Guidelines for using Archives and Special Collections

The Archives preserves materials (published and unpublished, in all media) documenting the origins, development, activities, achievements, and people of Macalester College.  These guidelines serve to facilitate access to and use of the collections in a way that will ensure their continued preservation.

Please CONTACT US to schedule an appointment!  Let us know what you are interested in seeing:

  • What is the topic / event / person you’re researching?
  • What kind of information are you looking for?
  • What type(s) of materials are you looking for?
  • Is this for a class?  What is the paper or project?
  • How will this be used?

General Rules

  • Personal belongings (backpacks, purses, coats, etc.) are not allowed with you while working with collections.  (There are hooks behind the door from Archives to Rare Books.)
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in Archives or the Rare Books Room;  smoking, gum chewing, and candy are not permitted either.
  • You may be requested to wear cotton gloves when handling particular items.
  • Please only use pencil;  laptops are allowed but pens or markers may not be used.
  • All researchers must sign-in, providing their name, contact information, and topic of research.
  • The Archives and Rare Books are closed stacks;  only small quantities of materials will be brought out at a time.