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Faculty & Staff

Full Time Faculty

Ahmed Samatar
  • Ahmed Samatar
  • James Wallace Professor of International Studies & Chair
  • Global political economy; political and social theory; African politics; leadership and the state; Somali studies; Islam and globalization.
  • 651-696-6564
Alix Johnson
  • Alix Johnson
  • Assistant Professor of International Studies
  • Digital infrastructure and information technology; spatial politics; surveillance; empire; ethnography
  • 651-696-6913
David Chioni Moore
  • David Chioni Moore
  • Associate Professor, International Studies and English
  • Literary interactions in the Black Atlantic world, notably Africa, the Caribbean, and African America; post-colonial and/as the post-Soviet; comparative literature; cultural theory; globalization.
  • 651-696-6242
Nadya Nedelsky
  • Nadya Nedelsky
  • Professor of International Studies
  • International human rights; ethnicity, nationalism, and civic belonging; Central and Eastern Europe, Czech and Slovak studies; transitional justice.
  • 651-696-6479
James Von Geldern
  • James Von Geldern
  • Russian and International Studies, and Chair of Russian Studies
  • Russian and Soviet popular culture and cultural history; comparative studies in revolutions and commemoration; international law and legal frameworks; cultural studies.
  • 651-696-6568
Vanessa Voller
  • Vanessa Voller
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of International Studies
  • Global health justice and the theory and practice of social medicine with an area focus on Latin America
  • she/her/hers

Part Time Faculty

Jenna Rice Rahaim
  • Jenna Rice Rahaim
  • Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Charity, Humanitarianism, and Gifts; Empathy and Obligation; Migration and Refugees; National and Sectarian Sentiment; Genealogy and Kinship; Postcolonial and feminist literatures; the Middle East and Islamic World
  • 651-696-6847
Wendy Weber


Janessa Cervantes

Additional Faculty Teaching in International Studies

Amy Damon
  • Amy Damon
  • Associate Professor of Economics and Latin American Studies
  • Rural and agricultural development, economic development, education in developing countries, and Central America-U.S. migration
  • 651-696-6862
Gary J. Krueger
  • Gary J. Krueger
  • Cargill Professor of International Economics
  • Comparative Economics, Transition Economics, Industrial Organization and Applied Econometrics
  • 651-696-6222
Erik Larson
Bill Moseley
  • Bill Moseley
  • Professor
  • Political ecology, tropical agriculture, environment and development policy, and livelihood security
  • 651-696-6126
Margaret (Molly) Olsen
  • Margaret (Molly) Olsen
  • Professor of Hispanic and Latin American Studies
  • Trans-Atlantic literatures of the 16th and 17th centuries, and colonial and contemporary Afro-Caribbean texts
  • 651-696-6885
Roopali Phadke
Sonita Sarker
  • Sonita Sarker
  • Professor Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and English
  • Feminist and literary theories; cultural studies of globalization as it intersects with nationalism, democracy, and imperialism; “minoritized” literatures, with a transnational comparative basis in Western Europe and Asia.
  • 651-696-6316
Karin Vélez