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Library Spaces

Library Spaces

The library has a space for you! We offer a great variety of spaces, ranging from collaborative spaces with configurable furniture to rooms with conferencing technology or quiet, individual study rooms. 

Group Study Spaces in the Library

The library has numerous group study spaces available to Macalester students, staff, and faculty only: Reserve a group study space in EMS.


These rooms are larger than group study spaces and can be used to host larger campus events such as public presentations or specialized class instruction.

Log in to EMS, the Macalester College Campus Reservations tool, to check the availability of the rooms and reserve them.

Events may be scheduled in the library during library open hours. We ask that Mac community members explore all other campus venue options before requesting an early open for our spaces. Please read our Early Entry Room Reservation Policy for more details.

Active Learning Classroom on library 2nd floor, room 250

Room 250 – Active Learning Room


Barbara B Davis Space in library. Has a round conference table and chairs, and a large TV

Room 309 – Barbara B. Davis SPACE

Conference Room

Study Days / Finals Week

We follow campus policy for booking reservable spaces during study days and finals.

  • Study Day 1: We will accept reservations for optional events that cannot reasonably be held at other times in the semester, providing the the event’s purpose and attendance number are unlikely to impede student study outside the room.
  • Study Day 2: No activities may be scheduled.
  • Finals Week: Requests for space will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.