About the Quilt

As an expression of the DeWitt Wallace Library staffs’ exploration of diversity, this quilt is the visual representation of the Library’s diversity plan. The quilt represents the staff individually and collectively, but also parallels the Library’s commitment to represent and celebrate the diversity of our community. It is a symbol of both our individual values and the values of the “Library”, and is intended to make everyone feel welcome.


Quilt Piece by Mary Lou Steiner Quilt Piece by Johan Oberg Quilt Piece by Laura Secord Quilt Piece by Ellen Holt-Werle Quilt Piece by Jean Beccone Quilt Piece by Leslie Mollner Quilt Piece by Terri Fishel Quilt Piece by Carol King Quilt Piece by Jacki Betsworth Quilt Piece by Katy Gabrio Quilt Piece by Aaron Albertson Quilt Piece by Janet Sietmann Quilt Piece by Beth Hillemann Quilt Piece by Danielle Maestretti Quilt Piece by Dave Collins Quilt Piece by Ron Joslin Quilt Piece by Angi Faiks Quilt Piece by Jack Davidsen Quilt Piece by Chris Schommer Quilt Piece by Suphachai Laptavijok

Project Background

The project began in April 2008 when Tommy Woon, Dean of Multicultural Life, invited us to work on a diversity plan. We began with a small group who volunteered to act as the Diversity Planning Steering Committee: Jean Beccone, Jacki Betsworth, Dave Collins, Angi Faiks, Terri Fishel, and Ellen Holt-Werle. In a series of meetings Tommy encouraged us to develop a plan that was “living”, not a document to be filed away and forgotten. Often during our discussions a patchwork quilt became a metaphor to express diversity. So we turned the metaphor into reality.

Key Goals

The steering committee felt the key goals in the quilt project were:

  • To provide an opportunity to work together in a new way
  • To celebrate our diversity
  • To allow individuals to creatively express their ideas
  • To increase and transform our understanding and awareness of diversity

Connecting to Our Values

Our individual squares express our uniqueness pieced together into a beautiful whole. As a staff we take pride in providing a space that is welcoming, that includes collections to support the scholarship and interests of all students, faculty and staff. We seek to be a place that provides opportunities for free expression and exchange of ideas. We hope the quilt will connect the viewer to the library and our values. As expressed in one of the squares, we want everyone to feel they belong here.

The Making of the Quilt

A Short Film by Jonas Buck, ’13

Unveiling Event, April, 2011