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Off Campus Living and Financial Aid

Campus Residence Grant Policy

Students who qualify for need-based grants from Macalester will receive a portion of the grant in the form a Campus Residence Grant.  The Campus Residence Grant will be a part of the student’s financial aid package that is applied to the student’s account when the student resides in Macalester housing (residence hall, language house, or Grand Cambridge apartment). Campus Residence Grants will be equal to approximately 17% of the price of a standard on campus room.

Students who do not reside in Macalester housing will not be eligible for the Campus Residence Grant. In this scenario, the Campus Residence Grant will not be applied to the student’s account and will be removed from the student’s financial aid package.

If the student returns to Macalester Housing in a subsequent semester, the Campus Residence Grant will be restored.

Students who participate in Macalester-approved Study Away, and who are eligible for need-based grant assistance from Macalester, will be eligible for a Campus Residence Grant for that semester. The Campus Resident Grant will be made available even if the student did not reside in Macalester housing in the semester(s) prior to the Study Away term.

Using Financial Aid for Off Campus Living Expenses

In most cases, off campus students must divert a portion of their family’s financial contribution to the landlord and to a grocery budget when moving from campus housing to off campus housing.  But if the amount of financial aid available exceeds the cost of Macalester tuition and fees, the excess amount may be used for living expenses.  To request a refund of excess financial aid, students should contact the Student Accounts Office after all financial aid has been credited.  Refunds of excess financial aid are generally delivered within ten business days after such a request is initiated.