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Cross-Listing a Course

For Faculty: Are you considering cross-listing a course with American Studies?

The American Studies Department welcomes proposals for cross listing courses that will broaden the framework for the study of race beyond the courses we already offer, and that will enhance the discussion about race and racial formations across all disciplines and departments at Macalester College. For example, cross-listing could apply to courses that focus on the U.S. racial formations in the context of transnationalism or other global events, technology, gender and sexuality, or environmentalism.

The goal of our curriculum is to encourage students:

  • To identify and work with a range of conceptual approaches to race, including historical, sociological, literary, cultural, and others.
  • To articulate some of the many ways in which racial categories and racialized experiences shape U.S. social life.

With these curricular outcomes in mind, we are looking for courses that:

  • Are race-cognizant, that is, they recognize the existence of racial categories in contemporary life.
  • Consider race to be socially and historically constructed rather than fixed or naturalized features.
  • Engage one or more of our areas of emphasis: Racial Concepts and Theories; Cultures, Histories and Practices; and Political Activism and Social Justice. (see below)

Please contact us with the following information:

1. Write a paragraph or two that describe the ways that your syllabus addresses race. Please do note that our courses are attentive not only to the effects of racial inequality but also to the social and historical processes that create and reinforce racial differences themselves.

You may consider these questions in your description:

a. How does the course address the goals of our curriculum as stated above?
b. To what extent does the course recognize the existence of racial categories in contemporary life?
c. To what extent does the course treat race as a social construction rather than a fixed or immutable characteristic?
d. Which of our Areas of Emphasis does the course most clearly engage?

2. Attach your syllabus.

3. Send to Karin Aguilar-San Juan at [email protected].
We will get back to you via e-mail within three weeks.

4. When you hear from us, we may have further questions or suggestions for you.

5. We recommend you contact us by October 1 or March 1 so that we can make a decision by the time that students register for courses.

6. Crosslisted courses will be tagged “approved for AS credit” or given an AMST course number.

For Students: So you want to receive credit for a course outside of American Studies?

The American Studies Department encourages the pursuit of scholarly knowledge regarding race and racial formations regardless of the venue. If you plan to study away, abroad, or attend classes on another campus, you may be eligible for AMST course credits.

1. Check to see if the course has already been cross listed in the course catalog for the appropriate semester or on-line.

2. If the course has not been cross-listed, you need to write a paragraph or two that explains how the course:
a)  Fits within the Department’s curricular goals.
b)  Builds upon knowledge you have gained from other AS courses.
c)  Helps to fulfill your own goals in the AS major or minor.

3. Send your paragraph along with a copy of the course syllabus and a sample of your course work (a paper or exam) to Kathie Scott at [email protected].

4. Please allow 3 weeks for a decision. We may have questions or suggestions about your inquiry.

5. If you believe this course would benefit other AS students, please let the faculty member know about our guidelines for crosslisting courses.