The following are examples of organizations that seek to improve decision-making and solve problems by utilizing insights from the cognitive and behavioral sciences.    

Ideas42 is a consulting firm that uses behavioral sciences to design scalable solutions in many different sectors of the economy including health care, education, family planning, conservation, international development, and financial inclusion.  

The Behavioral Insights Team – Unofficially known as the “Nudge Unit,” it is an organization that was set up to apply behavioral economics and psychology to try to improve government policy in the United Kingdom.

BEworks is a management consulting firm dedicated to the practice of applying behavioral science to strategy, marketing, operations, and policy challenges.     

Behavioral Economics Consulting Group is a full-service management consulting firm with particular expertise in market strategy, innovation, and empirically based organizational development.

Irrational Labs is a nonprofit that applies behavioral economics findings to product, marketing, and organizational design problems.

The Decision Lab seeks to leverage established behavioral change frameworks to address complex challenges.

The Behavioral Architects uses new insights from the behavioral sciences and behavioral economics to develop better frameworks to deepen understanding of consumer behavior and ways to influence it.

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