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Part-Time Enrollment and Financial Aid

Unless otherwise noted, your financial aid package is based on full-time enrollment. If you enroll for fewer than 12 credits in a semester, your federal and state financial aid will be adjusted according to the relevant federal and state regulations. Your Macalester aid will be adjusted so that the percentage of your tuition paid by Macalester aid is consistent. For example, if your Macalester financial aid based on full-time enrollment pays for 50% of your full-time tuition, your part-time Macalester financial aid will pay for 50% of your part-time tuition.

An exception is made for students who receive merit-based scholarships and are enrolled for their final semester before graduation. Students enrolled less than full-time during their final semester before graduation may receive the full merit scholarship for the semester, though the total amount of merit scholarships may not exceed tuition.