DO NOT use the Check Request form if making a PAYMENT to a Vendor, Lecturer, Speaker or Entertainer; instead:

Use the CHECK REQUEST form ONLY for:

  • Refunds
  • Reimbursable expenses for Contractors, Vendors, Lecturers, Speakers or Entertainers after their engagement as defined in the Standard Engagement Contract (SEC)
  • Stipends and Donations to Nonprofits
  • Reimbursements for Students (over $50)
  • Reimbursement for Faculty and Staff without a Pcard

Guide for REIMBURSEMENTS for Students, Faculty or Staff:

under $50 over $50
Students Petty Cash Form Check Request (link below)
Faculty & Staff without Pcard Petty Cash Form Check Request (link below) OR

Expense Report (helpful if reimbursement is for Travel)

Faculty & Staff with Pcard Pcard Out-of-Pocket – preferred Pcard Out-of-Pocket – preferred
  1. First, click on Macalester Check Request Form (PDF) Be sure the form DOWNLOADs to your computer, noting where you have downloaded the file.
  2. Next, open the file (Most systems are configured to automatically open the Check Request PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader, see How to open, fill and sign a PDF document). 
  3. Complete the form.
    • List the FOAPAL to be charged and the amount.
      • If all of the receipts are for the same FOAPAL, only one FOAPAL row need be completed.
      • Enter splits to multiple FOAPALs on separate lines.
      • The FOAPAL is all numbers – see What is a FOAPAL?   for more information.
    • Determine who has approval of the FOAPAL(s) listed, if your Check Request is for more than your approval amount, you must cc: the approver who has approval up to the amount you are requesting to be paid.  See Macalester Finance Approvals Explained for a full explanation.


Find your Accounts Payable approval level:

Finance Approval Look-Up Tool (Macalester Log in Required, may require an Chrome / Incognito window)  to look up who will need to approve the expenditure OR

If you have access to Finance Reports via Argos go to > My Finance Access and Approval report OR


  1. Save the completed Check Request.
  2. Finally, Email the completed Check Request and attach the corresponding receipts to the:
    • Approver (see “Find your Accounts Payable approval level” above)
    • Copy / cc:
    • If the Check Request is Grants Related copy / cc: Grants Accountant
    • Any request of $15,000 or more requires approval of the VP of Admin & Finance and requests over $100,000 requires the approval of the President.
    • For missing receipts, first complete the Accounts Payable Missing Receipt Declaration and attach PDF instead of the receipt.
  3. Once the Approver has acknowledged their approval via email, the request will be processed by Accounts Payable.   If the completed Check Request is received by 4:30 pm on Thursday, the payment will be processed the following week.
  4. NOTE:  Macalester DOES NOT REQUIRE a W-9 for reimbursements.

Contact Accounts Payable at with form questions, contact ITS Help Desk with any Adobe Acrobat Reader or technology questions.