An eligible educational institution that receives qualified tuition and related expenses on student’s behalf must furnish Form 1098-T to students. 1098-Ts are used to determine eligibility for claiming the Education Tax Credits on Federal Income Tax returns.

1098-T form for tax year 2017 Information

Electronic Copy For currently enrolled students

If you are eligible to receive a 1098-T and are a student at Macalester, the form can be retrieved electronically by following one of the two options below.

Student Access:

  • Logon to 1600grand using your Macalester username and password.
  • Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers work best with the software
  • Click on Money Matters
  • Below Student Billing Account/Information
  • Click on View 1098-T (information format)
  •  Option 1:   a) Click on Select Tax Year
    b) Type in tax year 2017
    c) Click on Tax Notification to open the information form.
  • Option 2:    a) Click on the View/Pay My Bill link
    (IRS PDF format).
    b) Click on Mac Account Suite.
    c) Click on View 1098-T Statement.
    d) Click on View to the right of the Tax Year Option.
    e) See Helpful Hints below.

Authorized User Access:
Students may authorize parents or other persons to access their 1098-T form (IRS PDF format only). The student must intentionally grant access to the authorized user. Once granted, the authorized user may view the 1098-T form by going to:

Helpful Hints to open 1098T IRS PDF Format

Pop-Up Blockers:          Turn off all pop-up blockers so the PDF form can open without difficulty.

Computer Type:
PC:      a)  Do not open/download the PDF in your browser.
b)  Instead, save it to your desktop and open it from there.
c)  When the form shows blank, there is a compatibility issue which
–  Could be with the browser being used
–  Could be the browser’s settings
–  Could be the version of Adobe Reader (must use version 8.0 or newer)

Macintosh:  a)  Do not use the Macintosh PDF Program (reader).
b) You must download Adobe Reader (must use version 8.0 or newer)
c)  Do not open/download the PDF in your browser.
d)  Instead, save it to your desktop.
e)  Open Adobe Acrobat and open the PDF from there.

Browser Instructions:

Paper Copy

Paper copies of 1098-T forms are only mailed to students that are not currently enrolled, have graduated, or have not opted in to receive the electronic copy as their official copy.  They will be mailed on or before January 31st.  All forms are mailed to the student’s permanent address on file with Macalester College.


1098-T Forms Prior To and Including Tax Year 2011

To retrieve your 1098-T electronically:

  • Launch a web browser and go to
     Internet Explorer 9  users may need to use “Compatibility View”
  • Click the First Time Students Button.
  • Enter your full First and Last names and the last 5 digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Click Submit.
  • If records are present for you, you will be instructed to create an account.  Follow the instructions on the website to create a free account and retrieve your 1098-T.  If records are not found for you or you have difficulty creating account, use the “Help” link in the left menu.
  • Remember, by acknowledging that you are receiving this form electronically, a hard copy for will not be mailed to you if you retrieve it before the vendor’s print date. However, you can go to the website as often as needed to retrieve a copy.

Who do I contact if I have questions about:

Who do I call for help in figuring out if I am eligible?
Macalester College is not qualified to determine if a student qualifies for either the Hope Scholarship or the Lifetime Learning Credit. Students and/or parents should contact the IRS, your tax advisor or other financial advisor for assistance.

Why does the 1098-T Form not list what amounts I’ve paid?
Form 1098-T reports the qualified tuition and related expenses billed to you by the college during the calendar year. Please contact the IRS, your tax advisor or other financial advisor for assistance if you are interested in exploring your opportunities for claiming educational tax credit for qualified tuition or related expenses actually paid during the calendar year.