As an interdisciplinary department, American Studies draws faculty from, and cross-lists classes with, many other departments. Some examples include:


Race, Culture and Ethnicity in Education


Topics in 20th-Century African American Literature
African American Literature 1900 to Present
Asian-American Poetry American Voices


Urban Social Geography

Hispanic and Latin American Studies

Family as History: Stories of U.S. Latinos
Locating U.S. Latino Studies


Afro-Americans and the Transformation of the City, 1890–1945
History of the U.S.Working Class
Immigration and Ethnicity in U.S. History
Comparative Freedom Movements
Transatlantic Slave Trade
AmericanViolence:A Cultural History
Native America: Contact, Conflict, Accommodation

Media and Cultural Studies

Racial Formation, Culture and U.S. History
Blackness and the Media
Communication and Difference in the U.S.

Political Science

Race, Ethnicity and Politics


Understanding and Confronting Racism

Theatre and Dance

African American Theater and History Feminist Theater Hip Hop Performance

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Race, Sex and Work in the Global Economy
Sexuality, Race and Nation