Macalester College Grants and DeWitt Wallace Grants are calculated based on your family’s demonstrated need for financial aid. The amount of this award is determined by the Financial Aid Office and is based on your CSS PROFILE, your FAFSA, tax returns, and other application materials. Macalester College Grants are funded through Macalester’s endowment, donations to the college, and tuition.

Campus Residence Grants are provided to students who demonstrate significant need for financial aid and reside in Macalester housing. Students who reside elsewhere, typically during their junior or senior year, are not eligible to receive a Campus Residence Grant. The Campus Residence Grant amount is expected to equal approximately 17% of the price of a standard on campus room each year and is subject to the renewal procedure for need-based financial aid (see below).

DeWitt Wallace Scholarships are awarded to students who need assistance in order to attend Macalester and whose academic records have shown them to be worthy of recognition. The Admissions Committee selects recipients. There is no special application to complete. DeWitt Wallace Scholarships are renewed at the same amount each year you are enrolled at Macalester, provided that you make satisfactory progress toward graduation.

Student Employment is a part of most need-based financial aid packages. Funding for student employment is provided by the college, the State of Minnesota, or the federal government. This award is an opportunity to work on campus, typically for 10-12 hours per week. Unlike other kinds of financial aid, student employment earnings are delivered to students in the form of a bi-weekly paycheck. Wages can be used to help with day-to-day expenses or can be used as a payment toward the tuition bill. More information about job placement will be sent to students over the summer months. If student employment is part of your financial aid package, you are not obliged to participate, but Macalester cannot provide other financial aid to replace this award.

Federal Pell Grants are provided by the federal government and are directed to students with high need for financial assistance.

Federal SEOG (Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants) are provided through a combination of funds from the federal government and Macalester. Federal SEOG is directed toward students who also qualify for a Federal Pell Grant.

Minnesota State Grants are need-based grants for students from Minnesota. Funds are provided by the State of Minnesota. For more information, go to the Minnesota Higher Education Services Office.