Policies: Circulation

Macalester Students

Current Macalester students may check out an unlimited number of books, and up to ten sound recordings and four DVDs at a time. The loan period for books is six weeks. The loan period for sound recordings and DVDs is one week. Books may be renewed, unless another patron has placed a hold on an item, or the item has reached maximum renewals (two). Recalled items must be returned immediately. Up to seven items may be requested each day. All current Macalester students have Interlibrary Loan (ILL) privileges.

Macalester Faculty and Staff

Current Macalester faculty and staff may check out an unlimited number of books, and up to ten sound recordings and four DVDs at a time, with exceptions granted for materials needed for class sessions. The loan period for books from the general collection is 365 days. No renewals unless the book is brought in and checked out again. This does not include books from the Reading Room, Wood Room, or other special collections. Books may be recalled by library staff as needed (i.e. if not readily available via ILL). The DVD and CD loan period is 7 days. The laptop loan period is 3 days.

All current Macalester faculty and staff have Interlibrary Loan (ILL) privileges. Faculty may request borrowing privileges from the University of MN after obtaining a letter from the DeWitt Wallace Library director. Lost materials or other fines may be billed to faculty member’s department if not taken care of personally.

Alumni, Neighbors, and Retired Faculty/ Staff

We are unable to provide library lending services to alumni, retired faculty/staff, and neighbors at this time. We will, however, extend borrowing privileges to alumni and neighbors an additional year, after campus fully opens.

Overdue Notices

As library materials become overdue, the library will send you several reminder notices via e-mail or regular mail, asking you to either renew or return your materials. These notices are intended as a courtesy.

Billing Notices

When a book is one month overdue, or a sound recording is one week overdue, it reverts to lost/billing status. A standard charge of $65 will be applied for books, $125 for video recordings, and cost-of-item for laptops and other equipment. For interlibrary loan materials the charge is $115. Students may receive a billing notice via email, and the charge may be sent to the student accounts office. If the item is later returned, $55 will be credited to the student’s account. $10 will remain as a mandatory processing fee. Faculty, staff, alumni, neighbors and family will have the $65 charge remain on their library record, and will not be able to check out any additional materials until the item is returned, or the fee is paid. Alumni and neighbors will owe a mandatory $5 late fee once the item is returned. Refund of money paid for overdue/lost ILL items is contingent upon the policy of the lending library.


Students, faculty & staff may renew books up to two times, unless another patron has placed a hold on the book. Sound and video recordings and reserve items may not be renewed.

Books may be renewed: