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2024 Honors Projects, Awards, and Prizes

Macalester College is fortunate to have an abundance of creative, thoughtful, and engaged students.  The graduating seniors who have completed honors projects and students who have received departmental awards have further distinguished themselves through these accomplishments.  They deserve our congratulations and gratitude.   

This website describes the honors projects completed by the Class of 2024.  These compelling and original works, completed under the guidance of dedicated faculty sponsors, were judged worthy of honors by an examining committee in accordance with the standards of their fields.  A copy of each project will become part of the DeWitt Wallace Library’s permanent collection, joining those completed by previous honors graduates.   

This website also describes the awards and prizes departments have bestowed on their graduating seniors along with other students in their departments.  These awards are made possible through the generous financial support of donors, who chose to demonstrate their appreciation for the college by honoring student academic excellence. 

Ann Minnick,
Director of Academic Programs and Advising