based scholarships are awarded after the initial award is made.
  4. Non-need-based scholarship amounts are determined at the time of admission and are not adjusted (up or down) in subsequent academic years based on academic performance or price increases.
  5. Non-need-based scholarships are available for eight full-time semesters (or for transfer students, the remaining number of semesters needed depending on grade level when entering).
    • There is no minimum grade point average required to renew non-need-based scholarships.
    • Students who enroll for fewer than 12 credits during a semester will receive a prorated scholarship for the part-time enrollment. During the part-time semester, the non-need-based scholarship will be adjusted to pay a percentage of tuition that is consistent with the amount paid by the non-need-based scholarship during a full-time semester of the same academic year.
    • Exception: students who enroll for fewer than 12 credits in their eighth semester may receive the full non-need-based scholarship for that semester, provided that the full non-need-based scholarship does not exceed the student’s part-time tuition. If the full non-need-based scholarship for the semester exceeds the student’s part-time tuition, the scholarship will be adjusted to equal 100% of the student’s part-time tuition.
  6. Non-need-based scholarships will be limited to no more than $1,000 per year for students who are eligible to receive ACTC DTAP or ACM TREP tuition benefits based on parents’ employment at ACTC or ACM schools. Non-need-based scholarships are not increased during a semester that the student is ineligible for ACM/ACTC benefits (e.g., less-than-full-time enrollment, off-campus study).
  7. For students who become eligible for the Veteran’s Administration Yellow Ribbon program, non-need-based scholarships will be considered part of Macalester’s Yellow Ribbon matching grant. The student’s non-need-based scholarship may be renamed as a Yellow Ribbon Matching Grant. Yellow Ribbon Matching Grants may be prorated based on your remaining VA eligibility.