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Request For Reconsideration

Under what circumstances should I request reconsideration of my financial aid application?

Domestic students: If your family’s financial circumstances have changed significantly since you applied for financial aid, or if your family has circumstances that were not presented in the original aid application, it may be necessary to ask for reconsideration. Job losses and major medical expenses are examples of circumstances that are often grounds for reconsideration.

International students receive a four-year financial aid package. International students are not asked to take any steps to renew their financial aid each year. In extremely challenging circumstances (death of a parent/guardian, dramatic unrest in a student’s home country, et al), international students may request review of their financial aid eligibility for future academic years. A committee that includes financial aid staff members and International Student Programs staff will review requests and allocate a limited budget of additional financial aid to respond to the most challenging circumstances.

  • More information about the reconsideration request process for currently enrolled international students can be found here. (requires Macalester login credentials)
  • Admitted international students should contact [email protected] for guidance.

We are always happy to talk with you about how your financial aid application was analyzed. Please contact us if you have questions about your circumstances and how to request reconsideration based on new or additional information.

Reconsideration Request Procedure for Domestic Students (US citizens, Permanent Residents, and undocumented students):

Domestic students and parents may request reconsideration of financial aid eligibility if

  • Financial factors have changed since the time the financial aid application was completed.
  • There are corrections to information that was provided as part of the financial aid application.
  • There are unusual factors that you feel may affect your ability to handle educational expenses.

To initiate the reconsideration process, complete and sign a Request for Reconsideration form and return it to the Financial Aid Office by mail, fax, or secure file upload. You may attach a letter to help us understand the full context of your request.

Please contact us if you have questions about your circumstances and how to request reconsideration based on new or additional information.

Families sometimes find it helpful to know these things about Macalester’s financial aid eligibility determination process:

  • Non-financial factors such as a student’s academic record, leadership ability, and extracurricular activities are not part of our determination of financial aid eligibility. These factors are important in the admission process but not in the financial aid process.
  • Financial aid provided by other schools is not taken into account in determining eligibility for financial aid from Macalester.
  • Macalester’s financial aid application process is comprehensive. Students are considered for all available sources of assistance when they apply for financial aid.